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Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Cupcake made out of fondant
When I first saw this Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party by Lynlee from Lynlee’s Petite Cakes, I was tickled by its cuteness, the retro feel and the infinite amount of detail that went into creating this birthday party! Winnie The Pooh is a timeless classic that has been around for a while so ironically by giving this theme a retro feel, Lynlee was able to give this birthday yet another perspective and a fresh appeal. How creative!
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Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party with fondant Winnie The Pooh cupcakes, apple juice and honey pudding


Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party with picnic table and chairs, winnie the pooh picnic basket, winnie the pooh story book


Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party with Pooh frame and poem, Pooh's Little Fitness Book, Winnie Pooh and red balloon

Credits: Event and Styling, Cupcakes, Decorations by Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

To get started on your own Fabulous Winnie The Pooh Party, here is a party guide to get you started!

Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Plan


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Winnie The Pooh Party Invitations


Pooh Invitation by Celebrate Express
Pooh Invitation by Invitation Consultants with image of child
Pooh Invitation via Ebay with Pooh and friends
Pooh Invitation with all charachters and white center for party information

Set the mood for your Winnie the Pooh birthday party from the start. A great invitation will get your guests excited about the party before they even walk through your door. We have rounded up a great collection of Winnie the Pooh invites to make your party planning job a little easier. From left to right: (1) Winnie fill-in-the-blanks invitation by Celebrate Express, (2) An adorable Little Pooh photo cut-out invitation by Invitation Consultants, (3) Sunny Sky Pooh Invitation via Ebay, and another (4) Pooh Birthday Celebration Invitation via Ebay.

  • Fill In The Blank Invitations. This Winnie the Pooh party invitation is an officially licensed Disney product that features a little baby Pooh on a patterned background sitting next to a pot of honey.  The invitation reads: “…Little smiles are on their way…“.  This invitation is perfect for a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of a little baby Pooh!
  • Little Pooh Photo Invitation.  The combination of the photo of the birthday child together with all his Pooh friends, makes this the perfect birthday party invitation!  Photos are directly printed directly on the invitation together with any party information using quality ink and paper.
  • Sunny Sky Pooh Invitation.  This adorable invitation brings in the cheer! The Sunny Sky Pooh Invitation features Winnie the Pooh and his faithful friends Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore with a bright blue sky as background.  Custom colorful and whimsical letters can be added to make this birthday message pop!
  • Pooh Birthday Celebration Invitation.  In this stylish Pooh Birthday Celebration Invitation, Pooh and his friends are back again, but this time they are in party gear celebrating Pooh’s birthday!  The backdrop features a white center where all the important party details can be printed with Pooh and friends front and center.

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Winnie The Pooh Party Decorations

Decorating Details:

Decorating for a Pooh themed party can be as easy or as intricate as you like. Integrate a few of these Winnie the Pooh decorating ideas to create a beautiful and unique Winnie the Pooh decor.

  • Red, Yellow and Cream.  To recreate this retro Pooh party, use the traditional red and yellow colors, mixed in with cream.  Using the colors red and yellow in your Winnie the Pooh birthday party decorations will help tie your party theme through the whole party. A simple way to do this is to use red and yellow plates, napkins and table linens. You could also use red and yellow crepe paper or create a red and yellow bunting using felt. Do not forget that red balloons are a great Winnie the Pooh touch!
  • Vintage Decorations.  Add in some vintage or retro pieces like an old bookcase, jars, spice bins, flower pots, etc. like Lynlee has so cleverly done.  She even used a yellow flower pot and turned it upside down to make it look like a beehive.  How clever!
  • Burlap Power.  If you need an inexpensive table cloth to go with this theme, try using burlap.  It’s pretty inexpensive and gives the decor an immediate textural appeal.  A little burlap goes a long way!  Make a simple banner by cutting out triangles of burlap and stitching together with a pretty ribbon.
  • Creative Party Displays.  If you are limited on space and need space to place your party decorations and food, how about using kids tables, wagons, or carts to display your items?  Lynlee created her outdoor party with all these fun, child-friendly objects which solves the space dilemma and brings all party items at child’s eye level!  Love her wagon display!  Too cute!
  • Honey and Bees. Winnie the Pooh loves honey. You can easily add honey and honeybee touches to your party. Consider placing some fresh flowers in a honey pot or hanging a few bumble bee decorations. Consider finding a cute bee design in your clip art if you do not have drawing or design skills and printing them out to place all over your party decor. No Winnie the Pooh birthday is complete without honey and bee decorations.
  • Books.  Do not forget to leave a few Winnie the Pooh books out for your guests to enjoy. This is a simple decorating touch that will really pull your theme together.  Go to used bookstores and try to find gently used Pooh books.  The vintage books adds to the retro feel of the party and it encourages kids to pick them up and to flip through.
  • Winnie the Pooh Phrases.  You can also print out popular Winnie the Pooh phrases to display at your party. There are many to choose from, but some of our favorites include, “Silly Old Bear”, “Hundred Acre Woods”, and “I’ve got a rumbly in my tummy”.
  • Plush Toys.  Use plush toys to decorate the party table, entrance and party room.  This will instantly set the party theme for the room or space without much effort. Plush toys are always treasured once the party is over and makes a great keepsake.
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