Whale Birthday Party

Whale Birthday Party Card
Check out this adorable Whale Birthday Party created by one of our readers for her son’s 1st birthday.  What a fantastic theme idea and creative ways of incorporating various whale items to create this theme.  This is a perfect theme for a hot summer day and can be a simple party in your backyard for little toddlers without breaking the bank.   Birthday Party Ideas arrow Whale Party Supplies

Whale Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies - whale snacks, whale pool, blue lemonade, whale cupcake toppers, snack bucket
Whale Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies - birthday star Will with parents, whale cake, kids playing bubbles outdoors

Credits and Photos by: willswhale1stbdayparty.blogspot.com

Whale Birthday Party Plan

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Whale Party Invitations

Whale Party Invitation Card by Birthday In A Box personalized invitation
Whale Party Invitation Card with light blue cartoon whale
Whale Party Invitation Card, Paper Culture invitation for baby shower- Mother whale and baby whale on card
Whale Party Invitation Card with photo of birthday child

The whale theme has always been popular but seem more so recently, probably due to the popularity of social media and the “Twitter Fail Whale“.  Here are some examples of whale party invitations, stickers, stamps and cards you can find online:

  • Whale Invitations. Choose invitations with a whale theme to send out to guests.  The whale theme is a flexible theme that can be used for kids birthdays, baby shower parties, parties for nature lovers and the environmentally-conscious crowd.
  • Whale Stickers. Use Whale stickers to seal envelopes, to close favor packages, and to label various party items to coordinate with your overall theme.
  • Whale Postage Stamps. When you are done add a whale postage stamp to the envelope and send off your invitation!
  • Colorful Whale Invitation. These cheerful colored multi-color whale invitations by Paper Culture are perfect for a kids party, a baby shower, a communion, or for any kid-related celebration. Custom personalization and printing is available as well as other colors.  You could pick the colors of the whale to match your party theme decor for a coordinated custom look.

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Whale Party Decorations

  • Solid Colored Table Cloth. For the party table, start off with a solid colored table cloth, either in turquoise or lime green.  These colors are cheerful and goes well with the “ocean” or “sea breeze” feel that would fit the whale theme.
  • Whale Patterns and Table Decorations. Add themed whale decorations to the tables like paper cut outs, small whale favor toys, whale cookies, and whale plush animals to decorate the table and table setting.  You can also go to the fabric store and try to find fabric with a whale pattern and have a Whale table runner, Whale place mats, napkins and other accessories made to go with the theme.  This way you can re-use after the party and makes these party decorations environmentally friendly.
  • Balloons. Decorate the party rooms with lots of balloons in colors of white pearl, ocean blue and sea green.  Let them float around the room in various heights to make them look like “bubbles”.
  • Floating Seaweed. Hang green, turquoise streamers from the ceiling to mimic seaweed.
  • Creative Containers. Use plastic miniature pails to hold snacks and use a shovel as scoops to serve the snacks.  Sprinkle with a bit of brown sugar to make it look like sand.

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Guest Arrival and Introduction of Whale Party

  • Welcome Banner. Put up a Welcome Banner in front of the house announcing your celebration and to welcome guests. Add colorful balloons to the mailbox and to street signs to direct guests to the house or function hall.
  • Bubble Machine. Put a bubble machine in the front lawn to welcome guests.  Kids love bubbles and this will instantly invite them in to the party scene and make them feel at home.  This will help break the ice for kids who are on the timid side.
  • Bubble Wands. Set up an area in the backyard with large bubble wands and let kids explore the wonders of bubbles.  Try to find non-traditional, child-friendly items around the house for kids to create bubbles with.  Collect them before the party and place in a large bucket next to the bubble solution, preferably outside!
  • Simple Color Time. Set up a small table with crayons and coloring pages so kids have the choice to do a quiet activity before joining the rest at the party.  Sometimes children need a bit of time to get acclimated to new situations so this provides a familiar activity for them to do while observing the scene at a distance.

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Whale Party Crafts

Whale Party Craft - Aquarium of sea life using paper plates
Whale Party Craft - Sea animals craft kit
Whale Party Craft - Hand Octopus
Whale Party Craft - Egg Carton Jellyfish

  • Paper Plate Aquarium. Take a look at this clever mom who designed these kits for kids to make their own see-through aquarium using decorative paper, glitter, rick rack, sparkles, shells, paint, etc.  This craft is easy to make for older kids at a party.  Simply have all the pieces cut out before hand, like fins, fish body, sea weed, etc. so all the kids have to do is use their own imagination to create their ultimate aquarium!
  • Paper Cutouts. Simple yet effective, especially for little ones.  Trace and cut out large sea animals on colorful sturdy paper and give kids markers, tissue paper, eyes, stickers, sparkle paper, etc. to decorate their sea creature.  These cutouts can also double as party room decorations for your Whale or Ocean theme party.  Use a fish net to drape the party table, walls or buffet table, then hang the animals in various spots on the net.
  • Hand Octopus. Trace little hands on colorful construction paper.  Cut out two copies and paste together with some paper glue to make them look like octopus.  Draw in eyes.
  • Recycled Egg Carton Jellyfish (or Octopus). Cut up the individual cups out of an empty egg carton and paint it with acrylic paint in desired color.  Let dry.  Glue on felt tentacles to the inside of the cardboard cup.  When they have dried, glue on suction cups using small beads and eyes.  Your jellyfish/octopus is now done!

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Whale Party Recipes

  • Whale Watermelon Fruit Salad. Carve an adorable whale shape out of a large watermelon by cutting open the middle top but leaving the front and back intact.  Using a sharp paring knife or grapefruit knife, cut out as much of the watermelon as possible, being careful to leave the fruit intact.  Cut out eye holes and a mouth in the front and form a tail shape in the back.  Set aside the watermelon whale.  Cut up the watermelon fruit into cubed size pieces and add in melons, grapes, and other seasonal fruits.  Place them inside the watermelon whale.  Use a centerpiece spray as the water spout and place on the top of the head of the whale.
  • Whale Slushie. Serve yummy Blue Slush drinks with whale or fish ice cubes and a tropical umbrella straws as decorations.  For parents add a dash of rum but keep the kids versions, virgin.  Try this recipe.
  • Whale Sandwiches. Use a whale cookie cutter to make whale sandwiches.  Serve cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, tuna fish sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, or ham and cheese sandwiches at the party.  Top each whale sandwich with a small spray made using a toothpick and paper.  Cut up a small piece of 2″ x 2″ paper on one side, making slits about 1″ long along one edge.  Roll the uncut edge around the toothpick and fasten using glue or tape.  Open up the cut sides to make a fountain spray.  Insert into the sandwich.
  • Whale Party Menu. For an easy and casual party, serve a brunch instead of a dinner.  Here is a fun, simple menu that will fit guests young or old.
Whale Themed Menu
Fresh Fruit Salad in Whale Watermelon
Whale Sandwiches
Whale Cookies
Gold Fish Crackers
Pirate Booty Cheese Snacks
Sparkling Water
Blue Slush Punch with Whale Ice Cubes

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Whale Party Cakes

Whale Birthday Party Cakes and Desserts - Whale Cookie
Whale Birthday Party Cakes and Desserts - 3D Blue Whale Cake
Whale Birthday Party Cakes and Desserts - Cupcake Topper
Whale Birthday Party Cakes and Desserts - Baby Whale Sheet Cake

Source: flickr, flickr, Etsy and flickr.

  • Whale Cookies. Use a whale cookie cutters to cut out whale-shaped cookies out of sugar cookie dough.  Decorate with royal icing in various colors and let dry completely.  Serve at the party as dessert or package them in clear cellophane bags as take-home favors.
  • Whale Cake. Order a whale cake or make your own whale cake using a cake with a firm texture.  Make a cake using a round 3D cake form.  Cut off 1/4 of the bottom of the cake and use that to create the shape of the tail.  Crumb coat and cover the cake in fondant in your desired icing color.  Let completely dry.  Pipe in two black round eyes and a mouth.  Use a dab of white icing for the white of the eye.  Decorate with turquoise blue icing around the whale with waves.  Decorate with a sprig of pearl stamens as the spout.  Use an elegant tiered server to prop up your 3D Whale cake dessert for instant centerpiece.
  • Whale Cupcake Toppers. Make your favorite cupcake and top with adorable whale cupcake toppers for an instant no fuss decor.  These scalloped edge round toppers feature a red border and blue whale in the center.  These were created by a talented Etsy shop owner.
  • Whale Sheet Cake. Another easy option is to make a flat rectangular sheet cake.  Ice completely in baby blue icing all over.  Using an icing tinted a bit darker, ice in the ocean.  Make a sailboat using the same blue color with a darker hue (just add more blue/black icing dye).  Pipe in mast, sails, flag in your favorite colors.  Finally use grey icing to pipe in a whale.  Use white icing to pipe in a smiley face on the whale and black dot for the eye.  Finish off with any details you wish like clouds, birds, sun, etc.

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Whale Party Games

  • Splashy The Whale Game. Play Splashy The Whale game!  Splashy The Whale has all kinds of things in his mouth – anchors, fish, bones, even a submarine! On your turn use the fishing rod try to remove something but watch out! He will spray you with water if you touch his tongue, or sometimes just when he feels like it.  You won’t get any points when that happens at the end of the game the player with the most points wins.  Game is for 2 or more players ages 5 and up.  Perfect for outdoors on a hot summer day.
  • Giant Bubbles Contest. Set up an area for some bubble fun.  Give kids unusual shapes and objects to create their own bubble wand.  Let them experiment and figure out which object can create the largest bubbles.  Place various objects in a big bucket like rope, large rubber bands, hula hoops, long PVC tubes, branches with a rubber band tied to them, wire, rubber bracelets, etc.  This is a great way to incorporate science and some learning fun!
  • Wading Pool. Set up a wading pool for the little ones to cool down and to splash around.  If you can find little whale bath toys or ocean animals, just plop them into the water for some added fun.
  • Laser Tag Squirt. Use cute little sealife squirt toys to play laser tag with the little ones.
  • Treasure Hunt. Bury some trinkets in the sand box and see who can find the most treasures.  You can divide kids into teams and encourage team work.  Or, if there are only a few number of guests, have them work individually.   Another option for older kids is to mark certain sea animals with golden permanent marker or paint and award extra points for them.
  • Whale Pinata. Save this for the end and use a stick to hit open the pinata or convert the pinata to a pull-string one.  Just cut out a rectangular opening in the bottom of the pinata on 3 sides and fill with candy and trinkets.  Tie closed with string or streamers.  Make sure the string is long enough for an adult to hold on to.  Add additional mock streamers and curling ribbon to the bottom of the pinata.  They are there simply as decoration and for each child to pull on to.  However, the one that will determine when the flap opens is held on to by an adult.

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Whale Party Favors

Whale Party Favors - zipper pull
Whale Party Favors - theme box with whale favor supplies
Whale Party Favors - small colored whale plush or stuffed animals
Whale Party Favors - whale and dolphin ocean friends squirt toy

  • Whale Favor Stickers. Kids of any age love stickers or tattoos, and are a great favor for your favor bags.. Our Ocean Friends Birthday Stickers features a sea turtles, sea horses and other colorful tropical fish and on a ocean blue background. The Ocean Friends Stickers comes with 4 sheets in a pack.
  • Ocean Tattoos. Another favorite and great party favor are tattoos.  This Ocean Tattoos booklet come in a book of 10 and are perfect for ocean or animal themed parties. Designs feature a colorful crab, lobster, octopus, and more!
  • Plush Mini Whale. Stuffed animals are the perfect party favor, they make great raffle prizes and goody bag favors, as well as enjoyable prizes and give-a-ways for any carnival or event.  These mini whales are perfect for a whale birthday party and are 4″ long and 2½″ wide.
  • Sealife Squirt Toys. These cute adorable sea creatures are great party favors and can be used as part of the party activities to play “laser squirt tag”.
  • Mini Zipper Pulls. Get Personalized mini-zipper pulls for each guest with their names on it!  Pick from shark, turtle or octopus design.
  • Rubber Bracelet. Another fun one is the Sea Ocean Rubber bracelets in Glow in The Dark Colors or Standard Colors.  And yes, the do glow in the dark!

Other Whale Theme Ideas

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