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A Webkinz party is a popular party theme for kids of all ages. Kids love these furry, plush animal friends and there are many fun ideas, games, and activities in the Webkinz World that can be incorporated into any Webkinz theme party! Kids of all ages love Webkinz parties and, yes, even adults like Webkinz too!
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Webkinz Party Invitations

Make your own Webkinz party invitations. Your child can help you with this one. Make a card by taking a picture of your child’s Webkinz animals or find Webkinz graphics online to create your own invitations. You can type up the logo “Webkinz” and use your favorite editor to add colors and effects to jazz it up. Let your child help out with his or her suggestions and ideas. Toppartyideas.com also has FREE Webkinz Party Invitations you can download and print out. Another fun idea is to make matching Webkinz Shirts for all guests. You can label the shirts for example, “Tom’s 5th Birthday” or just have a generic message like: “It’s a Webkinz Party!

Webkinz Invitation Cars with plush dog, Zingo and Monkey
Webkinz TShirt Party Favor

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Webkinz Party Decorations

During the summer time, when it’s nice out, why not take advantage of the nice weather and have a party outdoors. Use small garden fencing or roping to section a small area off, similar to an outdoor room in Webkinz World. Have your child help with the planning and decoration of this outdoor room. Maybe you can add a little mini trampoline, a little inflatable pool, table and chairs, umbrella, flowers, fountain, etc. The kids love bouncing on the trampoline and it’s a good way to get the extra energy out, especially after cake and ice cream! Another idea is to print out your child’s outdoor room on a piece paper and use that as an entrance sign to the room. Print out greetings like: “Welcome to Stacy’s outdoor room!” or “Welcome to Mike’s Webkinz World!” Another option for a Webkinz Party is to hold the party at a petting zoo or farm. Decorating for a Webkinz Theme Party is easy since there are so many different kinds of animals that are part The Webkinz Family and there is a large variety of animal-themed party goods available on the market. Use Animal Themed Party Goods for Webkinz Table Decor, Webkinz Table Settings and Webkinz Centerpieces.

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Webkinz Wishing Well Cake

Make an easy Webkinz Cake for your party. This Webkinz Wishing Well cake is simple, quick and can be made with your child. Kids love being involved with the whole party planning process and this way they can help too. Follow the Webkinz Wishing Well Cake instructions or watch the Webkinz Cake video.

Webkinz Cake for Webkinz Party

Webkinz Wheel of Wow Cake

Another option is to make a simple Webkinz Wheel of Wow Cake. This cake actually much easier than the Webkinz Wishing Well Cake and can be done within an hour (including baking time!). Just follow simple Webkinz Cake instruction and pictures, or watch the Webkinz Wheel of Wow Cake Video.

Webkinz Cake : Wheel of Wow Cake

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Webkinz Games and Activities

Game 1. Webkinz Wheel of Wonder Game

Webkinz Wheel of Wow

One of the most popular Webkinz games is the Webkinz Wheel of Wonder. You can easily make your own wheel using inexpensive Foam Core or Cardboard. Just follow the complete step-by-step instructions for the Webkinz Wheel of Wow spinning game.


Game 2. Webkinz Gem Hunt

Scatter assorted gems in the “mine” (basement) and give each kid an inexpensive flashlight and a Webkinz Favor Bag. Then let them look for gems. It is important to set firm rules that no running is allowed. You can make it more fun by dimming the lights low so the gems are harder to find. Have brown streamers hanging from the ceiling to represent the stalactites and pile pillows on the floor to represent stalagmites. Hide gems under the stalagmites. Make sure you have lots of jewels and gems for everyone. It may be easier to limit the number of gems each person can collect. This way they can help each other find gems and it encourages team work. After they are done let them keep the gems or trade it in for Kinz Cash at Arte’s Curios Shop.


Game 3. Webkinz Toss

Another fun game is playing Webkinz Toss. Get empty boxes in various shapes and sizes. Take pictures of your Webkinz toys and print them out. Decorate the boxes with colorful paper and put pictures of Webkinz animals and/or logo on them. Assign different points to different boxes and have the boxes in various distances to make it more difficult and challenging. Take turns throwing bean bags in them. The harder to throw in, the more kinz cash they get. Other Toss game ideas and traditional party games that are easy and kids always love.

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Activity 4. Webkinz Crown of Wonder

Purchase inexpensive crowns for everyone and use the gems found in your Game 2 – Gem Hunt to decorate the crowns. The gold paper crown kit includes everything you need for 12 crowns like colored glitter, crowns, glue tubes, and lots of star and heart stickers. This is an easy craft to do for kids. One tip: prepare the crowns ahead of time by punching out the triangle cut-outs. This way when kids arrive at the party, they can work on their crown right away.

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Activity 5. Webkinz “W”-Shop

Setup a Webkinz Shop with various favors. Put favors in small boxes or on shelves and label the price amount in Kinz Cash prices. Kids can use the Kinz Cash they have accumulated from the previous games to purchase favors and trinkets to take home. Have an adult be the shop owner to help them with their “purchases”. For older kids, let them do the the math and figure out how how many trinkets or favors they can “purchase” with their Kinz cash.

Webkinz Party Room Pictures with kids

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