Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Valentine Cupcake with sugar heart on top
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Tea Party complete with mini petit fours, crustless heart sandwiches, mini cupcake lollipops, heart tea bags, and o-so-more!  Perfect party for teens, tweens and adults!
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Valentine’s Day Party Plan


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Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

Valentine Card made with doilie with a hanger
Make Valentine’s Day Invitation Cards out of red, white and pink card stock, lace, doilies, stickers and buttons. Making invitations is a great craft to do at a Valentine’s Day Party as well. Instead of cards, make them into Valentine’s Day ornaments or Party Decorations

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Valentine’s Day Party Decorations and Pictures

The Look:

  • White and Red. First, start with a layer of crisp, white cotton table cloth as your foundation and use touches of reds to draw focus and accent to the room and party decor.  The look of pure, clean white and the vibrant, sultry red is the perfect contrasting color scheme for this Valentine’s Tea Party table.
  • White Tableware. Keep it simple and plain with the cups, plates and place settings.  By using white, the color theme is repeated and the need to purchase specific Valentine’s cups and plates is eliminated.
  • Doilies. Red heart doilies were placed on each plate as color accent and focus. On the bottom, as part of each place setting, a larger, round white doily is used.
  • Napkin Rings with Sugar Accents. Napkin Rings were created by using Red Gross Grain Ribbon, with a red sugar heart glued on top.  Simple, easy and affordable.  White napkins were used in keeping with the white and red theme.
  • Favor Bags. Red mini favor bags were decorated with a simple heart tag using heart card stock and ribbon.  Place white tissue inside or use white napkins.
  • Accent Treats. The petit fours, mini cupcake lollipops and sandwiches were all created using red, white and pink icing,  Valentine Sprinkles, and candy.  Set the food out as part of the table decor before the guests arrive so they get the whole visual impact when they enter the room.
  • Valentine Tea Bag. Create your own Valentine Tea Bags with heart tag and envelope.  Add red heart sticker to the front for an extra touch.
  • Valentine Paper Woven Basket. Make Valentine Paper Woven Basket to hold flowers at each place settings, or consider using the baskets to decorate the back of chairs by tying some white tulle around the back of the chairs and accenting them with the baskets.

Valentine Centerpieces:


Valentine Roses Buds in a Vase

Valentine Heart in double vase with Orchids

Valentine Grouped Red Roses in Vases

Valentine Heart candy in Vase with Flower


  • Valentine Centerpiece – Rosebuds in a bowl.
  • Valentine Centerpiece – Heart felt in double vase.
  • Valentine Centerpiece – Clustered Vases.
  • Valentine Centerpiece – Heart Candy in double vase.

Valentine’s Day Centerpieces ideas and details

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Valentine’s Day Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • The Valentine Party is Here! Decorate the entrance with red, white and pink balloons.  Balloons are easy decorating options and also serve as a marker to let guests identify the party location.
  • Door Greeting. Hang a Valentine’s Day Wreath on the front door for a festive greeting.
  • Giant Conversation Hearts. Decorate the entrance with large red, white and pink hearts cut from construction paper.  Make them look like giant Conversation Hearts candy by printing large wordings like “I Luv U”, “Be Mine”, “Happy Valentine’s”, etc.
  • Ambiance and Aroma. Sprinkle pink and red rose petals in various locations on tables and dim the lights low, light a few red mini votive candles or turn on some twinkle lights.
  • Love Tags. Tag each person who enters with “love”. Give each guest a  Valentine’s button, or make your own name tags using decorative card stock, and use permanent markers to write their names on them.
  • Flower Pins. Another idea is to pin a pink or red carnation on everyone as they enter.
  • Love Songs. Play fun, upbeat love songs as guests arrive to get guests into the festive mood.

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Valentine’s Day Party Crafts


Valentine Woven Paper Heart Basket
Valentine Heart Sachet
Valentine Card Ornament
  • Woven Paper Heart Basket. Make Woven Paper Hearts using two different colors of card stock.  The heart is a mini basket and can be used to hold candies, valentine notes, or any small trinkets.  Download the heart pattern template and cut out in two different color card stock.  Hold the two sides at right angles from each other, and start weaving the red strip through the pink strip, then alternating pink in between the red, until you finish one strip.  Continue with all other strips.  Written Woven Paper Heart instructions and picturesWoven Paper Heart video.
  • Satin Heart Sachet. Make Valentine Heart Sachet using: satin fabrics, ribbon, colored yarn, fabric glue, mini beads and potpourri.  Cut out 2 hearts out of the satin.  Stitch right sides together making sure to leave opening.  This part will take some time if you have kids doing the craft.  Turn right side out.  Fill with potpourri, then close off the opening. Attach top satin ribbon in a loop as a hanger.
  • Valentine Book Mark. To make a Valentine Book Mark, you will need red felt, heart pendant, safety pin and small beads.  Cut out a strip of 2″ x 10″ felt.  Notch at the bottom.  At the bottom of the notch, poke from back to the front.  Thread beads, pendant and more beads through the safety pin. Close the pin.
  • Valentine Sun Catchers. Make Valentine Sun Catchers using colorful sparkly glass, crystal and assorted beads, 20 guage wire, red ribbon, cutting pliers, and flat-nose pliers.  Thread beads onto a piece of wire.  Fold ends together, thread two larger beads through both ends of the wire.  Close off with pliers.  Attach ribbon in the middle.  Hang in a window using suction cups.  Detailed Instructions and Pictures.

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Valentine’s Day Party Recipes


Valentine Cup Stirrer
Valentine Tea Sandwiches
Valentine Tea Bag for Five Spice Tea Chai
Valentine Mini Cupcake Lollipop Pops
  • Heart Shaped Sandwiches. Make heart tea sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese and jelly, butter and jam, peanut butter fluff, etc.  Use Heart Cookie Cutters
    to cut into shape. For another variation, use a mini heart cookie cutter to cut out the center of the heart sandwich to expose the jelly for a “stained-glass” sandwich look.
  • Five Spice Chai Tea. Nothing is better than a nice cup of hot chai tea to warm the soul! Have some tea brewing before the party starts so guests can smell the aroma of the soothing spices as they enter the room. Get Chai Tea Bags and create your own custom Valentine’s Tea Bags for your Valentine’s Tea Party Table.
  • Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream. Christmas over? No problem! Use leftover Christmas candy cane as a stirrers for hot chocolate and don’t forget to have extra chocolate shavings or cocoa to sprinkle on top of the whipped cream!
  • Valentine Scones. Make Scones in the shape of hearts using a heart shape pan
    . Serve warm with jams, jellies, Devonshire cream and butter.

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Valentine’s Day Party Cakes and Desserts


Valentine Cupcake with heart sugar icing
Valentine Mini Cupcake Lollipop Pops
Valentine Chocolate
Valentine Chocolate Strawberries
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Dip fresh strawberries into melted chocolate and let the chocolate harden.  Serve on white plates with a white doily.
  • Heart Shaped Brownies. Make brownies and bake on a large cookie sheet.  When the brownie is ready and cooled, use a heart shape cookie cutter to cut out the brownies.  Top with a small dab of icing and placing a red M&M candy in the middle.
  • Sugar Cookies. Make Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies decorated with red, white and pink sprinkles.
  • Valentine’s XOXO Cupcakes. Make cupcakes with “XOXO” made with red licorice and red Lifesaver candy.
  • Valentine’s Mini Cupcake Lollipops. Create these mini Valentine’s Cupcake Pops for your Valentine’s Tea Party.  Mini Cupcake Pops have been made popular by Bakerella and I used that idea to make my own version for this Valentine’s Tea Party.
  • Easy Valentine’s Day Cupcake. Make this easy Valentine’s Day cupcake by simply topping cupcakes with white icing and a sugar heart on top.  Simple, easy, yet elegant.

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Valentine’s Day Party Games

  • Valentine’ Bingo. Download Valentine’s Bingo to play during the party.  If you will be having younger kids present, download the Bingo version with pictures.  Use red M&M candy as marker instead of the pieces of paper provided.  Let the winner for each game keep the M&Ms for that round.
  • Pass the Heart. Sit in a circle and play up beat love songs.  Pass around a Valentine heart sachet or heart pillow.  When the music stops, whoever is holding the sachet, gets to be out.  The person on the left of the one who is out resumes passing the heart sachet when the music is turned back on.
  • Musical Chairs. Play musical chairs but instead of chairs use heart shaped pillows or heart-shaped pads made out of felt and padding in the back.
  • Guessing Jar with Valentine Math Formula.  Get a pretty jar and fill it up with Conversation Heart candy.  Let the guests guess the number of candy items in the jar.  A new twist for older kids, is to have them write the number in a mathematical formula, e.g. “(10×2) +(4×20) + 8=” instead of writing “108″.  Whoever gets the closest number wins the contents of the jar.
  • Lyrics and more. Print out partial lyrics of popular love songs.  Only print out 20 words, and leave the remainder of the lyrics blank.  See who can complete the phrases.  Whoever has the most completed songs, without errors, wins.
  • A Song in my heart. Another popular Valentine’s game especially among teens and adults, is A Song in my heart. All the song titles have the word heart somewhere in them, and players scramble to match up the artist to the song.  Easy, fun game and game can be immediately printed on your computer.
  • Heart Transplants. Divide guests into equal groups.  For each group, have a bowl filled with same number of valentine’s conversation heart candies and place the bowl at the beginning of an imaginary line.  Then for each group have the members for each team line up behind the line about 2 feet from each other.  At the end of the line will be an empty bowl.  Give each person a spoon.  On the count of 3, the first member of each group takes a spoonful of candy from the bowl and transfers the candy to the next person in the line, and the second person then transfers the candy to the third person, etc.  Whichever team transfers all the candy first without dropping any candy, wins!  Heart transplants complete!

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Valentine’s Day Party Favors

Other Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

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