24 Lego Party Games and Activities

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Planning a LEGO party and need some fun games to keep the kiddos entertained?  Here are a some great lego party games we have gathered together from a few clever party planners and party moms!
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Lego Party Games 1 to 4

Lego Party Games and Activities: Number 1 to 4

  • (1) Lego Memory Game – Attach duplicate pictures to the bottom of round green favor cans and spread out over a large table or board.  Cover the board with green wrapping paper so the game looks like a large LEGO board.  Have 4 kids play at a time and who ever find the most matching pairs, wins the game.
  • (2) Pin the Number on the Lego Man – Pin the birthday child’s age on the Lego man.  Played like “Pin the Donkey”.  A simple oldie but lots of old fashioned fun that kids love!  Trace a large LEGO shaped figurine onto colored or plain white posterboard.  Outline the number on the LEGO man’s chest and get large numbered stickers for kids to stick on.  Another variation would be e.g. “Pin the smile”, “Pin the head”, etc.
  • (3) Giant LEGO Coloring Wall – Create a large LEGO wall mural with a large sharpie and poster paper, or have one printed at a local office supplies store.  Provide lots of crayons and markers for kids to color.  This is a great activity for the beginning of the party when kids are waiting for the party to start.
  • (4) Lego Tube Race – Use a large clear plastic tube from the hardware store for this race.  Kids team up in twos to transfer lego from one person to the other, and back as fast as possible.  Each team is given a cup full of LEGO and which ever team is able to transfer the pieces back to the originating member, wins.

Credits: Games 1 to 4 by the {super-talented team} Andersruff.com!


Lego Party Games 5 to 8

Lego Party Games and Activities: Number 5 to 8

  • (5) I Spy The LEGO Guy! – Hide several paper cutouts of colored LEGO man all over the house and see who can find the most.  Simple, yet fun!  Let kids hunt individually or in teams.  Party by this fabulous DIY mom -  Delia Creates.
  • (6) LEGO pinata – Make a LEGO pinata out of a cardboard box and cover with streamers.  The Lego bumps can be created out of cans or empty Pringles potato chips tubes.  Party By Delia Creates
  • (7) Guess How Many LEGO Candies? – Fill a large jar with LEGO blocks or actual LEGOs candies.  Let guests guess how many are in the jar.  Whoever guesses the closest, gets to take the jar home as their prize!  Created by talented mom from House of Sweets
  • (8) Lego Toss – Make graduated sized rings out of paper and place them on the carpet.  Have kids throw pieces of LEGOs into the rings.  Smallest ring gets awarded more points than the larger ones.  Whoever has the most points, wins.  By creative mom over at Home Making Fun



Lego Party Games and Activities number 9 to 12

Lego Party Games and Activities: Number 9 to 12

  • (9) Lego Star Wars Cardboard Space Ship – Create a car, boat, space ship or any type of vehicle out of card board.  Makes a great photo opp as well as a fun play item during a party.  This space ship was created by a talented dad over at Pure Joy Events!
  • (10) Highest Of Them All! – Give each a LEGO base and 1/2 pound of bricks.  Whoever can build the highest standing tower in 20 minutes wins!  Option: After the towers are built see which one can withstand a hurricane (blow dryer), rain storm ( mister or sprayer ) and earthquake ( tapping on the table with chopsticks ).  Source.
  • (11) LEGO bracelet – Create a bracelet out of LEGOs.  Great activity if girls are present as well. Via Andersruff also see (games 1-4 above).
  • (12) Lego Bingo – Download and print over 30 Bingo Cards from BestBirthdayIdeas to play Bingo ala LEGO style!  Instead of calling out numbers or letters, the pieces of LEGO will be called out.  Kids (and adults) will have to find the matching picture on their cards.  Whoever gets a line of match, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, wins.


Lego Party Games Number 13 to 16

Lego Party Games and Activities: Number 13 to 16

  • (13) Build Your Own Car – Give each guest a kit and let them assemble their own car.  Idea by top party mom at Homemaking Fun
  • (14) Race Car Ramp and Contest – With their new car in tow, let kids have a race against each other to see which car can go the fastest. Make a simple ramp with a piece of plywood and drawing race tracks with a sharpie. Great lego party by Sally Says.
  • (15) LEGO Relay Race with a Spoon – Divide kids into 2 teams. Each team needs to transfer Legos from one bowl to an empty bowl a specific distance away with a spoon! Team that transfers all bricks first, wins! More creative party ideas from Living Locurto.
  • (16) LEGO Relay Race with a Cup – Similar relay race as the one in (15) but using a cup to transfer the LEGOs instead. This one is catered toward younger kids. Lego picture via A Mom With A Lesson Plan.
Lego Party Games Number 17 to 20

Lego Party Games and Activities: Number 17 to 20

  • (17) Pin The Spot On the Lego – Use a red, yellow, green or blue colored poster board as the brick and draw on 6 circles for the lego .  Source
  • (18) Fun Photo Booth – Have a backdrop made out of colored bricks by your local office supplies store.  Set up a large LEGO toy sorter and storage head in the foreground as a prop.
  • (19) Color Your Own Lego Master – Set up a coloring table with LEGO coloring pages for kids to color with markers or crayons.  Via Crackersart.
  • (20) Pin The Brick On The Wall – A game played similar to “Pin The Donkey” but this one you have to find the missing brick and pin it to the wall.


Lego Party Games Number 21 to 24

Lego Party Games and Activities: Number 21 to 24

  • (21) Memory Game – Lay out 25 pieces with their labels on a board.  Give kids a few minutes to memorize the items on the board.  After, put the board away and have kids jot down as many items as they remember.  The one with the most correct items, wins.  Game by Big K Little G.
  • (22) LEGO Board Game – Make your own game board by designing a path of bricks starting from one spot and ending a certain destination on the board.  Path can be along the perimeter (like Monopoly), random (like Candyland), or more structured (like Shutes and Ladders).  Designate certain points for certain bricks, e.g. Add +3 legos, Loose -2 legos, Loose a turn, etc.  Each player starts out with the same amount of lego pieces, e.g. 10.  Roll the dice to see how many steps you need to take.  When you land on a brick follow the directions for each brick.  Whoever finishes with the most pieces, wins the game.  Source.
  • (23) Light Saber  – Divide swim noodles in two and wrap ends with silver duct tape or silver metal tape for the handle.  Let kids battle it out and may the good jedi win! Tip: remove any breakables from the room or let the battle occur outside.  Via Bubbachic.
  • (24) Lego Mindstorm Challenge – For older kids, the more advanced, scouts or robotics teams.  If you are having a party for a robotics team, let kids bring their own Mindstorm robots and have a challenge.  Or if kids are not part of a team, you may consider getting just one robot and using team work assemble the robot together.  It’s all about learning while having fun!  Photo Credit: Flickr.

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