Tinkerbell Birthday Party Ideas

Tinkerbell Party Ideas
Tinkerbell party ideas are a wonderful way to ignite the imagination, the fun and the sheer joy of celebrating your special little girl’s extra-special day! Tinkerbell is the mischievous little blonde-haired fairy who accompanies Peter Pan on his journey to Neverland. With these fun fairy party ideas, you can whisk your little pixie away on her own magical journey…even if only for a few hours. Birthday Party Ideas arrow Tinkerbell Party Supplies

Tinkerbell Party Ideas



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Tinkerbell Birthday Party Invitations


Tinkerbell Fairy Invitations

Even the most fairy-tale like parties cannot be complete without invitations. Pull out your pixie dust and sprinkle a little bit into these adorable invitations!

  • Tinkerbell Invitations. These classic Disney invitations feature the lovely Tinkerbell in her green leaf outfit with her golden blond hair pulled up into that tell-tale bun. Behind her, two other little fairies dance about in the air. The front says, “You’re invited…” while the inside allows you to easily fill in all of the pertinent details.  One pack has 8 invitations.
  • Fairy Party Personalized Invitation. This completely customizable card displays two little fairies, one floating with her wand, while the other takes a moment to admire the flowers. Butterflies, dragonflies and stars jazz up the border of this card and the center provides adequate room to allow you to divulge all of the precious party details.
  • Woodland Fairy Invitation.  This invitation features a green border framed with color flowers on a swirly, lazy vine.  A dainty fairy with a sparkly wand sprinkles some fairy dust and the party request for your very special occasion are revealed: “Grant our wish and join us in celebrating ____ ___th Birthday!”.  Provide the rest of the party details and these custom invitations will be printed for you!

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Tinkerbell Party Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • Giant Paper Flowers.  Tinkerbell party ideas must include flowers! There are lots of great paper flower designs that you can make to transform your venue into one that’s pixie-perfect!  Make giant paper flowers and place them all over as decor and also use as photo prop.
  • Pixie Wings.  When guests arrive give them their fairy wings and, if possible an outfit.  Another option is to ask guests to wear their favorite fairy outfit to the party if they have one.  Snap a few great shots next to the giant flowers.  These giant flowers are the perfect pixie decoration and works especially well for indoor parties during the gloomy winter months.  Nothing better than gigantic flowers to brighten the indoors!
  • Flower Tutorial. To create your own large paper flowers, check out this tutorial: Great for Check out this video for some great ideas:

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Tinkerbell Party Decorations

Little pixies make their homes in the soft folds of beautiful flowers, the hollows of trees and young unfurled leaves. The fairy party ideas below can help you transform your venue into a scene right out of Pixie Hollow!  A few affordable (recyclable too!) ideas and tutorials available:

  • Curled leaves. With a little bit of imagination, poster board, a lot of tissue paper, glue and paint, you can create curled leaves of all types to cleverly position around your venue. The tissue paper will add depth when crinkled and added to the poster board, while the paint will allow you to add detail to these forest-friendly decorations.
  • Tissue Flower Centerpieces.  Make giant flower tissue flower centerpieces using milk cartons, felt and tissue paper.  Cut off top of milk carton, then cover the milk cartons with tissue paper, glue on felt leaves to the rim of the milk carton box.  Make large tissue flowers and glue to the top of the box.
  • Green Leaves Napkin Runner.  Make a runner by gluing paper napkins together and add felt leaves as a border.  Very simple and affordable!  Tutorial follows.
  • Flower Garland.  We also made a garland out of strips of green felt and tacked on small tissue flowers.  Hung that over the party table for more pixie atmosphere!  Tutorial follows.

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Tinkerbell Party Crafts

Of course, you’ll want your little pixie-party girl to have a blast at her party, but you might need some fabulous craft ideas to help you out. These fairy party ideas should help to keep you and your little guests occupied.

  • Flower Crowns. Have you ever seen a fairy that isn’t adorned in flowers, leaves or something fantastic from the forest? No, right? Which is why flower crowns are always a ‘must-have’ at fairy parties. This flower crown template will allow you to make a simple printable crown ahead of time.  When kids arrive at the party, let kids dress them up using their own creativity and an array of colored construction paper, glue, glitter, foam stickers and markers.
  • Magic Wands. Every little fairy needs a wand – and you can help give them one! You’ll need some kabob skewers, small beads, glue (glitter glue is fabulous) streamers and construction paper stars. With a little guidance and creativity, you can create a super-special wand that Tinkerbell herself would long to have!
Magic Wand Tutorial

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Tinkerbell Party Recipes

No fairy party is complete without delicious dishes! We’ve got that covered with these fun and flavorful ideas that are just perfect for pixies!

  • Melon Boats. Cut a watermelon in half and use the fruit for melon balls to add to a fruit salad.  Cut the leftover rind into medium-sized triangles shaped like boats that will hold a ½ cup of fruit salad. In the middle of the “boat”, stick a wooden skewer into the rind with a triangle of strawberry, orange or kiwi fruit at the top (the flag).
  • Bugs on a Log. This is an easy, healthy snack that kids are sure to love! Simply cut up several celery sticks and spread peanut butter into the hollow area. Sprinkled with raisins for the “bug on a log” effect. This cute snack will be sure to keep the fairy forest theme on track.
  • Butterfly Sandwiches.  Use a butterfly cookie cutter to cut out butterfly shaped sandwiches for a dainty fairy Tinker bell party.
  • Sandy Candy Pixie Dust.  Place some sandy candy in a bowl on the party table and label it “pixie dust”.  Let kids sprinkle it on their food and drinks before eating and drinking.
  • Toadstool Cheese and Tomatoes.  Make toadstool cheese and tomatoes as appetizers, serve with crackers and slices of cold cut.

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Tinkerbell Birthday Party Cakes


Tinker bell Birthday Cakes, Tinkerbell party

Photo Credit: Tinker bell Cake by Toppartyideas.com / Tinker bell and Woodland Fairies / Fondant Tiered Cake with Tinker bell topper / Tinkerbell Face Shaped Cake using Tinker bell cake pan

Your fairy party ideas can’t stop with decorations and fancy fruits. Pretty pixies need a cake and sugary treats to make a perfect party complete! Here are a couple of ideas that are sure to put a twinkle in your little Tinkerbell’s eye.

  • Fabulous Fairy Cake. The cake is probably going to be one of your top priorities if this is a Tinkerbell birthday party. You can use a flower cake pan to help give you a base for your fairies. Once you’ve baked the cake and decorated those pretty petals, you can place Tinkerbell and her little fairy friends strategically around the cake.
  • Fairy Flowers. These glittering flowers are the perfect fairy party ideas! Sugar cookies can be easily decorated with icing flowers to create a pixie paradise. Sprinkle with colored granulated sugar or, for flowers that look almost real, add a few drops of clear Karo Syrup to the petals for a dew-kissed look.
  • Tinkerbell Face Shaped Cake.  Nothing can be easier than this cake.  This is one anyone can make at home with the shaped Tinker bell cake pan.  Bake cake according to directions, let cool and invert.  Since the pan is shaped, the cake is already molded so no need to cut or transfer any images.  Outline the hair, eyes, nose, ears with black icing.  Outline the mouth with red icing.  Then fill in the areas with the proper color using a star tip.

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Tinkerbell Party Games

Those fancy little fairies aren’t going to have much fun if you don’t have anything to keep them occupied! For that reason, we’ve put together a couple of ideas to help you out.

  • Find the Fairy. Legend has it that a fairy guards a bag of goodies! This game requires one fairy doll, a bag of treats and a lot of clues. Hide the fairy and the bag of treats together and leave clues to where she might be hiding. Be sure that you make yourself a little list so that you can help to guide your little guests along the way so that no clue goes unnoticed!
  • Fairy Face Painting.  Pixies love to get prettied up and this fairy party idea is sure to be a hit with all of your little guests! All that is required is a steady hand, a couple of paint brushes and an array of face-friendly paint. You can easily find printable fairy face painting designs to help make this task easy and fun!

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Tinkerbell Birthday Party Favors


Tinkerbell Party Favors - Fairy dust, tinkerbell favor kit, necklace, tutu skirt and pinata favor candy and treats

If there’s one thing that will make your little fairy’s party a memorable one, it’s the party favors that her guests will get to take home. These adorable fairy-inspired party favors will surely put your little pixie on their favorites list!

  • Fairy Dust.  No fairy should be without their pixie dust.  This one is a gold glitter gel that you can apply safely on your face and body so that pixie magic can last long after the party is over!
  • Fairy Favor Set. This favor set is the epitome of fairy party gift ideas! It includes a favor bag, crinkle paper and an array of fabulous fairy favors. The favors include fairy must-haves like body glitter, a fairy hair band, a lip gloss ring, a jewelry set and a fairy wand.
  • Tinkerbell Necklace and Bracelet.  This adorable necklace and bracelet set makes the perfect parting favor for any pixie party.
  • Flower Tutu. As we all know, fairies prefer flowers; making this flower tutu the perfect party favor for any Tinkerbell themed party. Trimmed with flowers and ribbon, this flower adorned tutu with elastic waist stretches to provide a comfortable fit and is sure to be a big hit!
  • Tinker bell Pinata.  Pinatas are always fun and a great way to end a party.  Instead of giving out big costly favors you can just fill the pinata with candy and small trinkets.  Kids enjoy the rush for the little treats but make sure you do set some extras aside for the littler ones so everyone gets a little something.  A sweet way to end a magical theme party!

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