Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Teddy Bear made out of sugar paste with tea cup at a picnic
Teddy Bears have always been a favorite for many young and old, so what better theme to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, christening or new baby announcement than with a Teddy Bear Party! Another popular Teddy Bear Theme is a “Stuff Your Own Teddy” party where kids or adults can stuff their own bear or a bear for the new baby.  The popular retail store Build A Bear now offers build your own kits where bears and supplies can be shipped to your home!  Birthday Party Ideas arrow Teddy Bear Party Invitations and Announcements and  Teddy Bear Party Supplies


Teddy Bear Party Ideas or Teddy Bear Tea Party with plates, banners, centerpiece, cake toppers, teddy bear picnic cake, teddy bear plate



Teddy Bear Party Plan


Teddy Bear Theme Parties:

  • Teddy Bear Picnic Party. A Teddy Bear party outdoors on the lawn! Use red and white checkered table cloth and place it on the grass outdoors.  Set out picnic baskets with bears as decorations.  Stick large colorful pinwheels all over the grass for a festive look.
  • Teddy Bear Tea Party. A Tea Party with special invitations for furry friends!  Set up tea cups and tea pots at the party table.  You can also try to find miniature tea pots so kids can serve themselves and also learn to serve each other.  Don’t forget to include a note for guests to bring along their favorite stuffed animal!
  • Teddy Bear Pajama Sleepover Party. An overnight party with special invitation for furry guests as chaperones!  Sometimes going for sleepovers can be scary and intimidating for kids so having a familiar object or stuffed animal can be comforting.  Serve teddy bear pancakes the next morning.  Don’t forget to add chocolate chip eyes!
  • Build A Teddy Bear Party. Go to a stuffing store to stuff your bears or purchase your own supplies to stuff at home.  Get mock birth certificates from office supply stores or make your own for the bears.  Once the bears are stuffed, weigh them, name them, fill out the birth certificates and have a “baptism” ceremony with the new bear owner and bear.  Celebrate with a teddy bear tea after!
  • Teddy Bear Shower Party. Use soft pink or powder blue as the primary theme colors for your party theme, depending on the gender of the baby.  If you don’t know the gender, use neutral colors like green or yellow as the main color.

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Teddy Bear Party Invitations


Bear Invitation with big brown bear for birthday, shower, christening or special occassion
Bear Invitation with Colorful background and bear with custom personalized information
Bear Invitation with small bear sitting in tea cup with balloon on blue background
Bear Invitation with green stripe on bottom with green circle with bear in center



Teddy Bear Party Invitations and Announcements

  • Big Brown Bear Invitation. This adorable huggable bear invitation is perfect for a baby shower or birthday party.  The invitation comes with a green background if you don’t know the gender of the baby but is also available in pink and blue.  Fully customizable and personalization available.  A great service option that is offered by Tiny Print is to have the invitations mailed directly to recipients for you!
  • First Birthday Bear Invitation. Get this cheerful invitation for your child’s first birthday!  The invitation says it all!  There is a lovable bear sitting with a cupcake and candle on the right.  Another cupcake has the number 1 birthday candle in the opposite corner for the child’s special celebration.  Personalization also available and comes with matching Thank You notes, stickers, banners, magnets and luggage tags too!
  • Teddy Bear Tea Party. This invitation is perfect for a little child’s first teddy bear tea party!  Kids love imitating adults early on so what a perfect theme for a birthday – a tea party!  Let guests know in the invitation that they can bring a favorite stuffed animal to the party and that they will be having ‘tea’!  Matching name and address labels, thank you notes and gift tags for favors available!  This also is available in pink background as well.
  • Tiny Prints Teddy Bear Special Invitations. This petite teddy bear invitation is dainty, elegant and sophisticated.  It comes with a colored border with four rows of tiny white polka dots.  The scroll work that appears on the edge almost reminds me of dainty lace.  I love the minute details and simplicity of this invitation.  Use this for a baby announcement, christening, baby shower, or whatever occasion you wish.  The invitation is also fully customizable and available in aloe, green or pink too.

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Teddy Bear Party Decorations

The Party Decor

  • Teddy Bears. Use lots of teddy bears as part of your decor.  Use paper teddy bears pendants on walls, paper teddy bears on tables, teddy bear plush on chairs, etc.  You can never have too many furry friends around!
  • Table Cloth. Set the table with a neutral colored table cloth.  Since the party products are so colorful already, you want them to stand out and pop instead of blending in with a table cloth.  Pick a table cloth that is solid and that coordinates with your plates, cups and centerpiece.
  • Matching Party Supplies. Use bright colored party supplies to decorate your party table.  This adorable party set of teddy bear plates, cups, and napkins comes with virtually everything to make your teddy bear party complete!  Get only a few items or get all of them if you wish.  Just remember, there is no need to get everything.  You can still have a fun party with mismatched plates and cups.  In fact, if you will be having a tea party use mismatched (real) tea cups!
  • Teddy Bear Centerpiece. Set up a teddy bear centerpiece in the center of the party table.  Other items that work as well are edible center pieces (two tiered cake), a vase of bear cookies or paper decorations.  Give the centerpiece some drama by putting it on a pedestal and placing it in the center for the oohhs-and-aaahs as guests enter the room.
  • Chair Accents. Create themed chair accents by tying a sash, tulle or ribbon around the top of chairs and finishing off with a miniature bear.
  • Teddy Bear Banner or Pennants. Decorate the room with festive bear banner or party pennants.
  • Party Balloons. Spread colorful balloons in blue, red, lime green and yellow throughout the party area for festive burst of colors.
  • Bear Place Mat. Laminated personalized teddy bear placemats make great party decor as well as useful party favors.  These placemats are durable, crisp, clean and laminated with quality plastic that they will stand up to wear and tear.  Personalization available.

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Guest Arrival and Introduction at Teddy Bear Party

  • Welcome Banner. Get a welcome banner with the birthday child’s name and occasion to welcome guests!  Nothing is more inviting than seeing the words “Welcome” in big bold letters at the entrance of a party!
  • Teddy Bear Photo Shoot. Take pictures of each guest with their teddy bear for keepsakes and as party favors.  If you will be making bears as part of the craft later on, take the pictures after the bears are made.  Have someone help print out the photos while you continue keeping the kids busy with the other party games and activities, so that when the party is over, the kids will have their pictures ready to take home as favors!
  • Teddy Bear Coloring Pages. Print out coloring pages and place a tub full of crayons on a craft table so when young guests arrive, they have something to do while waiting.
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    Some sites with Bear Coloring Pages:

  • General Bear Coloring Pages from  Coloring-fun.com
  • Winnie The Pooh Coloring Pages from Coloring-book.info
  • Paddington Bear Coloring Pages ColoringPagesForKids.com
  • Teddy Bear Mazes and Puzzles. For older kids, print out more challenging mazes and puzzles to keep them busy.

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Teddy Bear Party Crafts


Curly Bear by Buildabear.com in Adventure outfit
Sweet Cuddles Bear by Buildabear.com Pink stuffed teddy bear comes with a teddy bear size cap, plush rattle, bottle & mini blanket with a gift card pocket.
This classic teddy bear with light brown fur is the perfect stuffed animal party craft
Bearemy Bear by Buildabear.com in Olympic outfit


  • Stuff a Teddy. A fun activity is to have kids stuff their own teddy bears as a craft.  These teddies will be their take home favors.  Kids of all ages love this type of activity since they play an actively role in creating their very own bears.
  • Teddy Bear T Shirts. Kids can also decorate or color in a miniature t-shirt for their bears.  T-shirts are available in craft stores like Michael’s Craft Store, AC Moore or online at Joann.com.  Use a teddy bear stamp to stamp on an outline on a white shirt.  Use permanent or fabric markers to color in the design.  Have the kids name their bears and write it on the t-shirt so that when it comes time to go home, they know which bears belong to them and avoids confusion (and tears!).  Option: You can also get kid-sized t-shirts so kids can make matching shirts to match their bears!
  • Teddy Bear Necklaces. For older kids another great craft is to make matching necklaces for themselves and for their furry friends.  I usually use memory wire which is stiff and easy to thread for kids of all ages.  Also try to use larger beads if possible.  Use flat nose pliers to close off one side by curling the ends over.  Have the girls place beads on the wire.  Then close off the opposite end.  Add a teddy bear pendant in the middle with a jump ring and pliers.  Repeat the whole process for a smaller version for the bear.  (Adult supervision required).

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Teddy Bear Party Recipes and Snacks

  • Teddy Bear Tea Sandwiches. Make your favorite sandwiches and use teddy bear cookie cutters to cut out the shaped sandwiches.
  • Teddy Bear Brownies. Make a large tray of brownies and use a cookie cutter to cut out bear shaped brownies after they have been baked and cooled.  Place on a decorative tray with a doilie.  Sprinkle some white powdered sugar on top.  Use two mini colorful M&M Candy of the same color as eyes.
  • Teddy Bear Graham Crackers. Fun graham crackers in teddy bear shapes are easy snacks to add to the menu.
  • Gummy Bears Candy. Use them as treats for the party tables, for toppings on ice cream or to decorate on top of cupcakes.
  • Mini Pizza Bagels. Set up mini pizza bagels in the oven ahead of time and bake a few minutes before serving.  Mini pizzas are just the right size for little appetites and are easy to grab snacks for kids.
  • Animal Crackers. A favorite crunchy snack for young and old.  Just dump some in a cookie jar or bowl and place on the party table for hungry bears.
  • Baked Pita Chips. Serve this healthy option instead of chips with a honey dip served in a honey pot.
  • Pink Lemonade. Serve pink lemonade in teddy bear cups or tea cups.  Pour the rest into a kid-friendly tea pot for kids to refill their cups later on.

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Teddy Bear Party Cakes


Teddy Bear Cupcakes with Teddy Bear Toppers and polka dot cupcake liners
Teddy Bear made out of sugar paste with tea cup at a picnic
Teddy Bear cake on blue cake with white fondant curls for baby shower
Blue Bear Cookie


  • Teddy Bear Cupcakes. Use this easy Teddy Bear Cupcake Kit for cupcake liners and teddy bear figure toppers for an instant teddy bear cupcake.  Simply adorable and super easy!  Just fill liner with batter and bake cupcake according to directions.  Cool and ice with icing.  Place teddy bear topper on top.
  • Teddy Bear Tea Party Cake. For the birthday party, consider having a two-tiered cake made complete with a teddy bears fondant figurines and a tea party scene.  The one pictured above was made entirely out of fondant and icing, and completely edible.
  • 3-D Teddy Bear Cake. Another option is to make a 3-Dimensional teddy bear cake using a teddy bear mold pan.  Fill the pan about 3/4 full with batter and lay flat.  Bake according to directions.  When the cake is done, take out of the oven and cool.  Invert out of pan.  Level the top of the cake on both sides.  When the cake is completely cool, use icing to “stick” the two sides of the bear together to form a whole 3-D bear.  Ice completely with solid brown icing.  Use white to pipe in white icing in the snout area and black icing to outline the bear eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Teddy Bear Decorated Cookies. Another adorable option is to make decorated sugar cookies for the party table or as favors to take home.  There are many online sources available for ready-made teddy bear cookies or you can easily make your own.  If your child is old enough, perhaps baking the cookies together is another great way to involve kids and share the excitement of the festivities!

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Teddy Bear Party Games and Activities

  • Pass The Bear. Play this game like the traditional game ‘Pass The Ball’ or ‘Hot Potato’ game, but you pass around a bear instead.
  • Bees in The Honey Pot. Get 5 black pom poms from the craft store and wrap a yellow ribbon around, glue with hot glue.  Do this for all 5 pom poms.  They will be your “bees”.  Use an old terra cotta pot and paint it yellow with craft paint.  Use black permanent marker to draw in black horizontal lines like a honey hive.  Game: Have kids stand on top of the pot and give them the 5 “bees”.  The game is to see who can drop the most bees in the honey pot.
  • Bear Toss. Use a colorful parachute or bear print blanket.  Place all the bears in the center and have all kids grab an edge.  Take turns tossing each of the children’s bears and for the Finale, put them all together for one giant toss!  See which bear stays in the last!
  • Going on a Bear Hunt! Scatter and hide pictures of various popular bears all over the yard and have kids find them all.  Put them in a pile and have the kids sit around the circle.  Pick each bear out of a pile and see who can name the bears.  Use popular cartoon bears as well as different type of bear species.  Tell kids they have to raise their hands to get a turn which teaches them patience and to take turns.  Some popular bears you can use: Winnie The Pooh, Bear in The Big Blue House, Yogi Bear, and Barney BearDifferent bear species: Polar bears, Black bear, Brown bear, Grizzly bears, Panda bears, Koala bears, etc.
  • Lovable Bear. This game is played like pin the tail on the donkey.  Make a large bear cut-out out of poster board.  Use heart stickers or heart foamies for this.  Each guest have to try to ‘pin’ the heart sticker on to the bear’s chest.  Who ever gets the closest, wins.  Another variation: “Pin The Nose on The Bear”, “Pin the Smile on The Bear”, “Feed the for Bear”, etc.
  • Musical Chairs With Teddies. Play the game with the teddy bears instead.  Have one less number of chairs than there are players.  Play fun upbeat music.  Stop the music suddenly.  When the music stops, have the kids find a seat for their teddy bear.  Whoever does not find one, is out.  Have them take a seat on the picnic blanket and watch the rest of the kids.  Tell them it is time for their teddies to take a rest.  Take one chair away and one bear.  Continue until there is only one player left.  This person (bear) is the winner.
  • Pinata Pull. Get a pull string pinata or if you have a regular pinata, convert it to pull string if you will be having younger kids attending the party.  It is much safer this way for kids and less stress for the parents.  Fill with goodies and fasten the strings.  Count till ten and have the kids pull the strings at the same time.  Give them paper bags, favor bags or just plastic sandwich bags to fill their loot.
  • May I Have This Dance? Put on a fun waltz and let the kids dance around with their bears.  Stop the music abruptly and they have to switch bear partners.  Continue until the song is over.  Guaranteed giggles!
  • Bear Cave Hunt. Find paw print images online or use a paw print stamp to print out several paw prints on a piece of paper.  Cut out each print into a round shape and scatter them all over your basement.  Turn lights off and give everyone a flash light or have several adult volunteer be the leader and hold the light with a groups of kids.  Collect all paw prints and see which team has found the most prints.

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Teddy Bear Party Favors


Teddy Bear Stickers
Teddy Bear Brown Bear plush toy
Teddy Bear Favor Box - with crayons, activity book, candy necklace, plush bear toy
Shaped chocolate bear favors 3-D
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  • Small Plush Bears. Give small mini bears as favors for guests to take home or if kids made bears during craft time, have them take these home as favors.
  • Bear Chocolate With Custom Wrapper. What about custom chocolate bar wrappers made as favors?  This is an all-purpose favor and very popular since it fits all age groups and occasions, like christening, showers and birthdays.
  • Shaped 3-D Bear Chocolate. These adorable dressed up bear chocolates are too cute to be eaten yet make a whimsical favor!
  • Honeypot Organic Lollipops. What about these adorable honeypot organic lollipops?  Perfect themed favor for this event.  (Check infant/toddler allergies).
  • Bear Stickers. Give out sheets of various bear stickers as favors or use them to stick onto favor items, paper bags, soaps, tea bags for a custom look or feel.

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