Step-By-Step Hawaiian Flip Flop Cake

Luaua Hawaii Cake Edible Flip Flop
Learn how to make this edible Flip Flop Cake! Your guest will flip over this one! This Flip Flop Cake is perfect for any Summer Party, Hawaiian Luau Party, or any girl’s theme like Sleepover, Girls Spa Party or Makeover Party. If you like playing with clay or playdough, you can make this cake! Just follow the detailed Step-By-Step Instructions and Pictures to guide you. Just remember, if you do make a mistake, you can always eat the evidence!

Supplies Needed for a Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake

Instructions for making Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake

Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 1

Step 1. Bake Cake using either rectangle or round pans. Ideally rectangle would have been better but I didn’t think of it! Lay wax paper on top of cooled cake and trace the shape of a flip flop using a marker.

Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 2 Step 2. Cut out the template using the same wax paper sheet. Lay on top of the cake and cut out the cake shape using a sharp knife. Repeat for the other side of the flip flop.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 3 Step 3. Now for the basket. Use an inverted cup to on top of the round cake to trace a shape. Cut out using sharp knife. Use the remainder of the cake to build up the Luau basket to give it more height.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 4 Step 4. Use store bought sugar paste or Wilton Ready to Use Rolled Fondant. You can purchase it in any craft store like Michaels,, or Amazon. Or if you are adventurous you can make your own. Much cheaper, though I have never tried it.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 5 Step 5. Use toothpicks to take some of the dye color from your dye bottles to your fondant. This way you can add as much or as little dye you need. Be sure to use new toothpicks each time you dip into the dye so as not to cause ‘contamination’ of your dye. Tip: Be careful with the amounts as the colors are usually very intense. Mix the dye into the fondant by kneading it with your hands.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 6 Step 6. When fondant is colored to your liking (pink), take a piece and roll out into a long strip. Measure the height of your Luau Flip Flop Cake. Roll out a strip of colored fondant with a Fondant Rolling Pin and cut a strip the length and height of the side of your flip flop. Tip: A heavy rolling pin helps make it easier to roll a smooth even strip.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 7 Step 7. Ice the Luau flip flop cake with icing all over. Then line the outside of the cake with the fondant strip. Use a Fondant Cutter to cut a long straight strip. Repeat the same process with the second flip flop.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 8 Step 8. Take another white piece of fondant and color it orange using dye from your dye color set . Cover the top of the flip flop with it. Trim edges so that it just covers the flip flop. Use your finger dipped in water to smooth out the edges.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 9 Step 9. Insert skewers into position where you would like the flip flop toe and side bands to go. The skewers will be too long so just break off excess with your fingers. Let the flip flop cake dry. The sugar paste/fondant will dry hard.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 10 Step 10. Make flip flop bands by kneading the pink and orange fondant together to make an interesting pattern. Cut into strips and use the skewers to support. Crumple a few pieces of wax paper for the flip flop bands to rest on and let dry. Repeat on the other side. Once dry, remove the wax paper and your Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop cake is done!
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 11 Step 11. Cover a piece of cardboard with decorative cake gold wrap. It makes your cake stand out and look more polished. Regular foil can also be used or if you have a large tray that looks pretty, use that.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 12 Step 12. With any remaining fondant, use it to make the basket. Color the basket a bright turquoise blue and wrap it around the cake that has been cut out for the basket in Step 3. Use a Fondant Embosser Tool to create a stitching imprint on the edge of the Luau basket. Use the remaining blue to cut out a long strip for the basket handle. Position it on top of the basket in place and use icing to secure. Again, you may need to use wax paper to hold the band in place and to let dry.
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 13 Step 13. Color some fondant yellow and blue. Use the large Flower cutter from the Floral Collection Flower Making Set to cut out petal flowers. Use the gum paste Ball Tool to push and smooth out the petals. Then use the shell modeling tool to create ridges and edges like the hibiscus flower. Insert White Pearl Stamens
into the middle and let dry in place. Once dry, use some icing to secure in place on top of the flip flops for an instant Luau feel!How To Make Hibiscus Sugar Paste Flowers
Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake Step 14 Step 14. Make a rectangle cake for the bottom layer. Ice with sea foam icing color. Decorate with gummy fish, shells, and brown sugar for sand. Place flip flop cake in place. Place the basket in one corner. Fill the basket with extra brown sugar and a few extra hibiscus sugar paste flower. Your Flip Flop Cake is now ready for your Hawaiian Luau Party!

More Instructions for a Hawaiian Luau Party or Summer Beach Flip Flop Party

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