St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Hat with green clover leaf
St. Patrick’s Day celebrations began over 1000 years ago in Ireland. Today, this holiday is celebrated around the world, whether you are Irish or not, so why not throw an awesome St. Patrick’s Day party? With so many fun St. Patrick’s Day party ideas, it’s kind of hard not to have fun! Birthday Party Ideas arrow St. Patrick’s Party Supplies


St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Party Plan


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St. Patrick's Day Party Invitations -

St. Patrick’s Day Party Invitations


No party is complete without fabulous invitations to inform guests of the date, time and location. The invitation selections below are the perfect addition to any St. Patrick’s celebration, as all include the official color of St. Patty’s Day: green. In order of appearance: (1) St. Patrick’s Day Personalized Invitation, (2) St. Patrick’s Day Hat Vertical Personalized Invitation, (3) St. Patrick’s Day Bunting Personalized Vertical Invitation and (4) Irish Pub Signs Invitations.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Personalized Invitation. This personalized invitation by Birthday in a Box is a great choice for St. Patty’s themed birthday parties, but why limit it to birthdays? This card has a white rectangle in the center to place all of the information. Traditional green clovers contrast beautifully with white clovers to form an attention-grabbing frame around the important details.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Hat Vertical Personalized Invitation. This personalized invitation by Shindigz displays the traditional clovers, along with a little green top hat that’s been adorned with a black band and gold buckle, making it a wonderful choice for any St. Patrick’s Day party.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Bunting Personalized Vertical Invitation. This stylish invitation by Shindigz sticks to tradition with the green clover, but accentuates it with orange and white. With ample space to place the important details of your St. Patty’s Day event, this invitation is certainly a winner!
  • Irish Pub Signs Invitations. These invitations by Shindigz are decked out in green plaid with mugs of green beer on either side of a green cap that holds a clover in the band. These invitations will be a great way to let everyone know that the libations will be flowing at your St. Patrick’s Day party!

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Guest Arrival and Introduction

When guests begin to arrive for your St. Patty’s Day bash, you’ve got to have a game plan in place to get the party started. These St. Patrick’s Day party ideas are sure to spice up the party and encourage guests to mingle with each other.

  • The Luck ‘O the Irish Scavenger Hunt. As each guest arrives, provide them with their St. Patty’s Day hat. Inside each hat, place an envelope that contains a list of clues to items that they will be scavenging for later to reveal the pot ‘o gold! Place a number in each hat as well, to easily determine who will be in what group for the hunt!
  • Guess How Much. Ask guests to guess how many beers you’ve purchased for the event. If you have kegs, cans and/or bottles, this may encourage guests to work together to figure out the correct number. Leave mini pads of paper around the sign and direct guests to be sure to enter before the beers start to disappear!
  • I Am. Glue or tape a gold piece of paper to the front of each hat. Start each sheet out by writing, “Hi! I am:” before gluing the paper to each of the hats. Ask guests to write their name, along with one descriptive word on the paper. Warning: this can get a little racy depending upon the people involved, so if children will be attending your party, remind guests to keep their choices family-friendly.
  • My Irish Story. A fun way to encourage interaction is to place a huge sheet of poster board on the wall and have black, green and orange markers tied to strings that have been taped all around it. Start the story out with something clever and creative. As guests arrive, ask them to continue your story by writing a few sentences. Again, this can get racy depending on the people involved, so remind guests to keep their additions appropriate if necessary.

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St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations

For those that want to throw a St. Patrick’s Bash to remember, theme appropriate party decorations are a must. Green streamers can be loosely twisted with white or orange streamers to give the room some Irish color and St. Patrick’s Day signs can be purchased relatively cheap and displayed around the room. Here are a few simple St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for decorations to get you started.

  • Shamrock. Poster board works great as a cheap, do-it-yourself decoration material. In fact, you can trace several three or four leafed clovers onto the poster board and cut them out to use as the base for any centerpieces you create. You can also use the shamrock to tape up around the room or punch a small hole in them to hang them from the streamers or the ceiling.  You can also purchase glittered card board shamrock for a more glitzy feel.
  • Frosty Green Drinks and Beers. What is a St. Patrick’s celebration today without green beer? Take two, clear plastic beer mugs and glue the bottoms to one of the clover bases. Fill them with green glitter, green shamrock confetti or green liquid and then top them off with spray foam to give them the look of being “straight from the tap.” If you don’t want to go to that much trouble, fill them with green popcorn topped with white popcorn for an edible centerpiece.
  • Leprechaun Hats. Plastic green hats with the traditional gold buckle are readily available as St. Patrick’s Day nears. These must-haves are also relatively cheap. In addition to purchasing enough of these for your party guests, you can also use them to create centerpieces. Brim down, these can be glued to the clover base and sprinkled with clover confetti and foil-wrapped chocolate gold coins. Brim up; you can fill them with green popcorn, the foil-wrapped coins or green, orange and white M&M’s.

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St. Patrick’s Day Party Crafts

Whether you plan to have little ones attend your St. Patrick’s Day party or not, crafts can be a lot of fun for everyone! Here are a few ideas to keep party guests occupied and give you the time to prepare the next dish, game or simply take a few moments to enjoy your fabulous party!

  • St. Patrick’s Day Photo Frame. Purchase enough craft photo frames to have one for each guest. Break out the green glitter, paint, glue, buttons and stickers. Create a table just for your guests to sit down and create a photo frame to commemorate this awesome party!
  • Design a Leprechaun Hat. For this craft, you can use the plastic hats that you hand out as guests arrive for the base. Cut up a variety of green, orange and white fabrics so that there are several hundred squares available. Make sure that there is glitter, clover confetti, St. Patrick’s Day statements and more available for guests to add to their hats. Don’t forget the glue!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Pins. For this fun craft, you’ll need green pipe cleaners, safety pins, card stock, white glue and utility knives. Click here for complete instructions.  For another version of this craft with beads, use a  St. Patrick Pin Bead Kit.
  • Leprechaun Disguise. This St. Patrick’s Day craft is tons of fun for kids and adults alike. With printable pieces and little time required to put it together, it’s sure to be a winner at your St. Patrick’s Day party! Click here for printables and complete instructions.


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