Sleepover Party Pillowcase Craft

Sleepover Party Craft - Pillowcase Cover
A fun, easy and popular activity to do at Sleepover parties is for Teenage or Tween girls to decorate pillowcases.  Guests can either decorate each other pillowcases or decorate their own.  This way each pillowcase is unique and customized for each person.  Great take home party favors!

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Sleepover Party Pillowcase Craft Supplies

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Sleepover Party Pillowcase Directions


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Sleepover Party Craft - Pillowcase Cover


DIY Autograph Pillowcase Craft
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Step 1. Prewash pillowcase.  Optional to iron flat (as you can see, I don’t like to iron)

Step 2. Use pencil to lightly write in bubble letters the word “Friends” or whatever you wish, e.g. name of guest, “Girls Rock”, “Soccer Gals”, etc.

Step 3. Use permanent or fabric markers to outline the letters.

Step 4. Fill in the letters with various patterns and colors.  Decorate around the letters or have guests sign the pillowcase.  This was a pillowcase made by 6 friends for one girl as a goodbye and going-away party.

Step 5. Heat set in dryer for 20 minutes.

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Sleepover Party Craft - Pillowcase Cover with 4 girls

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Picture: Girls holding up finished pillowcase. The other half of the rainbow belongs to another pillowcase for another friend. Great job girls!


 More Pillowcase Ideas -

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Pillow case signature craft for sleepover slumber party

DIY Autograph pillowcase (above top):  Use fusible or iron-on decorative hem tape and add a few rows of colored ribbon to the edge of the pillow.  Simply follow the package directions and use an iron to attach the ribbon.  Then use fabric markers to personalize your pillowcase.  Using fabric glue, add acrylic jewels to the pillow as you wish.  Do so sparingly as too many jewels may make it difficult to sleep.  Be careful also not to glue the two sides of the pillow together when using the fabric glue.  Photo and tutorial courtesy of Michaels Craft Stores.  Amazon also has 12 pack hotel quality pillow cases available, and don’t forget to pick up some fabric sharpies as well.

Custom Personalized Autograph pillowcase (above bottom):  Order a pillowcase pre-printed with your name and decorations on it.  Pillow comes with one black permanent marker, however I would recommend buying extra colored ones with medium tip.  With the markers, also be careful that it does not bleed through to the bottom side of the pillow.  Place a piece of cardboard or magazine inside for support and to prevent bleeding.


Pillow case signature craft for sleepover slumber party

Pillowcase Craft Kit For 12:  The above pillowcase craft kit is super convenient if you are having a big group of kids for a sleepover!  Great for camps as well.  Kit comes with 12 pillowcases (20″ x 30″), fabric markers and instructions.  My daughter made the above pillow case with just the black marker and left it plain.  First she wrote her name in large bubble letters in the center.  She did this free hand.  Then she used a pencil to draw an oval around her name and used that as a guide to make a border around her name.  She then decorated around the entire border with fun doodles.  You can use the colored markers to fill in and decorate as you wish.

More ideas…


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