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Science petrie dish with gummy worm
Science Parties are lots of fun and enjoyed by kids of all ages and gender.  Not only is this a great time for kids to learn how fun science can be, but the theme can also be extended into the party snacks!  Check out a few photos of a recent science party on this blog by a clever party mom!   Birthday Party Ideas arrow Science Party Supplies


Space Science Party - Kid on a blow up space shuttle, tray of test tubes, baking soda rocket kit, sour powder candy test tube as science favors, space invitation and space shuttle plates


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Science Party Recipes


Beaker Cake
A flask cake was made from a recipe out of Familyfun magazine. Made with cotton candy vapor and a cardboard-tube neck, this cake is modeled after a real piece of lab equipment: a Florence flask.  When it is time to sing “Happy Birthday” stick a candle on top in the center of the cake!
Molecules made out of fruit balls
Molecules made out of melon fruit balls and toothpicks.  You can get creative with red grapes, white grapes, honeydew melons, etc.  Make a 3-D molecule by using one piece of fruit as the nucleus and stick 3-4 toothpicks in it at various positions.  At the opposite end of each toothpick, stick a piece of fruit.
gummy wurm in petrie dish
Petri dishes are a must for Science Parties!  Just fill clean ones with gummi worms and jello for delightful snack.
petrie dish
Another variation can be made with different jello flavor and different colored gummi worm.
beaker cookie
Love the beaker, flask and test tube decorated cookies.  Great as party favors or party snacks.
beaker cookie
For variety, add little sprinkles to the icing so that it resembles bubbles coming out of the container!
Einstein cupcake
This cool Einstein cupcake was created by  You need 2 cupcakes, one iced in flesh color.  Candy needed for decorations: (1) Tie – fruit roll-up, (2) Nose and ears – pink jelly beans, (3) Eyes – blue M&M candy, (4) Mouth – fruit cereal.  Icing needed: (1) Icing cupcake, (2) Icing face, (3) Icing hair color, (4) Icing glasses.
cup for science party
Clear plastic cups were decorated with black stripes to make them look like beakers. Another option would be to serve drinks during the Science Party using actual glass beakers if you happen to have some handy. A green toxic drink was served using a fat separator.
brain cake
Make a cake using a half-round pan.  Ice in grey icing as a base layer.  Let icing set for about 20 minutes.  Add more icing with a large tip in squiggly S-shape fashion all over to look like a brain.  Serve juices and green toxic “sports drink” in beakers and flasks.  Add joke sparkle candles for extra fun!
moon crater cake
Bake a cake using an oven safe bowl.  Crush oreo cookies and mix crumbs into icing.  Ice cake.  Stick on grey necco wafers, plastic astronauts and flag as decorations on top.  Source:



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