Scavenger Hunt and Nature Hike

Birthday Party Game and Activities - Scavenger Hunt and Nature Hike
This Scavenger Hunt and Nature Hike list is perfect for a Camping Birthday Party, Outdoor Party, Backyard Party, or just a fun nature hike with the kids.  A scavenger hunt makes the hike more exciting and interactive, and with a list of things to search for, kids pay attention to their surroundings more. After all, who doesn’t want to score the highest points for some extra smores?

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Scavenger Hunt Nature Hike Camping Party
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Scavenger Hunt and Nature Hike Supplies

  • Scavenger Hunt Party Sheets. Download the FREE Scavenger Hunt Party Sheets.  Download enough Scavenger Hunt sheets for kids to work in pairs or groups.
  • Pencils to mark finds.
  • Plastic recycled old grocery bags.
  • Bug spray. Put on before going out.
  • Weather protection. Good to have suntan lotion on those hot, sunny days. Bring rain gear if rain is in the forecast.

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Scavenger Hunt and Nature Hike Directions

  • Rule 1.  Pair Up. Divide your party into pairs or small groups and have kids go on the scavenger hunt together. Each group or pair should have an adult with them.
  • Rule 2. Keep Track of items and points. Give each child a pencil and a clean, used plastic grocery bag.  Let them keep track of the items they have spotted.  Every time they see something, let them tick it off on the Scavenger Hunt Sheets.  You get 1 point for every item found, and 10 point for the challenge/bonus questions at the end of the Scavenger Hunt list.
  • Rule 2.  Treasured Keepsakes. If the items on the list are “naturally separated from its origin” and  “non-living”, they can pick it up and collect them in their garbage bags if they wish.  Some examples of these items are dead branches, fallen leaves, fallen seed pods, pine cones on the ground, etc. and would be OK to collect.  Otherwise if they are still attached, they should not be collecting these items.
  • Step 3.  Bonus Points. For the last two items on the list, the Scavenger Hunt awards 10 points each.
  • Step 4. Math Facts. At the end of the Scavenger Hunt, tally all the scores for each group or pair.  The winning group gets an extra round of smores, or treats depending on the theme of the party. Older kids can add up their own scores, while younger ones can help adults figure out theirs.
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