Puppy Dog Cupcakes Recipe: Cocker-Poodle

Puppy Dog Cup Cake
CockerPoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix) Dog Cupcakes are perfect for a Dog Theme Party. Cupcakes are easy for little hands to hold and they provide each guest an individual miniature cake they can call their own! Add other dog themed cupcakes like a mini Schnauzer cupcake, a Chocolate Lab cup cake, and a Chihuahua cup cake for a complete feast!

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Cocker-Poodle Mix Puppy Dog Cup Cakes

Supplies needed for CockerPoo Dog Cup Cake (1):

  • 1 Oreo Cookie or Chocolate Wafer cookie
  • 1 marshmallow
  • 1 pink fruit chew (Starburst)
  • 1 small black jelly bean
  • 1 cup cake
  • 1 tub of icing
Cocker Poodle Cup Cake for Dog Theme Party
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Instructions for CockerPoo Dog Cup Cake:

  1. Using serrated knife cut Oreo cookie (one side only without icing), cut the Oreo cookie into two to make ears. Spread the top of the cupcake with a thin layer of light brown frosting. Add the ears, folded in, rounded side facing top.
  2. Cut a large marshmallow in half and use as a snout for the dog. Place the slice flat side down.
  3. Cut a Starburst fruit chew in half and flatten using a rolling pin to make a tongue.
  4. Color some icing light brown using food dye or food coloring.
  5. (** Edit: added this step. ) Fill a small ziploc bag with about 3/4  cup of icing.  Cut a small slit into the corner of the bag.  Start off with a small hole first and test-pipe a few squeezes first onto some parchment paper or paper towels to see if enough icing is coming out.  If not, make the hole a teeny bit larger.  Remember, since the icing will warm up in your hands as time progresses, the icing will become softer and ooze out more.  If that happens, just pop the bag into the freezer for couple of seconds and continue piping.  Ziploc bags for simple piping like this are great since the need for multiple piping tips are not required and kids can help out without worrying about the icing leaking out from the top — great for e.g. a cupcake decorating party!  Can’t believe I forgot to mention this step!  Thanks Serina!
  6. Pipe a row of small spikes below the marshmallow and extending slightly beyond edge of the cupcake.
  7. Place tongue on frosting. Continue to pipe until the marshmallow is covered and the dog’s head. Overlap each row icing to the next.
  8. Add the jelly bean for the nose, and cut one black jelly bean in half and use them for the dog’s eyes.
Dog Cup Cake
Dog Cup Cake iced halfway
Finished Cockerpoo Cup Cake
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