Puppy Dog Birthday Party

Puppy Dog Cup Cakes
A Puppy Dog Birthday party theme can be a fun theme for a kid’s birthday party or for an actual party for a dog. You can make your own dog invitations, crafts, food and cake or purchase dog party supplies to fit your theme, time constraints and budget.
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Dog Party Ideas - Dog with a party hat, dog party table setting


Puppy Dog Party Plan



Puppy Dog Party Table with Dog and Cupcakes
  • Easy Dog Postcard Invitations. Take a picture of your dog and use graphics to decorate. Print out on cardstock and write party details in the back.
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Puppy Dog Party Invitations

Puppy Dog Invitation Party Dogs Personalized Invitation Dalmation Invitation

Create your own Puppy Dog Invitations or purchase pre-made invitations.

  • Dog Bone Invitation. Use a Bone-shaped cookie cutter and trace the shape of the bone on a piece of cardstock. Cut out the bone. Use a pretty ribbon and tie to the top of the card together with a charm. Glue the bone and add your message to the front.
  • Puppy Dog Invitation. Make an invitation using pictures of your own dog or pictures from dogs online. Add paw print stickers or use clip art to embellish.
  • Paw print invitation. Use stamps in the various paw print sizes to stamp a border on a piece of card stock. In the middle of the card write or type your message, e.g. “You’re Invited To A Pawsitively Good Time!”
  • Dog Name and Address Labels. What about using name and address labels for your envelope?
  • Matching Invitations – Personalized Dog Invitation.  Birthday In A Box offers adorable personalized invitations to match your party supplies!  How cute is that?  Simply fill in your party details and the rest is done for you!  Previews of your invitation are done on the spot!
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Puppy Dog Party Decorations

Dog Party Ideas - Party Table and Decorations
  • Party Entrance and Party Room. Put a sign at the entrance of the door that says “Welcome to (Guest of Honor’s) Dog House!” or a banner that says “Happy Birthday (Guest of Honor)!”. Decorate the party room with pictures of paw prints, bone cut-outs, pictures of dogs, and puppy dog party decor.
  • Party Table. Use clean dog bowls as serving dishes for food and dog party goods with pictures of cute, adorable dogs. Use colorful balloons to tie in with the colors of the table cloth and paper goods. Put paw prints on the balloons or stick on felt ears and draw in eyes, nose and mouth to make the balloons look like puppies. Make bone place cards using Tootsie rolls wrapped in tissue.
  • Party Clean-up. If you are having the party outdoors and actual pets are invited, make sure that all guests are comfortable around dogs and only invite dogs that are well-behaved. Parties for dogs can be held in or outdoors at home, at a doggy day care, or at a local park. Just make sure there is lots of room to play and run around. Have extra bags, paper towels and cleaning supplies on hand for dog owners to clean-up and pick-up after their dogs.



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Guest Arrival and Introduction

When guests arrive, have them do a simple activity so that they are kept busy until all other guests arrive.

  • Puppy Dog Coloring Pages. Print out a few coloring pages and have crayons, markers or coloring pencils on hand for them to color.
  • Puppy Dog Face Painting. Paint a black nose and black dots for the whiskers on each child. Make sure you use hypo-allergenic and professional face paints to avoid allergic reactions. Always ask parents to make sure there are no allergies.
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Puppy Dog Party Crafts

Dog Tag Craft Necklace
  • Dog Tag and Dog collar. When guests arrive, have them make their own dog tag. Use ball chains purchased from hardware stores or craft stores. If kids are older, use silver beads and wire to string their own dog tag. Have silver or colored cardstock on hand and pre-cut them into large dog tag shapes. Let the kids fill in their details and decorate with stickers, gems, etc. Details should include their names, pedigree, age, and sex with a Silver marker.
  • Puppy Dog Ears and Tail. After they have finished their dog tags, have kids make dog ears out of felt. Give boys a baseball cap and girls a head band to make their ‘puppy dog’ costume. Attach the felt ears to the baseball cap (boys) and have them attach the ears to the headband (girls). The fastest way to attach the ears would be to use a stapler, although fabric glue can also be used. Make a tail out of felt and stick on using velcro or duck tape to their clothing. After their transformation let them introduce themselves to one another with their own unique ‘bark’ and saying their names.
  • Puppy Dog Frame. Give them foam frames to decorate with foam bones, paw prints, dog stickers, etc. Let them write their names using permanent markers. Take pictures of them with the Guest of Honor and insert them into frames for a memorable favor to take home.

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Puppy Dog Party Recipes

Pink Poodle Dog Bone Cookies
Food for a Puppy Dog party can be fun and whimsical. If actual pets are going to be present you will need two types of food – one for humans and one for the animals.

For humans:

  • Bone Sandwiches. Make your favorite sandwiches and cut out using a bone cookie cutter.
  • Bone Cookies. Use pre-made cookie dough or cookie dough from scratch to make decorative bone cookies. Write name of each guest using icing and use as a place card or favor.
  • Scooby Doo Graham Crackers. These graham crackers are bone shaped and easy as a snack.
  • Puppy Dog Cupcakes. Decorate cupcakes to look like faces of different breeds of dogs.
  • Drumstick Cupcakes. Make cupcakes look like drumsticks to serve to the hungry ‘dogs’.
  • Mini Hot dog Wraps. Wrap mini hot dogs with refrigerated bread stick dough.
  • Puppy Chow. Serve cocoa puff cereal in clean shiny silver dog bowls or purchase pre-made. Easy Puppy Chow instructions. (for humans).

For dogs:

  • Milk Bone Biscuits. Purchase pre-made biscuits from your pet stores or online.
  • Water. Make sure you have lots of bowls of water on hand for the dogs.
  • Peanut Butter Organic Dog Cookies. Try out this healthy recipe – Peanut Butter Dog Cookies for your furry friends.  All organic and packed with healthy ingredients.

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Puppy Dog Party Cake

Miniature Schnauzer Cup Cake
Chocolate Labrador Cup Cake
Chihuahua Cup Cake
Puppy Dog Cup Cake

Make Puppy Dog Cupcakes for your Puppy Dog Birthday Party. These cupcakes are adorable and you can make them to match your breed of choice.

Dog Party Food - dog cupcakes and sandwiches

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Puppy Dog GameAnimal Traits Match. Is there an animal expert among you? Let’s Find Out! Be the first to finish matching animals to the traits associated with them. Start printing as soon as you order! You can print as many copies as needed. A bonus challenge game is included for our expert animal lovers. Answer Key included.

Puppy Dog Party Games

  • Best in Breed Dog Show. Have the kids put on their dog ears, tails, dog tags, and put on a dog show. Put out a red carpet and put out different obstacle courses with safety cones, jumps, etc. Let the kids walk their best walk on the red carpet, and then complete the course. Make sure you give out prizes and medals to all and have categories like: Best in Show, Best Miniature Dog, Friendliest Dog, Highest Jumper, Funniest Dog, etc.
  • Host Your Own Puppy Bowl! Enclose an area where dogs can play, have fun and get some exercise at your “Puppy Bowl”.  Get some dog toys and play fetch with them.  Have a race to see which puppy is fastest.  Try to teach them easy tricks like, “paw” and “sit”.  Let kids take turns giving out dog treats and petting the dogs!
  • Relay Fetch. Have kids form two teams. Get two baskets and tie a rope long enough to fit over kids’ heads. Fill baskets with 10 dog bones. Have kids on each team crawl and carry the baskets from one end about 15 feet away and back and then tag the next person in their team. Kids must crawl on all fours and all bones must stay in the basket. Guaranteed lots of giggles and perfect time for a photo op!
  • Dog Trainer Says. Play this game like “Simon Says” and have the kids do dog tricks like: Sit, Stay, Rollover, Jump, Growl, Hide, Back-up, Play Dead, Bark, Turn around, etc. Make a few crates out of large carboard boxes and have a few kids take turns sitting in their crates as they become “out”. Others who are not part of the game can pet and console the dogs in the crate.
  • Dog Treasure Hunt and Dog Freeze Game. Hide Dog Biscuit Bones, Dog Toys, Balls, etc. around the house and outside. Divide kids in groups and give each group a list of items to find. Make sure each group only brings back one item per category so that other groups can have a turn of finding the items on the list as well. It is suggested to leave this game to the very end as it can get chaotic. If it does, blow a dog whistle and tell all the ‘dogs’ to freeze and ‘Sit!’ for a while, then blow the whistle again, to resume.
  • Valentine Puppy Dog Game. If you are planning a puppy dog themed party around Valentine’s day, why not have a game that incorporates both themes.  This Valentine’s Day Puppy Dog Game uses names of movies with a dog theme.
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Puppy Dog Party Favors

Stuffed Animal Dog
Dog Party Favors
Dog Bone Crayon Favors
Puppy Chow Dog Food for humans
  • Puppy Dog Frame and Picture. Let the kids take home their frame craft and a picture of themselves with the Guest of Honor.
  • Dog Tag. The Dog tag that they made during the craft.
  • Dog ears headband or baseball cap. Also part of the dog costume made earlier.
  • Doggie Bag. Decorate a paper bag or dog favor box with dog stickers, bones, etc. and fill with candy and lots of dog-themed favors.

Puppy Donations and Charity

Instead of presents consider asking for donations to a local animal shelter. My daughter has done that in the past and she has really enjoyed bringing all the items, food, and donations to the animal shelter after the party is over. She usually selects a few friends to go with her and gets to visit briefly with the animals as well. We receive a thank you note from the shelter afterwards and she includes a copy of it with her thank you note to all her guests. To find a local animal shelter, visit animalshelter.org or the humane society website.

Puppy Dog Party Charity Donations


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