Printable Games: Halloween Witch Hunt

Halloween Witch Hunt game is great for kids to let out extra energy and to get kids motivated to do something fun and physical during a Halloween party. These witches takes just 5 minutes to print out and all you need is to provide the flashlights or ask kids to bring one when you send out invitations.

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Halloween Witch Hunt Party Game

Printable Halloween Witch Hunt Game

Printables: Halloween Witch Hunt Game

Have kids bring their own flashlights or provide inexpensive ones as favors before the witch hunt begins. An ideal place would be a dark basement that is safe and where kids can’t get hurt. The witch hunt is easy and kids absolutely love this game. Start printing as soon as you order!

Tip: Each group is only allowed to collect only a X number of witches so that all teams have equal chance of winning and feelings don’t get hurt. For littler kids, you probably can stick with 5-6 witches, for older ones, 10 or more.

Time to play: 5-10 minutes depending on the number of witches they need to find
Players: unlimited
Winners: 1 team

How to Play: Scatter the witches in various places before the party starts. Divide the group into teams. Turn off the lights and let the teams search for X number of witches. Which ever team finds that amount first, wins!
Scoring: The team that find the X number of witches, wins! For the winning team you can have a grand prize, and for the other teams consolation prizes. This way no one will feel left out or disappointed.

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