Pirate Party Food Ideas

Pirate Sandwich
Planning a Pirate Party?  Here are some fun and fabulous pirate food ideas we found to make YOUR party fun and exciting.  Be sure to visit these blogs and sites for some innovative and creative ideas!  RRRRRRR!!! Ahoy Matey!

Pirate Party Food Ideas for Pirate Parties

Pirate Food and Drink Names:

You can really have fun with renaming every day foods to fit your pirate theme.  Kids get a kick out of that and what better way to get them to eat, right?  Here are some fun pirate food renaming ideas.

Pirate Food

  • Canon Balls = Round cheese balls
  • Polly Crackers = Cheese Ritz crackers
  • Octopus = Hotdogs with octopus arms cut up
  • Fish Bait = Swedish Fish Candy
  • Quick Sand Dip = Hummus
  • Golden Nuggets = Chicken nuggets
  • Pirate Teeth = Popcorn
  • Catch of the Day = Fish crackers
  • Sword Kebabs = Fruit on a stick ( or any meat )
  • Grilled Parrot = Chicken Wings (love this one! – via Pinterest!)

Pirate Drinks

  • Sea Water = Water
  • Pirate’s Rum = Root Beer
  • Rum Punch = Fruit Punch
  • Poison = Beer

Pirate Party Appetizers:

Pirate Party Food - Appetizers: Deviled Eggs, Treasure Island Nachos, Pretzel Swords, Hotdog Palm Dip

Start off your party with some appetizers like:

Deviled Eggs with Pirate Flags by createatdreamscrapbooks.blogspot.com (1) / Treasure Map Nachos by Littlenummies  (2) / Pretzel stick Swords by Littlenummies  (3) / Treasure Island Hummus dip topped with Hot dog and Green Pepper Palm Tree. {Fabulous party by Couture Crafts via karasparties (4)}

Pirate Party Sandwiches:

Pirate Party Food - Pirate Sandwich, Ship Sandwich

Now time to feed the hungry pirates with some mean sandwiches:

Amazing Pirate Sandwich by Ziggityzoom (5) / Pirate Ship sandwich via Pinterest  (6) / Pirate Ship Sandwich by Funky Lunch  (7)Pirate Sandwich with bananas and grapes by Kitchen Fun With My 3 sons (8)}

 Pirate Party Treats and Sweets:

Pirate Party Food - Desserts: Cupcakes with golden coins, marshmallow pirate pops, jello ocean ships, watermellon shark

Here are some easy Pirate Party Desserts that anyone can make.  Kids love these fun, bite-size pirate themed desserts!  They are perfect for especially the little ones.  Don’t forget the fruit to ward off the scurvy!

Pictured above: Adorable Pirate Marshmallow Pop by ItsyBelle (9) / Easy cupcakes topped with Golden Chocolate Coins by Food Whine  (10) / Another fabulous idea via Food Whine – Ocean Blue Jello with Orange Pirate Ship  (11) /  A Beautifully Crafted Watermelon Shark with Fresh Fruits by Cakes Pop Galore (12)

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