Pink Poodle Party Invitation

Pink Poodle Party Invitation for Pink Poodle Party
This Pink Poodle Party Invitation was created for my daughter’s Pink Poodle Party when she turned 8 years old and also used for the many parties I hosted as an event planner.  It is a perfect theme for girls ages 6 to 12.  The Pink Poodle Birthday Theme is becoming so popular now and I’ve gotten lots of requests about this invitation so I think it is time for a ‘how-to’.

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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Invitation Supplies

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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Invitation Directions

  1. Trace the Pink Poodle Template on pink card stock, cut out.
  2. Trace the 6 white puff and 1 large white puff for the poodle’s fur.  Cut out.
  3. Glue pink poodle on to black front invitation and glue the white poodle fur as well.
  4. Glue the heart pendant on to the poodle’s neck.
  5. Cut out a small piece of 1″ black and white polka dot ribbon. Glue on top of the pendant to make a collar.
  6. Draw in eyes with a black marker and the top of the Pink Poodle’s beret.
  7. Using the hole puncher, punch two holes at the top of the invitation.
  8. Use a 3″ pink ribbon and tie a bow by looping through the two holes and tying a bow in the front.
  9. Print out invitation details on pink card stock on your printer.  Glue to the inside of the invitation.
  10. Use pieces of rectangular pink tissue paper to enclose the invitation and to protect the silver pendant.
  11. Seal the envelope with a Customized Pink Poodle Sticker.  Customize the sticker to say “Abby’s Pink Poodle Party”, for example, so that you can use it for invitations as well as thank you notes.

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Tip: When mailing these invitations make sure you ask the Post Office to “hand cancel” these invitations in order for them not to go through the automatic mail processing machine.  The bulk of the invitation and the envelope can cause it to get stuck in the machines.

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Pink Poodle Invitation Supplies

Pink Poodle Birthday Ideas

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Pink Poodle Stencils to make Pink Poodle invitations
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Using the embossing tool, trace out the Pink Poodle onto the card stock. Cut out with scissors.

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Pink Poodle Stencils, Supplies, Tools, Ribbons, Card Stock to make Pink Poodle Invitations
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Supplies needed to make the Pink Poodle Invitations – Stencils, pink ribbons, card stock, embossing tools, pink tissue, silver heart pendant, black polka dot ribbon, and envelopes.

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