Pink Poodle Birthday Party

Pink Poodle Bag
Mon Ami, it’s time for the Pink Poodle Party! The Pink Poodle Birthday Party theme is fun for girls of all ages and is great for any occasion. Whether you are planning a birthday party or a bridal shower, who wouldn’t like these cute adorable Poodles, Pink colors, and Phfancy Shmancy Parisian decor?
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Pink Poodle Party - Eiffel Tower Cake, Pink Poodle Table Setting with pink boa, silver candlelabra, tiered server, cake, place setting and pink poodle decorated chair covers, pink poodle party invitation, stuffed pink poodle crafts



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Pink Poodle Birthday Invitation

Create your own unique Pink Poodle Party Invitation using pink and black cardstock, scrumptious ribbons, and charms. Even if you are buying ready-made Pink Poodle invitations, by simply adding a few 3-D elements like ribbons, grommets, charms, you can give your Pink Poodle Birthday Party Invitations an elegant, custom, and hand-made look. Give each guest a custom charm or use identical charms for all your guests.

Pink Poodle Party Invitation for Parisian Theme Party


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On a separate pink card stock print the party details and glue on the inside of the Pink Poodle invitation. Sample of Pink Poodle Birthday Party invitation wording:

Oh la la! It’s time for something magnifique!

Oui, we will have some fun tres fantastique!

Come join us for a Pink Poodle Birthday Party

Arrive at 4:00 pm and please don’t be tardy

You may bring along your favorite stuffed puppy as a friend

Call us at (phone number) and we hope you’ll be able to attend!

Look at ready-made Pink Poodle or French-Inspired invitations for ideas and theme inspiration.  For a tutorial on how to make your own Pink Poodle Invitation.


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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Decorations and Pink Poodle Table

Decorate your Pink Poodle Party Table with colors of pink, black, white and silver. Some ideas for using Pink Poodle Party Supplies to decorate the party room:

Pink Poodle Party Party Supplies


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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Music and Story Book

Set the mood by playing French songs from either popular French Kids CDs, like “Songs in French for Children” or traditional classics like “Champs Elysees”. Play the music when guests arrive so that when they enter the party room the music will help to create that elegant sophisticated French ambiance. As kids are waiting for everyone to arrive, read a few chapters from the book “Eloise goes to Paris”, a funny comical book for kids. Another great kids movie is “Parent Trap” by Disney with Lindsey Lohan.

Pink Poodle Chair Decor

Use a Pink Sash to dress up your chairs and use a miniature pink poodles as accent pieces. Simply attach the pink poodle using a pin and your chairs will instantly look coordinated and unify the theme for the whole room.

Pink Poodle Chairs with pink poodle tie back


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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Snacks and Food

For a Kids’ Pink Poodle Party, the best is to have easy finger foods available. For an added element of fun and whimsy, serve some of these snacks in new silver dog bowls. Bon Appetit!

Pink Poodle Party Table Setting with pink boa, candelabra, Eiffel Tower Chocolate Cake with pink poodle icing, place settings


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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Drinks Ideas

  • Pink Lemonade served in wine or champagne glasses
  • Pink Sparkling Apple Cider (comes in bottles like champagne, add your own custom labels)
  • Water Bottles for each Guest with custom labels
  • Mock Cafe au Lait (chocolate milk) in elegant tea cups


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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Games and Crafts

  • Puppy Relay races: Form two teams. Each team has the same puppy items in a box, like chew toys, balls, bones, old shoes, dog biscuits, etc. There is another empty box about 30 feet away. The kids have to crawl doggy style from one end to the other and the team that is able to move the items from one box to other first, is the winner.
  • Pass the Puppy / Gift opening: Have the kids sit in a circle and play the game like “pass the ball”. Play some French music and pass around a Stuffed Poodle. When the music stops, have the person who is “out” bring their present to the Guest of Honor and open his/her present. This way you can incorporate gift opening with a game in an orderly manner.
  • Pin the Tail on the Poodle: Using Pink cardboard trace out the shape of a Pink Poodle. Tape onto the wall. Blindfold kids with a bandana. Use cotton balls with glue dots as tails. Try to pin the tail onto the Pink Poodle. Make sure you have little favors handy to give out as prizes. Everyone gets a prize.
  • Hungry Puppy: Give everyone dog ears. Use a headband or a baseball cap. Cut out 2 ears out of felt. Attach to the headband or cap. Fill clean dog bowls with yogurt or pudding. Use a timer to see who is the first to ‘lick’ their bowls clean at the Pink Poodle Party.


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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Cake

To make a Pink Poodle Birthday Party Cake, first make a two-layer Chocolate Ganache Cake. Then, using sugar paste create a mini dog, bowl and bone. Create a chocolate eiffel tower for the top layer. After the chocolate eiffel tower is dry, put on top. Use some sugar paste and color it pink. Roll out till 1/8″ thickness. Drape over the cake. Decorate with mini icing flowers for contrast and visual interest. Optional: instead of a chocolate Eiffel Tower use a pre-made Pink Poodle Cake Topper instead.

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Cake


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Pink Poodle Birthday Party Boutique and Favors

For  favors, set up a room like a Pink Poodle Boutique with puppy clothing, accessories for your guests’ stuffed animals and complete Pink Poodle Decor! They can go on a Parisian shopping spree and select a complete outfit for their puppy. Another option is to give a new stuffed animal as a party favor. Kids love stuffed toys and they are always a hit no matter what age. Let a parent be the shopkeeper and have the kids practicing saying “bonjour” as they enter the store and saying “merci” as they leave. For some added fun and to get rid of extra energy, play some fun party music and let the kids have a fashion show with their new pink poodle friends and outfits. Create a simple runway using a red rug or get an inexpensive store-bought pink runner. Hand out a few pink cameras during the pink poodle party fashion show and let a few kids play the part of the papparazzi.

Some Pink Poodle Favor ideas for your Pink Poodle Boutique:

Pink Poodle Birthday Party Store with Puppy clothing
Pink Poodle Stuffed animals ready to be stuffed


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