Pink Ladybug Birthday Party

Pink Ladybug Brownie Pop on a stick
Ladybug Birthday Parties have been popular for so long and seems everyone is fascinated with them, especially the little ones! In fact, there has been numerous requests for a pink version of the oh-so-sweet bug so Birthday Express has started carrying an extensive line of this friendly bug and has also added a personalized option too!  Our Pink Ladybug Party Ideas page is filled with lots of great ideas, party games and DIY projects for planning a girl’s birthday party, 1st birthday celebration, or a baby shower celebration. Birthday Party Ideas arrow Lady Bug Party Supplies

Pink Lady Bug Party - Party Table, Pink Lemonade, Ladybug Brownie Pops, Ladybug Plates and Napkin Rings

Pink Ladybug Party Plan

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Pink Lady Bug Party Invitations – Oh So Sweet!

Pink Ladybug Personalized Invitation
Adorable Ladybug Birthday Party Invitations with a smiling ladybug in front.

  • Pink Ladybug Invitations. The pink ladybug invitations that coordinate with the Pink Lady Bug theme pack are adorable and kids love the friendly, smiling bug on the front!  The invitation is a great choice especially if kids will be helping you to fill out the party details.  They are made from durable thick card stock and have ample lines marked for write-in-details which makes it perfect for kids.
  • Personalized Ladybug Invitations. Another option is to have your ladybug invitations personalized with a photo of the birthday child in front.  Kids love seeing their pictures in print and what a fun way to customized a party theme!  Personalization is also offered on centerpieces, favor boxes, plates, banners, and more.
  • DIY invitations. Ladybug invitations are also easy to make if you are crafty.  Simply cut out a round pink shape using a die cut or plain ol’ scissors.  Cut the circle in half and color in black spots.  Stick on front of a blank black card.  Add antennae using black pipe cleaners and gluing to the top of the bug.  Write or print out your party details on a small light colored piece of paper and sticking it on the inside.
  • Baby Shower Lady Bug Invitations. Another option is to have a ladybug theme for a baby shower.  Choose among many ladybug invitation options for your special event.  Some merchants even have coordinating postage stamps, thank you cards, magnets, cookies, envelope seals, candy wrapper, etc.!!!!

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Pink Lady Bug Party Decorations – Oh So Sweet!

The Pink Ladybug Look

  • Pink Ladybug Plates. Decorate the ladybug party table with small ladybug dessert plates and have it all setup before guests enter.  If you will be providing food like pizza, sandwiches for guests, perhaps have that set up on a buffet table in a separate area with the larger dinner ladybug plates, place mats and napkins as well.
  • Green Leaves and White Flower Place Mats. Place mats out of felt were made for each place setting to frame each plate and provide contrasting colors.  A great option is to get the ready-made ladybug activity place mats instead.  They are made of durable card stock in hot pink with lots of activities in the back for kids to do when they are done eating.  Read cutsomers feedback here.
  • Pink Table Cloth. A pink table cloth was made with adorable tulle skirt.  Green rick rack trim was used around the edge of the table to give the table some accent colors and to compliment the rest of the pink ladybug party theme.
  • Lots of pink tulle. Use lots of pink tulle for the table skirt, chair sashes, to make a mock canopy, etc.  The tulle creates a romantic look and feel and if you are lucky enough to have the party outdoors in beautiful weather, why not make a canopy out of leftover tulle.  Just bunch long yards of tulle together and tie with wire or elastic.  Cover the wire up with a fuchsia ribbon.  Add miniature ladybugs (from craft store) all over the tulle with leaves made out of green felt.  Add some optional twinkle lights.
  • Paper Lanterns or Balloons. Add lime green and pink balloons (or paper lanterns) to the party room area as decorations and to give your decorations visual height.  Tie with contrasting curling ribbon in pink or lime green.  Tie a few balloons to the mailbox as well.
  • Dual Purpose Pinata. Use the pinata as a focal decorative point by hanging it high up in the center of the room as a decorative item.  Use it later as a party activity for kids to break or pull open.
  • Pink Lemonade. What else to serve with a pink theme party than pink drinks?  Pink lemonade, pink Jones Soda, pink strawberry herbal tea, … the options are endless!  We purchased some old fashioned glass cups last year that we thought would go perfect with this party theme so we had to use it!
  • Pink Ladybug Napkin Ring. A napkin ring made out of felt and paper was created to look like a pink ladybug.  The antennae were attached to the fork and when inserted into the napkin ring would make the ladybug complete.  For full DIY instructions go to the Ladybug Napkin Ring page.
  • Ladybug Cupcakes and Snacks. Decorate the table with ladybug themed cupcakes, snacks and desserts.  Ladybug brownie pops were inserted into a green bucket and the bottom was covered with lime green tissue paper. Miniature chocolate donuts were embellished with green icing and pink flower fondants to coordinate with the rest of the party table.  Ladybug cupcakes and chocolate truffles were served on plain white plates.
  • Dainty Doilies. White doilies were used under the 3-tiered cake server and cake plates to frame the desserts on the table.
  • Decorating Heights. Little ramekins were placed under simple white plates to make instant miniature cake servers.  With just a bit of height the desserts instantly looked better and more sophisticated.  I could almost swear they tasted better too!

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Pink Lady Bug Guest Arrival and Introduction – Oh So Sweet!

Pink Ladybug Mylar Balloon
Pink Ladybug Mylar Balloons. Consider getting a few Pink Ladybug Birthday balloons for the front of the house to greet guests as they arrive.  Get a few extras for the party area as well and for guests to take home as favors.

  • Personalized Pink Ladybug Party Banner. Another favorite party item is a personalized party banner to coordinate with the rest of the theme party supplies.  It sets the tone for the party immediately as guests arrive and it’s a great way to greet guests as they arrive.  Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by a friendly, smiling ladybug?
  • Instant Flutter Power. For a kids party, give each child instant flying powers by giving them a ladybug tiara to wear and wings.  Get some pink glitter and have them close their eyes.  Sprinkle some sparkle dust on them and crown them instantly as Ladybug princesses.  For simple ladybug wings you can use glitter tulle to create easy, no sew wings.

Pink Ladybug Autograph Birthday Frame Keepsake
Autograph Frame. Place an autograph frame on a table at the entrance so guests can sign their names or write well-wishes to the birthday child. This would be a great keepsake for years to come for the birthday child.

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Pink Lady Bug Party Crafts – Oh So Sweet!

Pink Ladybug Oh So Sweet Birthday Plate
Ladybug Coloring Pages. For younger guests, consider putting out a few crayons and coloring pages.  Pages courtesy of

Usually with toddler parties all you need is a simple arts and craft activities like coloring pages.  Kids are too young to do anything more complex and involved.  If you are having a party for tweens and teens, here are a few more craft options:

  • Ladybug Pinwheels. Get these ladybug pinwheel craft kits and paint the pinwheels in your favorite colors and let dry.  When it’s time to go home, have guests take them on their way out.
  • Terra Cotta Pots. Get miniature flower pots and have kids decorate the outside with non-toxic organic paints.  If you have a ladybug stencil, you can use it to decorate the pot with the stencil.  Include a packet of flower seeds for an environment friendly take home favor.
  • Ladybug Frame. Have kids decorate frames with ladybug stickers and decorations.  For younger kids and toddlers, it is best to stick with foam stickers and markers.  For older kids, the options are endless with scrapbook materials, stickers, embellishments, gems, glitter, paints, markers, etc.
  • Ladybug Wand. Make a ladybug wand during the party and use it later on for photo shoot, dress up and for the party game.  When the party is over this makes a perfect favor for kids to take home.

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Pink Lady Bug Party Recipes and Foods – Oh So Sweet!

Pink Ladybug Sandwich
  • Ladybug Tea Sandwiches. Make Ladybug sandwiches and serving them at the party table before the cake.  Use round cookie cutters to cut out the bread and use strawberry cream cheese for the pink color.  Spread that on top.  Add a few chocolate chips on top for the black spots.

  • Mini Pizzas. Serve mini pepperoni pizzas and make them look like ladybugs.
  • Pink Lemonade. Serve pink drinks like pink lemonade, pink Jones soda or pink herbal teas.
  • Pink Jones Soda. For a custom option you can also have the soda label customized with a picture of the birthday child or even a pink ladybug image for your own custom soda.
  • Ladybug Chocolate Chip Pancakes. For a fun brunch treat, serve chocolate chip pancakes with a bit of red food coloring thrown into the batter.  Right before serving, cut the pancake into half to look like ladybug wings.

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Pink Lady Bug Party Cakes – Oh So Sweet!

Pink Ladybug Brownie Pop on a stick
  • Pink Ladybug Brownie Pops. Make brownie pops by dipping small balls of brownie into melted chocolate.  Let cool.  Pipe green stripes using icing for the tummy.  Use a chocolate malted ball for its head and then add pink sugar fondant for the wings.  For complete details go to the Ladybug Cupcake Pops page.

  • Chocolate Donuts with embellishments. Get mini chocolate donuts and use green icing to pipe on scrolls to the top of the doughnut.  With the leftover pink fondant make small flowers and place them on top of the doughnut.
  • Pink Ladybug Truffles. Make mini truffles the same way the brownie pops were created however, without the stick (see above).
  • Chocolate Ladybugs. Place chocolate ladybugs wrapped in decorate foil allover the party area as party decor and also as an oh so sweet treat!
  • Oreo Ladybug Cookies. Use pink icing to ice wings onto an Oreo cookie with the icing.  When the icing has hardened use black icing with a very small tip to ice in the black dots of the ladybug.  Let dry completely.

Chocolate Truffle with green icing swirl and heart icing decoration
  • Chocolate Garden Truffles. When making brownie pops set a few aside and make them into truffles instead.  Place into pink cupcake cups and adding a swirl of green icing on top.

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Pink Lady Bug Party Games and Activities – Oh So Sweet!

Pink Ladybug Pinata
Ladybug Hop. This ladybug hop game is similar to the musical chair game. Place the flower and leaf place mats on the floor and play some fun, upbeat music.  Make sure there is one less flower than the number of kids present. Have the kids hop and flutter from one flower to the next.  Stop the music abruptly and tell the kids they must land on the flower to be safe.  Whoever does not have a spot to land on, is out.  Give them a treat for playing.  Last one left wins. Download ladybug theme songs from Amazon: Ladybug Songs

  • Ladybug Pinata.  Get this adorable ladybug pinata for the birthday party as an activity.  Important: For younger kids, order the pull string kit to go with it (not included).  This way all the little kids need to do is pull the pinata instead to get the candy out. A safer and less violent alternative for younger kids.
  • Pin the Spots on the Bug. Make a giant life-size ladybug out of cardboard or foam core by cutting out an oval shape using an utility knife.  If the foam or cardboard needs to be colored, use several layers of acrylic paints.  Another option is to get pink gift wrap paper and spraying on spray glue to let it stick to the foam core.  Using a black permanent marker, mark off the center of the ladybug.  You can also make a smiley face for the ladybug with any leftover cardboard.  Spots can be made or purchased from craft or office supply stores.  How to play: blindfold each guest and turn them around 3 times.  Give them the spots and have them try to pin it on the ladybug.
  • Lydia The Ladybug Story. A quiet story time is always a hit with kids, especially if you have them seated at eye level at a table or on the floor.  This storybook “Lydia: The Story of How the Ladybug Earned Her Wings” tells about a wonderful adventure of a ladybug filled with surprise, mystery, and funny moments. It’s inspiring message that teaches children the value of believing in oneself, and that letting their heart guide them through life is the secret to realizing their dreams. Recommended for children ages 4-10.

Birthday Party Favor Ideas line divider

Pink Lady Bug Party Favors – Oh So Sweet!

Pink Ladybug Favor Box with ladybug bracelet, notepad, blower, plush toy, stickers and more
  • Ladybug Favor Box. Send a little box full of ladybug love home with every child. Each box includes a Ladybug notepad, a Ladybug sticker sheet, a Ladybug blowout, a small adorable plush ladybug, ladybug bracelets and a box of 4 crayons.

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