Pink Zebra Diva Party

Pink Diva Party place setting with fork, black napkin, diamond napkin ring and pink place cards
What can be more girlie than a Pink Diva Party!?  A Pink Zebra Diva Party is great for gals of all ages, for a tween or teen Birthday Party, a Sweet 16 Celebration, a Bridal Shower or a Ladies “Night In” Party!  It’s a party that screams “No boys allowed” and lets girls BE girls!   Celebrate the Diva in you!
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Pink Diva Party with Pink, Black and White theme colors in party decoration, table settings, candles, napkin ring, plates and centerpieces


Pink Diva Party Plan


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Pink Diva Party Invitations

Create or purchase invitations in the colors pink, black and white.  There are so many beautiful card stock available in craft and paper stores, or online, that the ideas are endless.  Here are a few examples you can use to create your invitations.  Of course you can also purchase Diva invitations ready-made.  For Zebra Print Invitations go to the Zebra Print Party Page.

Zebra and Pink Party Supplies - Pink and Black Striped with Pretty Label Calling All Divas! Invitation
This contemporary invitation is certainly fit for royalty! This flat white invitation features a black top border and a black and white striped bottom border, both separated by a medium pink stripe. A queen’s crown and royal frame circles your name or event amongst a light pink background. Includes white unlined envelopes.


Zebra and Pink Party Supplies - Nail Polish Spa Invitation Nail Spa Invitation
Grab your girlfriends for a diva spa day and some pampering fun!  This invitation says it all!


Zebra Party Supplies - High Heels Invitation Diva Ladies Bachelorette Invitation
Grab your It’s time to grab the girls to mix and mingle, it’s _____ last days of being single!  So grab your bags and join us for an overnight Bachelorette and Bridal Shower Party!


Zebra Party Supplies - Zebra Print and Martinis Diva and Martini Invitation
Before she runs off and is his bride, let’s spend one last night by her side!  Please join _____ at her Bachelorette Party!


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Pink Diva Party Decorations

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The Diva Party Table:

  • Pink, Black and White. Use the colors pink, black and white throughout your party room and party table. Here, a black table cloth was laid as a base and layers of black and white cupid card stock, a Zebra Runner, and Pink Feather Boa were used to create the layered look.  You can’t get enough of pink here.
  • Zebra Print Party Supplies.  Zebra prints are so hot now, you can find them anywhere.  You may choose to only use zebra print napkins or plates and use other pink party supplies as a contrast.  Don’t overload on the zebra print. And remember, a little goes a long way.
  • Card Stock. The black and white heart card stock is from Me and My Big Ideas. The Card Stock is gorgeous and comes in a packet of 64 variations with some in glitter, raised felt, black damask and shiny metallic sheets. The cupid sheets were used to create this Pink Diva Theme place settings. (Note: this item seems to be discontinued).
  • Place Settings. To complete the place settings, silver chargers and white plates were placed over the  “Me and My Big Ideas” paper.  Pink menu cards were placed on the plates and followed by the elegant napkin and napkin rings.
  • Napkin Rings. Use black napkins decorated with pink gross grain ribbon and slip a diamond bracelet over the ribbon.  Guests can then take these bracelets home as a favor.
  • Pink Diva Menu. Create menus using pink card stock.  Simply cut out rectangle pieces of card stock in size and print out the menu on a white piece of paper that are about 2 inches smaller in width and height. Glue to the back side of the pink card stock menu.
  • Crystal Sparkles. Use crystal chandelier strands and crystal tear drops to decorate the table, candle holders and paper lanterns.  An old chandelier was taken apart and polished for this look.
  • Martini Dress-Up. Tie black and white ribbons on the stem of martini glasses. Use candy to fill the martini glasses as a favor or as temporary filling as “eye” candy. Add a pink gem to the center of the ribbon for added attention to detail.
  • Zebra Print Balloons. Spread a few zebra print balloons all over the party room or living room to create a fun, themed effect throughout the whole house.

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Diva Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • The New Pink “Red Carpet”. Put out a long “red carpet” in pink for your guest so that when they arrive they immediately get the whole pink diva feeling.
  • Dress-Up. Ask your guests to dress up in pink, black and white to fit the theme.
  • Guest of Honor. Consider having the guest of honor wear a zebra print hat or birthday party hat in zebra print.  Great idea to match for a bridal shower, baby shower or Baby 1st birthday party!
  • Head Gear. Provide hats, crowns, tiaras, or party hats for guests to wear.
  • Pink Boas. Give everyone a pink boa and take pictures.  Print them out later and send with thank you notes.  Upload and watch them at the end of the party just for laugh.
  • Music. Play fun, loud dance music to get guests in to the mood and set the ambiance.


The Diva Look:

Every gal needs to look the part. There will be plenty of talk before hand and decisions to be made regarding “what to wear” on the party date.  A few simple ideas is to go with girls’ best friend and stand by – a black cocktail dress. It will look great with the pink boa that will be given out at the party for pictures. Simply accessorize with one or two bold pieces of jewelry, and you will be diva-licious and ready to go!

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