20 Party Decorating Ideas Using Paper Streamers

Paper Streamers stitched together
Planning a party and need some ideas to decorate on a budget?  How about using simple paper streamers?  They are affordable, especially if purchased in bulk and come in many beautiful colors so you can pretty much decorate a wall, table, accessories, chairs, …. the options are endless!  We have gathered a few ideas so have a look!

Paper Streamer Decorations 1 and 2 - Rainbow colored, pinched streamers


Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 1 – 2

  • (1) Rainbow Ceiling Decorations + Dot String Garland – Beautiful ceiling decoration created by colored paper streamers and dot string garland (round circle paper stitched together).  Source.  This decor would be perfect for a 60s retro party with all the tie dye colors!
  • (2) Pinched Strips of Paper Streamers -  Create fun paper dot garland using dreamy pastel colored crepe paper.  Tutorial.


Paper Streamer Decorations 3 and 4 - stitched streamers and flower decorations

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 3 – 4

  • (3) Mexican Party Streamers – These lovely bright colored garland were created by stitching two or more ruffled streamers of contrasting or complimentary colors together.  Love the finished product and the vibrant colors — perfect for a Mexican FiestaTutorial.
  • (4) Crepe Flower Wall Decoration – Another great idea for a Mexican theme party are these gorgeous wall flowers.  Source.



Paper Streamer Decorations 5 and 6 - soft pink, cream, peach streamers for wedding and table

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 5 – 6

  • (5) Romantic Wedding Backdrop – This romantic backdrop was created by various shades of cascading pink, cream, peach, and white strips of fabric, though it could be easily done with streamers as well.  Source.
  • (6) Instant Table Color – Give your party table an instant lift with lovely color created by wrapping candles in paper streamers, and placing various shades of streamers to create a striped effect on the table.  Source.


Paper Streamer Decorations 7 and 8 - soft colors, gold, bronze, teal,

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 7 – 8

  • (7) Tassels and Streamers – Love the look of these tassels and gold curling ribbon together with the soft colors of the ruffled streamers.  Source.
  • (8) Layered Zig Zag Crepe Background – The colors of the gold, cream, and beige paper adds a touch of elegance to the backdrop.  Source.  Click over to the store as well for some vintage loveliness.
Paper Streamer Decorations 9 and 10 - white streamers, cupcake garlands, tulle great for wedding

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 9 – 10

  • (9) Wall of Textured White – This fluid wall has been created by hanging ribbons, torn strips of fabric, cupcake wrapper garlands, paper cutout chains, streamers, tulle and knotted fabric from the top, to the bottom.  Anything you can think of, it’s there!  The unifying theme is the color which is why this works so well.  Love it!  Makes a great room divider.  Bet it would look lovely too if you added strings of mini lights at night.  Source.
  • (10) Tree and Streamers – Hang long strands of ribbon, or streamers from a tree and it instantly gives it a romantic and dreamy look.  Source.


Paper Streamer Decorations 11 and 12 - colorful twisted streamers, cut fringe contrasting streamers

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 11 – 12

  • (11) Twisted Streamer Backdrop – Create beautiful backdrop for your party table by twisting 2 streamers together and securing them in vertical strips to the wall.  Alternate with 2-3 complimentary colors.  Add paper tissue lanterns in various colors and you’ve got a gorgeous backdrop for your birthday party! Source.
  • (12) Fringed Twisted Streamer Backdrop – Another similar treatment as the one above is using fringed streamers.  Love the way segments of 4 different colors were separated to create 4 distinct areas.  Source.


Paper Streamer Decorations 13 and 14

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 13 – 14

  • (13) Yellow and Orange Herringbone Backdrop – This meticulously created backdrop using strips of streamers cut at an angled and layered in alternating colors provide a backdrop with depth, interest and movement.  Check out the tutorial on how to make this one.
  • (14) Photo Shoot Backdrop – Another similar backdrop was also created for photo shoots in pink, red, and orange.  Love how this all turned out and what a creative way to make photos pop!


Paper Streamer Decorations 15, 16 -

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 15 – 16

  • (15) Table and Chair Decor -  This table cloth was created by weaving various strips of streamers together to form this easy table cloth.  It added some color to the table and a fun aspect.  Chairs were also decorated by folding the streamers and cutting shapes out of them.  Source.
  • (16) Chevron Streamers – Make your own chevron streamers using 2 complimentary colors.  In the picture above, orange and pink were used.  First the chevron pattern template was created and then each strip was cut according to the template.  Tutorial.


Paper Streamer Decorations 17 and 18 - pink and white backdrop, yellow and white backdrop

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 17 – 18

  • (17) Retro Sweet Shoppe – This gorgeous to die for party was created with a retro feel using layered, ruffled streamers for the backdrop.  It’s the ultimate party for the girly girls!  Source.
  • (18) Lemon Backdrop – This one reminds me of a lemonade stand with the sunshine color yellow!  Love the way this turned out with oodles of yellow streamers, ribbon, and fabric strips!  Source.


Paper Streamer Decorations 19 and 20 - Streamer chandelier, flower napkin ring, flower garland

Paper Streamers Party Decoration Ideas: 19 – 20

  • (19) Flower Napkin Rings and Flower Garland -  An affordable way to make party decorations is to create your own paper flowers with crepe paper streamers.  You can then add the flowers to a napkin ring to dress up a plain napkin ring and then add to a long piece of ribbon or yarn several flowers to make your own garland.  How clever!  Tutorial.
  • (20) Streamer Chandelier – Create your own festive chandelier with streamers, needle point hoop and string.  Simple Tutorial.


So there you have it!  Thank you all creative men and women for these wonderful ideas!  Be sure to check out these blogs and sites!

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