Oktoberfest Theme Picnic

Oktoberfest Picnic Basket
Planning to head outdoors for a picnic to enjoy the beautiful crisp Fall weather, to attend a tailgating party, go apple picking or just go leaf peeping?  How about spicing up your ordinary picnic by packing an Oktoberfest picnic and celebrate this popular German celebration this time of year?  For more details, keep on reading or to find party supplies go to:   Birthday Party Ideas arrow Oktoberfest Party Supplies page.

Oktoberfest Picnic

Oktoberfest Collage with couple in German outfit, Pretzel, Beer picture, German Sausage Meal, Sauerkraut, German Potato Salad

Some ideas to get you started:

Oktoberfest Party Decorations

  • Oktoberfest colors. White and light blue are the official colors of the Oktoberfest Festival Celebration. So perhaps we could start there. Get table cloth, plates and party supplies in white and blue, either solid colors, the signature Oktoberfest diamond pattern, or blue checked pattern.  The key is to vary the patterns, solids and colors.
  • Oktoberfest Pennant Banner. If you are having your picnic in a park or at an outdoor venue, consider getting an pennant banner to add to the overall atmosphere.  Our pennant was hung off a tall wooden stick that was made to look like a may pole.
  • Oktoberfest Centerpiece. A simple centerpiece was made using sunflowers and wheat grass.  An old metal bucket was decorated with a mock Oktoberfest blue and white vest made out of paper and ribbon!
  • Floral Blooms.  Add mums and sunflowers (or any Fall flowers) for some added color and decoration.
  • Beverage Decorations.  The small vintage glass milk bottles were filled with milk and juice for the kids and tied with a strip of blue and white check fabric.  Simple, easy and affordable.
  • Basket of seasonal fruits.  Add a basket of fresh fruits to your picnic.  If you are having your picnic at an apple orchard the better!  Nothing says “Fall” better than fresh, crisp apples just picked from a tree.  Guests can then grab a healthy snack if they wish.

Oktoberfest Collage with Oktoberfest picnic and hat

Oktoberfest Props and Favors

What I look for when purchasing decorations and props for an event, is whether they can double as favors when the party is over.  Some of my favorites (read more about this here):

  • Oktoberfest Favors.  Blue bead necklaces with small plastic beer mugs attached make fun favors.  These little mugs are actually functional and can be used as shot glasses!
  • Oktoberfest Hat. Get a few Oktoberfest props for pictures like this blue and white checkered hat.  It serves as a great prop but can also be worn for fun photo shoots!
  • Colorful Seat Cushions. Plain white seat cushions were wrapped in coordinating solid blue and retro floral blue fabric for some added color and interest.  How to: Cut a square piece of fabric the same size as the cushion.  Layer on top and with a coordinating satin ribbon, just tie like a present around the entire cushion and fabric — no need to sew!

Oktoberfest Picnic with apple pie and picnic basket with bierocks and streudel

Oktoberfest Picnic Foods

Here are some ideas for a picnic menu:

  • German Foods. Easy German inspired foods were precooked ahead of time and packed for the picnic.  Simple things like German Bierocks, Strudel, Popcorn, Chips, and Pretzels can all be made ahead of time and packed to go for a simple picnic.  If you opt for an elaborate cookout, perhaps a full Oktoberfest menu with bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato salad, etc. can be entertained.
  • Bierocks.  Bierock is a German bread with meat and cabbage filling inside.  Make this a day ahead of time and pack it with you for the picnic.  It can be eaten cold and goes great with beer!  Bierock recipe.
  • Sandwiches.  Make a few variety of sandwiches so guests can pick and choose what they want.  Some ideas are roast chicken with honey mustard dressing, roast pork with apple butter, or a simple honey ham and cheese sandwich.
  • Apple Butter.  Apple butter is a great condiment to go with the bierocks and sandwiches.
  • Pretzels.  Pretzels are a must have for an Oktoberfest theme party!  Make a couple of days ahead of time and store in the fridge or a tightly sealed container.  We love the sweet cinnamon pretzels as well as the ones sprinkled with kosher salt so bring plenty of both varieties for everyone.  Don’t forget the mustard.
  •  Strudel. Yummy strudel in various flavors and small bite size are easy to grab without requiring extra plates and utensils.
  • Apple Pie.  No Fall picnic should ever be without a delicious apple pie!  Make your own or pick one up from your favorite bakery.


Oktoberfest paper plate, napkins and favors and yellow mums and basket full of red apples

Oktoberfest Place Setting

  • Oktoberfest Plates. Here is a fun one to get for your picnic!  An Oktoberfest plate with a beer stein in the center flanked by two pretzels — one on each side!  The plate says: “Ein Prosit” which basically means “Cheers”!
  • Napkin Ring Holder.  Fabric napkins were wrapped with blue plastic Oktoberfest bead for extra color and decor.


Oktoberfest Picnic Party and Celebration in backyard

Oktoberfest Picnic Games

Some fun ideas to entertain guests and yourself when you are outdoors and there is no internet!

  • May Pole.  If you are having the party in your back yard, consider setting up a may pole so guests can participate in one of the oldest German and European activities.
  • Doughnut Eating Contest.  Hang several doughnuts on a string and tie to a tree limb.  See who can eat their doughnuts first with hands tied behind their backs.
  • Apple Challenge.  Form two lines.  The person at the beginning of each line balances an apple on their head and walks in a straight line about 10 feet away and drops the apple into a bucket there and runs back to tag the next member.  If the apple drops, the person that drops the apple has to start over again from the beginning. (For the adult version of this game: when an apple drops, start back at the beginning of the line AND take a swig of your favorite beer!)  Which ever team finishes first is the winner.
  • Bobbing for Apples.  Play the traditional games for kids (perhaps, if you are brave enough). * due to health reasons.

For more game ideas go to the Oktoberfest games section.


Oktoberfest Picnic Party

Oktoberfest Outdoor Activities:

  • Outdoor Movies.  Find a projector, hang up a blanket from a tree and watch some old fashioned movies, old family movies or German movies.
  • Bonfire and marshmallows.  Always a hit for young and old.  Try to find some German chocolate to make your smores or serve hot chocolate made with German Cocao mix.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt and Hike.  Go for a short walk and give kids a sheet of items to look for.  Download our free printable scavenger hunt sheets for your hike.


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