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Celebrate a birthday with a Mod Monkey Birthday Party!  This theme is perfect for toddlers, tweens, teens and even adults.  The monkey theme is especially popular among college-aged women. The colors of this Mod Monkey Birthday Party are bright yellow and turquoise blue and helps create a sunny, cheerful atmosphere for this birthday party. Birthday Party Ideas arrow see more Mod Monkey Party Supplies

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Mod Monkey Party Invitations

  • Mod Monkey Invitations. Get Mod Monkey Invitations and send invites to all your guests at least 3 weeks ahead of time.  These Mod Monkey Invitations come with matching envelopes.  Don’t forget to get to get Thank You Cards at the same time.  The Mod Monkey Thank You notes come in blue while the Mod Monkey Invitations are yellow.  Seal your envelopes with these adorable Mod Monkey stickers!
  • Mod Monkey Sticker Invitations. Get blue card stock and fold in half to create an invitation. On the front glue a 5 1/2″ piece of yellow gross grain ribbon by placing it horizontally in the middle of the page.  Glue a Mod Monkey sticker in the center of the ribbon.  On the inside of the Mod Monkey invitation writing could say:

“Come monkey around at _______’s Birthday Party!  We’ll have lots of fun, games and prizes that will make you go bananas! Swing on over to (child’s name) Rain Forest on ____ Road, etc”.

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Mod Monkey Party Decorations

The Look:

  • Mod Monkey Party Supplies. Purchase yellow and blue party supplies to decorate the party room and table.  Add lots of yellow and blue party supplies like napkins, balloons, streamers, curling ribbons, extra table cloths, extra cups and plates.
  • Mod Monkey Napkin Rings. Place a blue table cloth on the table and decorate with other Mod Monkey, yellow, and blue accents like plates and napkins.  Create a napkin ring by folding over blue card stock and sticking a Mod Monkey Sticker in the middle.
  • Mod Monkey Centerpiece. Use a tiered server and decorate it with yellow ribbon, Mod Monkey stickers and place a monkey on top.  Another idea is to make a monkey out of sugar paste or fondant and place it on the server.  Use miniature bananas purchased at a specialty or local grocery store to decorate the centerpiece by placing them at the bottom of the server.
  • Yellow and Blue Candy. Use yellow M&M in a bowl as centerpiece.  Likewise place blue M&M on the cake platter as accent.
  • Mod Monkey Cake. Make a Mod Monkey cake and place it on a yellow plate or a Mod Monkey plate. Place the cake platter on a pedestal and cover the pedestal in blue tissue.  For full cake instructions and free cake template.
  • Mod Monkey Favor Boxes. Make your own Mod Monkey Favor boxes to coordinate with the rest of the table decor.  Easy and affordable to make using recycled materials like half-gallon milk cartons.  Cut off the top and wrap up with blue tissue or blue paper.  Insert yellow napkin or tissue.  Fill with snacks for the party table and have extra on hand as favor boxes for kids to take home with favors.
  • Mod Monkey Water Bottles. Make your own Mod Monkey Water Bottles for a custom look to coordinate with the rest of the colors and Mod Monkey theme.  Just cut a yellow strip of card stock and glue on to the water bottle.  Decorate with blue stickers from the office supplies store or make your own.  Complete Mod Monkey Water Bottle instructions.
  • Yellow and Blue Balloons. Decorate the party room with yellow and blue balloons, streamers and curling ribbons.
  • Popcorn Buckets. Get plastic blue and white popcorn (or yellow and white buckets) and fill with popcorn as snack.

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Mod Monkey Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • Monkey Bubbles. Get a bubble machine and let it blow bubbles in the front yard as guests arrive.  Play some music from the movie Madagascar 2 to get kids into the atmosphere or play a silly Curious George DVD.
  • Monkey Foam Mask. Give kids a foam monkey masks and take pictures for keepsakes or thank you notes.
  • Junge Scene. Put up a large sheet of paper at kids’ level at the entrance and draw a jungle scene with large palm trees, lots of bananas, huts, hills, coconuts, etc.  Give kids lots of crayons to decorate and color.
  • Froot Loops Necklace. Fill a bowl with Fruit Loop cereal and give each child a string to make necklaces while they wait for others to arrive.
  • Monkey Photo Opp. Borrow or rent a Monkey mascot costume and have a friend pose as a monkey for pictures and to welcome guests.  Some younger kids may be scared of people in costume so use caution here.

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Mod Monkey Party Crafts

  • Monkey Mask. Make Monkey Masks using plain white paper plates. Let kids paint the plates first with brown paint.  Print out the face template on cream card stock.  Stick on the plate once it is dry.  Poke holes through on either side and fasten with pipe cleaners.  Use a hole punch to make holes for eyes. Attach ears on either side.  Cut off the 1/3 bottom of the plate to fit the mask over kids’ face, or if they wish, they can just use as decoration to hang on the walls and leave as is.
  • Hemp Macrame Bracelets. For older kids, get hemp thread and wooden beads to make their own macrame bracelets.
  • Monkey Habitat. Make two palm trees by using paper towel rolls as trunks or by rolling brown card stock into tubes.  Use green card stock to cut out leaves and glue on to the trunks.  Give each child a sturdy plate or foam core as a base to glue their trees onto.  Decorate with stickers, markers and more paper to create a habitat.  Some items to color in or to make are rocks, flowers, fern, beaches, shells, etc.  As a favor at the end of the party, give them a mini monkey to “live” in their mini habitat.  Another idea is to use home-made play dough to add rocks, hills, etc. to the landscape.
  • Little Monkey Dough. If this party is for toddlers, sometimes all you need is some home-made play dough, mini rolling pins and cookie cutters. Dye one batch yellow and another batch blue and you should be good to go!
  • Monkey Favor Bags. Give kids each a favor bag to decorate.  Print out the monkey face template color and add to the front of the bag.  You can either make the monkey face out of paper and have kids color, or if kids are older, they may make it out of felt and use scissors to cut.  Add a long tail by gluing it to the other side of the bag.  Great craft project if you will be doing a mod monkey pinata at the end of the party to fill with favors. Use monkey related stickers and embellishments from the craft stores to decorate like, bananas, palm trees, coconuts, monkey stickers, etc.  Alphabet stickers are great for kids to label their names on the favor bags to avoid frustration and tantrums towards the end of the party.
  • Monkey Binoculars. Made out of paper towel rolls, card stock, and tied around the kids’ necks with yarn has amazing power to spot monkeys in the wild.  Let the kids make this simple craft first, then take the kids out for a walk around the house to see if they “spot” any monkeys.  Before the party, tack pictures of monkeys around the yard, on trees, branches, the deck, mail box, bird feeders, etc.

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Mod Monkey Kids Party Recipes

  • Monkey Trail Mix. Make your own monkey trail mix by adding items like: Chex mix, banana chips, slices of dried coconut, dried mango slices, dried pineapples, and chocolate chips.  Experiment with your own creation depending on the taste, allergies, likes and dislikes of your guests.
  • Animal Crackers. Kids and even adults love them.  Serve in the mod monkey decorated boxes.
  • Animal Shaped Nuggets. Serve Chicken nuggets that come in various animal shapes.
  • Animal Macaroni and Cheese. Find Mac and Cheese in fun animal shapes for kids.
  • Jungle Animal Juice Packs. Have some juice packs on hand for those who want juice.
  • Mod Monkey Water Bottles. Make your own custom water bottles.
  • Banana Pudding. Make banana pudding and serve with slices of bananas and chopped walnuts on top.

Mod Monkey Adult Party Recipes

  • Banana Bread. Make home-made banana bread and serve cut up into small slices.
  • Mango Salsa and Chip. Serve Blue Corn Chips with Mango Salsa.
  • Fried Plantains. Purchase Plantain (the browner, the sweeter) and peel the skin.  Slice into thin slices and fry in a skillet with 2 tbs vegetable oil.  Fry until golden and place on a paper towel to soak up excess oil.  Serve.
  • Sate on a stick. Get boneless, skinless thighs and cut up into small pieces. Marinate with 2 tbs of Italian dressing overnight.  Soak wooden skewers overnight in a glass of warm water overnight as well. Thread chicken onto wooden bamboo skewers and cook on the grill.
  • Peanut Sate Sauce. Make delicious peanut sauce to go with your Sate on the stick as dipping sauce. (Check guests’ allergies).
  • Coconut rice blocks. Make coconut rice and serve cut up into blocks to go with the sate.  Easy to grab for little hands and great as a party food for busy guests and hosts.
  • Cucumber Wedges. Cut up large chunks of cucumber to go with the meal. Perfect compliment to the hot, spicy sate sauce.
  • Fruit on a stick. Cut up fruit like pineapple, grapes, strawberries, melon and serve on a bamboo skewer.  Stab into a pineapple top and serve on a festive platter.

Mod Monkey Party Drinks

  • Banana smoothies. Make delicious banana smoothies for your guests.  For adults, add dashes of rum for a kick. Serve in coconut cups.
  • Pina Colada. Serve frozen drinks, like pina colodas.
  • Pineapple Juice. Serve pineapple juice with sugared rim in martini glasses for teens.

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Mod Monkey Party Cakes and Desserts

  • Mod Monkey Cake. Use a round baking pan to bake a round cake.  Ice with milk chocolate icing.  Use fondant to make a monkey face.  Download the monkey face template. Color a small amount of fondant dark brown.  Make eyes, nose and mouth, and ears using template and place onto the Mod Monkey Cake.  Complete instructions for Mod Monkey Cake here.
  • Yellow cupcakes. Make cupcakes and ice in yellow icing.  Top with yellow sprinkles and a few yellow candy toppings. Another easy idea is to get some Mod Monkey stickers and glue onto toothpicks.  Just insert the toothpicks into the cupcakes for easy monkey cupcakes.
  • Blue cupcakes. Do the same as above, but ice in royal blue icing.  Top with blue candy toppings.
  • Monkey Cake Topper. Get an ice cream cake and place a Curious George Cake Topper on top for an easy cake option.
  • Round Yellow Candy. Use yellow candy to decorate the party table and as treats like, yellow m&m candy, yellow lemon heads, yellow skittles, yellow laffy taffy, yellow jelly bean candy, yellow mini chocolate balls, yellow Wilton candy melts, etc.
  • Round Blue Candy. Use blue candy in the same matter and to decorate the cake platter.  Secure with icing as “glue”.  Some ideas for blue candy are: blue m&m candy, blue skittles, blue jelly bean candy, chocolate berry blues candy, Brach’s ice blue mint, light blue mini chocolate balls, blue Wilton candy melts, etc.
  • Banana splits with chunky monkey ice cream. Get mini bananas and split in half, lengthwise.  Serve with chunky monkey Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, whipped cream, fudge, cherries, sprinkles, caramel, etc.

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Mod Monkey Party Games

  • Dodge the Coconuts. Blow up some beach balls and use them as “coconuts” to play doge ball.  Divide guests into two groups and section off a rectangular area for play.  Divide the rectangle into half.  Each team stays on their half and have to throw the beach ball to tag the opposing team “out”.  Unlike the traditional dodge ball game, don’t throw the ball directly at the opposing team, but throw it up in the air so that when it falls back to the ground, the opposing team has to dodge the “coconuts”.  If someone gets “hit” they are out until the next round. Have at least 2-3 coconuts going at one time.  For older kids or adults, firmer foam balls can be used however, with kids, always have parental supervision available.
  • Monkey in the Middle. Play Monkey in the middle. Get a beach ball and have one person be the “head monkey”.  Throw the ball back and forth and the head monkey in the middle has to try to catch it.  If he/she does, the person that threw the ball gets to be the “head monkey”.
  • Mod Monkey Stomp. Fill an area or small room with yellow and blue balloons.  Divide the kids into blue and yellow team.  Start the stop watch. Let the kids stomp the opponent’s balloons and see who can stomp the most balloons.
  • Monkey Obstacle Course. For younger kids, set up an obstacle course for the little monkeys to use their gross motor skills and energy to have fun….  Get 2 inflatable palm trees and tie streamers in between for them to go under, set up squishy pillows on the floor like “quick sand”, put up construction cones for them to zig-zag in between, little bridges made with chairs, etc. Have a parent pretend to be an elephant and give the little toddlers an elephant ride on their backs (another adults supports) at the end of the course.
  • Monkey See Monkey Do. Great for younger kids.  Sit in a line and have a person sit in front of the kids.  Everyone needs to copy the adult.  Try to do two things at once and make it harder for the kids to copy, like pat your head while lifting your left leg, circle your right arm while the left arm is scratching your nose, etc.
  • Banana Peeling Contest. Hands behind the back!  Get a timer with lots of bananas. See who can peel a banana without using their hands. First one gets a prize. This can also be a funny one for an adult party where two members (opposing sex) have to work together to peel-da-banana!
  • Banana Eating Contest. Fill large pie plates with whipped cream. Dunk a mini banana inside.  See who can find the banana and eat it first.  No hands allowed.
  • Monkey Zip. Get a zip line for your back yard by fastening the zip line to two sturdy structures.  Let kids take turns.  The one that is up has to wear a monkey face mask.  Place some bananas at different stations at various heights.  When the person zips from one end to the next they have to try to grab as many bananas as possible.  The trick is to be able to make it all the way to the end without loosing speed while grabbing the bananas.
  • Monkey Hunt. Before the party starts, scatter Mod Monkey stickers all over the party area or room.  Tell kids that the monkeys are on the loose and give kids each a “net” made out of a branch with a paper bag tied to it with raffia. You may also wish to give them a safari hat before embarking on the monkey hunt.  Let kids find as many stickers as they can.
  • Barrel Of Monkeys. Game that is not just for kids, adults love this one too!  Pour barrel of monkeys onto a flat surface into a pile.  Take one monkey out of the pile and try to hook a 2nd one with it.  Once you have done that, you can continue to try to hook your 3rd monkey.  Your turn continues until you drop a monkey.  Then others take a turn.  The one who is able to hook 12 monkey in one turn, wins.  This is one of those old fashioned games that adults love as well.  Great to play in restaurants when you are waiting for your meal.
  • Monkey Bean Bag Game. Get a monkey bean bag game and give each kid 3 bean bags to throw into the hole and see who scores the highest points.
  • Mod Monkey Bingo. Create your own custom Mod Monkey Bingo game with this Bingo Card Game Generator.  Just type in the heading, for example, “Jennifer 6th Birthday Bingo” and add in your own custom Bingo words to fit your theme, like – monkey, bananas, ape, chimp, etc. or even add in the Guest of Honor’s name too!  Use yellow and blue M&M candy as markers.

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Mod Monkey Party Favors

Some ideas for mod monkey party favors are:

  • Monkey bean bag animals. Get small monkey bean bag as favors.
  • Mod Monkey stickers. Monkey stickers are also fun and make great favors.
  • Mod Monkey favor boxes filled with favors. Get Mod Monkey favor boxes with coloring book, crayons, monkey bean bags, blower and a sticker.
  • Monkey Book. Give your guests monkey books or Curious George books.
  • Monkey Bubbles. Give out Curious George bubbles that come in small fun size containers.
  • Miniature bananas. Favors can also include a healthy snack.  Miniature bananas are just the right size for little hands and have great intense flavor.
  • Bag full of peanuts (check allergy first).  What about delicious roasted peanuts instead of candy?  You can also give out old-fashioned  “circus peanuts”, candy in shape of peanuts but made out of candy.

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