Mod Monkey Birthday Cake

Mod Monkey Cake
Make this simple, adorable Mod Monkey Cake for a Mod Monkey Birthday Party.  Simply decorate a small round chocolate cake with fondant face and split a cupcake in half for ears.  Easy and simple to make! Birthday Party Ideas arrow Mod Monkey Party Supplies

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Mod Monkey Cake Ingredients

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Mod Monkey Cake Directions

Step 1. Place cake on Mod Monkey Plate and cover the remaining plate with foil.  Ice the chocolate 6″ cake with chocolate icing.  Take the small chocolate cupcake and split into two using a knife.  Place on either side of the small 6″ cake for the monkey ears.  Ice with chocolate icing as “glue” to hold against the side of the cake and ice the top of the cupcakes.

Mod Monkey Cake - Ice 6 inch cake with chocolate icing and add ears
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Step 2. Take about 3″x5″ piece of fondant and color it with Ivory/Yellow coloring gel for icing.  Use a toothpick to take small amounts of gel and knead it to mix.  Knead by twisting and squeezing the gel in a wringing motion, as if you were wringing out a piece of cloth.

Once the fondant is colored, roll out with a rolling pin on a smooth surface.  Make sure you add some powdered sugar to prevent the fondant from sticking to the surface.

Print out the Mod Monkey Cake Template and trace onto parchment paper. (Note: the reason for the parchment paper is that regular office paper with ink is not meant to be used with food.)  Cut out the parchment monkey face  and place onto your fondant. Do the same for the ears.

Use a toothpick to trace the shape and then use kitchen shears to cut the face out of the fondant.

Mod Monkey Cake - Trace Monkey Face template on fondant sugar paste
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Step 3. Place the face onto the chocolate icing.  Do the same with the ears.   Place the template back onto the fondant and use the toothpick again to trace the location of the eyes, nose, mouth and ears on the monkey.  Color a small amount of fondant dark brown.  To achieve the dark brown color I used red (lots) and some black.  Roll out the dark brown fondant into a thin layer and place the monkey face template on top.  Trace and cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth shapes.  Cut out using kitchen shears and place on the monkey in the marked location.

Mod Monkey Cake - Trace position of eyes, nose and mouth of the monkey
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Step 4. Remove foil from plate to expose the clean plate.  Decorate with blue M&Ms.  Use extra fondant to make hair for the Mod Monkey.  The Mod Monkey Cake is now ready for the Mod Monkey Party!

Mod Monkey Cake - Finished Birthday Cake
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