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Celebrate a birthday, wedding, bridal shower or any special occassion with an Mexican Theme Party! The rich, warm colors that are so popular in Mexican clothing, art, rugs, crafts and jewelry are also a must for theme party decorations, birthday parties and Mexican weddings. Birthday Party Ideas arrow Mexican Theme Party Supplies Supplies

Cinco de Mayo Party or Mexican Theme Party - Party table, decor, place settings, napkins, table cloth


Mexican Theme Party Plan


Mexican Party Invitations


Mexican Hat Invitation for Wedding, Birthdays and Mexican Holidays
Mexican Fiesta Invitation for Wedding, Birthdays and Mexican Holidays
Mexican Hat, Maracas and Chili Pepper Invitation for Wedding, Birthdays and Mexican Holidays
Mexican Cinco De Mayo Invitation for Wedding, Birthdays and Mexican Holidays
  • Mexican Hat Invitations. Get invitations with pictures of the Mexican Sombrero.  Sombrero in Spanish means “hat” and it is a symbol that is instantaneously associated with Mexico.
  • Maracas Invitations. Another Mexican item that is often seen in Mexican invitations is the maracas.  Maracas are traditionally made out of coconut shells and used as a percussion musical instrument in many Mexican songs.
  • Make Your Own Invitations. Why not make your own invitations using colored card stock and stickers from the craft or stationery stores.  Again, like with the Mexican Party Decorations, bright warm colors like orange, yellow, reds, lime green, and black are great for a Mexican Cinco de Mayo party.  Just having striped variations of these colors with one Mexican symbol is all you need.  If it’s a child’s birthday party, let them help out by putting stickers or decorate with crayons and markers.  If they are older, they can even help with filling in the party details on the inside of the Mexican birthday card invitation.
  • Mexican Postcards. Send out Mexican Postcards as your invitation and add in your own custom US stamp to coordinate.  Guest will think the postcard originated from Mexico!

Mexican Party Decorations

The Look:

  • Table Basics. Mexican Buffet Table – First start off with a solid black table cloth.  Then open up several colorful Mexican themed paper napkins and use them as a table topper by placing them in the center of the table.  Position them diagonal so that they look like diamonds instead of rectangular napkins.  Table for guests – Place lime green table cloth on the table and similar to the buffet table, open up more birthday party napkins and place in the center of the table.  Decorate with flowers, sombreros, miniature Mexican flags and maracas.
  • Sleeping Mexican Centerpiece. A sleeping Mexican was created using children clothing stuffed with plastic bags.  Dress the Mexican in traditional Mexican serape shawl and a Mexican Sombrero or hat.  Lean the sleeping Mexican against old looking crates and decorate around the centerpiece with other Mexican items like, maracas, sombreros, guitar, an inflatable cactus and hibiscus flowers.
  • Bold Colors. Use warm colors like red, yellow, orange, green and black for the table cloth, plates, napkins, and birthday party decorations.  To save on paper products, consider purchasing perhaps only Mexican themed napkins, and purchase solid colored plates in red, yellow, orange and lime green.  This adds to the savings especially if you will be entertaining a large crowd and you are on a budget.
  • Colorful Vegetables. Use colorful vegetables as decorations like, yellow peppers, red peppers, red chilis, green chilis, avocados, and tomatoes.
  • Table Centerpieces – Flowers and Recyclable Milk Bottles. Use old glass milk bottles and put fresh, bright and colorful flowers in them as tablecenterpieces.  Flowers like sunflowers, miniature colored carnations, miniature roses and hibiscus for example, are great choices for the table.
  • Festive Fiesta Banners. Get festive custom banners made, pre-made Mexican banners, or get Mexican picture cutouts for the walls.  If you are planning a birthday party have the banner say, e.g. “Feliz Cumpleaños Carlos!”  or “Happy 34th Birthday Erika!” for a personal touch.
  • Terra Cotta Platters. For an inexpensive platter, get a large terra cotta plate from the garden department and use as is, or spray paint it gold for a more elegant touch.  Make sure you rinse and dry well.  Line the bottom with foil paper.  Then open up several festive Mexican party napkinss and place on top of the foil.  Use it to serve food like chips or fresh Jalapeno corn bread.
  • Faux Cactus. Use inflatable cactuses (or use a piñata cactus) to create the Mexican ambiance in your party room.  Simply place in a large terra cotta pot and secure with newspaper in the bottom.  Cover the top with brown shredded paper from made by the paper shredder.
  • Mexican Flags. Get miniature Mexican flags to decorate the party table.  These flags are like toothpicks and can be inserted everywhere for an instant Mexican theme.  Stick them on desserts, in sandwiches, in vases, in desserts, etc.
  • Mexican Sombreros. Get lots of sombreros for your guests and use any leftovers as decoration.  Put them up everywhere – the buffet table, use as table centerpiece with maracas, use to hold favors, against the walls, etc.

Mexican Birthday Traditions and Customs

  • Piñata. A piñata is a hollow figurine made out of paper mache, filled with candy and small toys.  It is suspended with a string high up so that kids are not able to reach, but they can use a stick to try to break the piñata. During birthday parties, kids are first blindfolded and then given a stick. For safety reasons, make sure that all other kids stand back.  Give out empty bags and let kids take turns hitting the piñata.  Once the piñata is broken, let kids grab a handful of treats for their candy bag.  For younger kids, pull piñatas are recommended.
  • The Quinceañera. The Quinceañera is the Hispanic celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday. The word “quinceañera” comes from the Spanish words “quince” for 15 and “años” for years. It is an important celebration and often times as glamorous and expensive as a wedding.

How To Say “Happy Birthday” in Mexican (Spanish)

  • “Feliz Cumpleaño!”

Mexican Celebrations and Holidays

  • Cinco de Mayo Celebration – May 5. Cinco de Mayo is a day for Mexicans to celebrate the victory over the French at the battle of Pueblo on May 5, 1862.   Many people in the United States of America commonly mistake Cinco de Mayo with the Mexican Independence Day.  For many Americans of Mexican ancestry, this day has become a day to celebrate their Mexican heritage, pride and culture.
  • Independence Day (Grito de Dolores) – September 15 – 16. The Grito de Dolores (means “Cry from Dolores”) was the battle cry uttered by a Roman Catholic priest from a small town of Dolores, during the Mexican War of Independence on September 16, 1810.  Each year, on the night of September 15, the President of Mexico re-enacts the event by ringing the bells of the National Place in Mexico City and repeats the cry of patriotism. The following day, September 16 is the official Independence Day in Mexico and is considered a patriotic holiday.
  • Dia del los Muertos (Day of the Dead) – November 2. The celebration occurs on the 2nd of November in connection with the Catholic holiday of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day to commemorate family and friends who have died.  The traditions is to build private alters in people’s homes using sugar skulls, marigolds, flowers, fruits, pictures and the favorite foods of the deceased.  Visits to the graves with a few gifts and decorations are also a must on this day.
  • Semana Santa (Holy Week). It commemorates the last week of life of Jesus Christ on Earth, and occurs the last week of Lent and the week before Easter.  Most people take the entire week off and go on vacation.

Mexican Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • Dress for the occassion. Consider dressing up in a Mexican costume and greeting your guests with a cheerful “Hola, mi casa es su casa!” (Hi! My house is your house!) or “Hola, bienvenudo!” (Hi! Welcome!).
  • Dress your guests. Get inexpensive sombreros and give it to your guests as they arrive to get them in the festive mood.
  • Mariachi Music or Mexican Music. Have traditional Mexican Mariachi music or Mexican (or any Spanish songs) music playing as guests arrive.  Mariachi singers are typical Mexican street singers that come to people’s homes to serenade them with songs and well wishes.  Mariachis are popular for weddings, formal occasions, Mothers Day or Quinceañeras, and singers are very often hired to serenade the women or Guest of Honor.
  • Mexican Party Entrance. Decorate the entrance with Mexican scenes, picture cutouts, signs, travel posters, and colorful banners.  Make banners using paper streamers and paper cut outs that are popular in Mexican party decorations.

Mexican Birthday Theme Party Crafts

  • Ojo De Dios. Ojo de Dios or “God’s Eyes” are yarn and stick creations traditionally made by Mexican Indians. This can be created by placing two sticks in a cross-like manner on top of each other and wrapping colored yarn around the sticks, starting from the center. The shape of the cross is meant to symbolize the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.
  • Terra Cotta Pots. Get small terra cotta pots, acrylic paints and let guests decorate them with popular Mexican symbols like the sun, the Mexican flags, Mexican sombreros, cactus, maracas, etc.  Let dry and give them out as favors by including a mini bag of sand and sunflower seeds.
  • Basket Weaving. Basket weaving is a national and popular art form.  Use paper to create simple baskets like paper heart baskets and fill with candy or small toys as favors.
  • Terra Cotta Clay Sculptures. Get Terra Cotta colored baking clay from craft or art stores, and let kids use rolling pins, forks, butter knives, spatulas, etc. to make their own creations.  Label their names on the bottom, then bake in the oven as directed on the package. Once they are cooled kids can then take them home after the birthday party.
  • Macrame Wall Hanging. Make macrame craft by using twine, wooden beads and sticks.  Make a simple wall hanging by tying twine to the rope and using macrame pattern to create a design.  Add beads to decorate and embellish.
  • Mexican Flag Craft. Simple craft even for the very young.  This kit comes with all the items needed to make a flag out of paper and tissues.  Ideal for kids parties or class room activity.

Mexican Party Recipes


Easy Mexican Lasagne Recipe
Mexican Chili Recipe with Cheddar on top
Mexican Jalapeno Cornbread
Mexican Loaded Nachos

Make a delicious Mexican meal for your party or if time is limited, order take-out from an Mexican restaurant. Some Mexican menu items to consider:

Mexican Party Cakes and Desserts


Mexican Flan or Dulce de Leche with caramel syrup
Mexican Dessert Fried Dough Sopapilla
Mexican Fried Ice Cream - Ice Cream coated with crust of corn flakes and fried
Mexican Churro Dessert

Photo credits: Flan, Sopapilla, Fried Ice Cream, and Churros

  • Mexican Flan or Dulce de Leche. Egg Custard with Caramel topping.
  • Mexican Sopapilla. Fried Dough served with honey, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup or whipped cream.
  • Mexican Fried Ice Cream. Ice cream coated in bread crumbs or Corn Flakes and fried.  Serve with toppings, whipped cream and garnishes.
  • Mexican Churros. Fried Cinnamon Crullers coated in cinnamon and sugar, or dunked in melted chocolate.
  • Chihuahua Cupcakes. Make these adorable Chihuahua cupcakes for kids for a Mexican birthday party.

Mexican Party Games and Activities

  • Mexican Ring Toss. Make your guests work for their drinks.  Before guests can get their drink they need to throw a ring around one of the cactus arms of this Mexican Cactus Ring Toss Cooler.  Great ice breaker at the beginning of the party and to get guests in to the party mood. The cactus ring toss doubles as a cooler and picture prop as well!
  • Soccer Mania. Futbol (Soccer) is a popular sport in Mexico.  If it is nice out set up 2 cones on each side of a field as goal posts and divide the guests in half for a friendly game of soccer.  Get pennants or sashes to identify opposing teams, or split guests up by gender.
  • Mexican Train Domino Game. Play a game of dominoes using the instructions for Mexican train domino game (see below).
  • Marbles. Still an all time classic and popular in Mexico.  Get a variety of marbles in different sizes, and colors and let kids play this traditional game.
  • Jacks. Another nostalgic game that is a classic and one of the oldest game in the world.  In the early days the game was played with whatever was on hand – stones, crumpled-up paper, sticks, etc.
  • Piñata. A piñata at a Mexican birthday party is a must.  Get a piñata for a Cinco de Mayo party like a cactus, sun, skull (day of dead) or burro (donkey) piñata.  If you are celebrating a birthday, piñatas are readily available in matching party themes online or in party stores.  Purchase a decorated stick or use a short broomstick and wrap streamers around it to make it look festive.  Take turns blindfolding the children and letting them try to hit the piñata.  Make sure all others stand back at a safe distance.
  • Escondida. Hide and seek was often played in Mexico.  Try this version of hide and seek tag.  Best played with lots of places to hide. The person who is the counter (or seeker) closes his/her eyes and counts to 100 next to a designated tree. The rest runs off and hide.  When the seeker is done counting, the seeker calls out “Ready or Not, Here I come!” and begins searching for everyone else.  The goal for those hiding is to get back totouch the tree before being tagged.  Those who are tagged before touching the tree are also “It” and join the seeker.  The last one to reach the tree or be tagged is the seeker for the next game.
  • Bebe Leche. This is the traditional Hopscotch Game. Get some chalk and draw the hopscotch squares on a driveway or let older kids make their own variations and patterns.

Mexican Party Favors

  • Mexican Candy.
  • Mexican Decorated Cookies wrapped in cellophane.
  • Chocolate Bar with custom wrapper.
  • Pencils.
  • Mexican Salsa.  Ruby’s Tequila Lime Salsa is a southwestern style dip that is a tortilla chip’s dream.  Get jars and add a festive ribbon and thank you tag that says,  “Muchas Gracias!”.
  • Mexican Hat Cookie Favor are a great edible party favor.
  • Personalized Hot Sauce in a bottle with custom labels for your party.

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