Marie Antoinette Party

Lavender Shoes with Apple Green Silk Dress
Our Marie Antoinette Party was inspired by the elegance and extravagance of Marie Antoinette, The Renaissance, and the French Revolution.  This is a party theme fit for all occasions and ages as long as glitter and glamor are a must!  With this theme there can never be too much sparkle, frills and indulgence.  Want your Guest of Honor and guests to feel pampered and like royalty? We’ve highlighted some ideas for you!   So whether you are planning an elegant bridal shower for a bride-to-be, a 50th birthday party for a lady who loves glamor or even a Quinceanera (15th birthday), this theme is the perfect choice!  Birthday Party Ideas arrow Marie Antoinette Party Supplies


Marie Antoinette Party and French Revolutions Theme Party, with petit fours, macaroons, decorated cookies, chandeliers, elegant shoes

{Photo Credit: All photos by Top Party Ideas }

Marie Antoinette Party and French Revolutions Theme Party with table setting, lavendar napkins, apple green decor, gem napkin holder, centerpiece, elegant ruffle chair cover, table decorations

{Photo Credit: All photos by Birthday Party Ideas, see credits below for Chair Cover}

Marie Antoinette Party Plan


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Marie Antoinette Lavender Chartreuse Party Invitations


Invitation for Marie Antoinette Party with Purple invitation with opal pocket card and creme satin ribbon
Invitation for Marie Antoinette Party with cream shimmer pattern card stock and wide shimmer ribbon wrap and beaded buckle
Invitation for Marie Antoinette Party with Embossed Border Shimmer Cardstock with ecru imprintable ecru top card
Invitation for Marie Antoinette Party with Celadon Shimmer Metallic Jacket with an Embossed Scalloped edge insert.


  • Elegant Pocket Card.  This elegant cream pocket card comes with a Lavender insert finished with an ivory satin bow and a matching shimmer envelope. The design is simple yet elegant.  The best part is, it comes with a pre-tied bow so no need to fiddle with the satin ribbon, just slip the bow over the card insert and you are done! It is available blank to print yourself or custom printing also available.
  • Cream Damask Card with Beaded Buckle. This one just screams luxury!  This floral damask patterned shimmer card stock jacket is surrounded with a wide chiffon ribbon and a silver and white beaded buckle closure. Your personalized text is printed on a shimmer card stock insert that slips inside the jacket and comes with a custom envelope.  This one just sets the tone for the party to come!
  • Lavender Embossed Card. This beautiful lavender invitation has a scroll embossed shimmer border that surrounds the ecru imprintable top.  The lavender scroll embossed invitation is finished with an ivory satin bow and a shimmer envelope.  Custom imprinting available.
  • Celadon Scalloped Gatefold Card. The “celadon” term was given by the Europeans for ceramics with the pale green glaze color during the 17th Century.  This invitation captures the colors and shine similar to the ceramics beautifully and has a Celadon scalloped metallic shimmer jacket that surrounds the embossed invitation. This elegant invitation also comes with an easy pre-tied ivory satin bow and shimmer envelope.

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Marie Antoinette Lavender Chartreuse Party Decorations

The Look:

  • Elegance and Glamour. Set the table and room with elegant chandeliers, fancy place settings, and accessories using the color scheme for this party – purple lavender and shades of green like lime green, chartreuse, and other soft pastel colors. Use elegant rich fabrics in Dupioni Silk, silk organza, beaded fabrics, dainty lace and lots of luxurious items reminiscent of the Marie Antoinette times and The French Revolution.
  • Gold Accents. There was also no shortage of everything gold and sparkly during that era.  So for our theme, elegant touches of gold color was also added using large sumptuous tassels, vases, gold plate chargers and doilies.
  • Flowers and Topiary trees. Soft pastel flowers like Tulips, Alium, Roses, Hydrangeas, Lavender, and miniature topiary trees were added to the Marie Antoinette party table to mimic the garden of Versailles.
  • Soft Pastel Desserts. Use small bite size desserts in pastel colors to feast the eyes and to satisfy the appetite.  Make petit fours, macaroons and decorated sugar cookies and serve on elegant plates with gold doilies.  These little petit fours were topped with colored French pareils or dragées to look like miniature jewels.
  • Elegant crystal glasses. Elegant crystal glasses were also used to serve drinks with a rock sugar pop.  A purple satin ribbon was tied to each stick to match the decorations in the room.
  • Cake Servers and Pedestals. Use elegant cake servers or pedestals to serve food at various heights to create interest and to make the party foods stand out.
Lavender Napkins with Green Square Plates Place Setting with   ribbon and gem
Purple Periwinle Lavender Scroll Beverage Napkin
Soft pink border plates
Purple Hydrangea Beverage Napkin



  • The Marie Antoinette Place Setting. The place setting consisted of square green plates, smaller bamboo dessert plates and two kinds of purple napkins.  A solid purple dinner napkin was layered under the dessert plate and an Orchid botanical scroll beverage napkin was layered on top.  A lime green gross grain ribbon was draped over the entire place setting and finished off with an elegant crystal button.

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Marie Antoinette Guest Arrival and Introduction


Lavender Napkins with Green Square Plates
Marie Antoinette Costume Party with wig and dress
Green Crystal Button as Napkin Holder Decoration
Marie Antoinette Costume Party with purple wig, lace hand fan and dress


  • Dress the part. If this is a costume party, masquerade ball or Halloween party, dress the part and greet your guests at the door in full garb!.
  • French Wigs. The French Aristocrats used to wear wigs during the 17th and 18th Century and the wearing of wigs used to be a symbol of social status.  So pile it on!  The taller the better.  Don’t forget the beauty mark!
  • Adopt the language and the “Je ne sais quoi” attitude. Even if it is just for a few moments or the entire event, learn a few French words and customs to use for the party.  Greet your guests with “Bonjour” (hello) or “Bienvenue”(welcome)!  If celebrating a birthday, wish the guest of honor a “Joyeux Anniversaire!” (Happy Birthday).
  • Baroque music. Play Baroque music in the background as guests enter the party room.  This Baroque Favorites CD contains a great collection of various baroque artists like Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Handel, Bach and many others so popular during that time.
  • Strike A Pose. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of guests as party favors.  Consider renting a photo booth from a local vendor or set up your own lil’ mock studio.  Get a few props, like feather fan, white umbrella, garden chair, topiary trees, French lantern, etc.

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Marie Antoinette Party Crafts

  • Scrapbook Album. Have guests make their own scrapbook album with lovely embellishments, paper, fabric, decorations, ribbons, lace, sheet music paper, Toile, jewels, etc.  Check out this flickr album put together by a group of creative women!  Here is another one for a book swap with a picture of Marie Antoinette.
  • Fancy Hats. Make fancy hats using the same idea as the scrapbook album but have guests a hat to decorate instead.  Provide feathers, decorations, paper, fabric, birds, glitter, etc.
  • Decorated Fan. Have guests make and decorate their own hand fan.  This also is the perfect party favor.


Birthday Hat made out of vintage paper, glitter, embellishments, lace, etc.
Marie Antoinette handmade paper fan made out of vintage paper, glitter, embellishments,  lace, etc.
Marie Antoinette Album made of lots of pink fabric ribbon, vintage paper, glitter, embellishments,  lace, etc.
Scrapbook Album made with Marie Antoinette picture, gold scroll frame, vintage paper, glitter, embellishments,  lace, etc.

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Marie Antoinette Party Recipes and Menu

A simple menu for a bridal shower or birthday party could consist of:

  • Croissants. Serve various types of croissants (butter, almond, cheese or chocolate) and place on a silver tray with white doilies.
  • French Cheese. Serve various French cheeses on a platter with slices of fresh French baguette.  Some French cheeses you could serve are Camembert, Gruyere and Brie.  For a full list of cheeses and wine pairings go to the Wine Tasting Party page.
  • Fresh Fruit and Grapes. Serve cut up fruit and grapes in pretty glass cups.  Place on a small saucer with a gold doilie.  Decorate with a sprig of mint.
  • French Wine. Serve various types of French wine for the event.  If it is a daytime brunch, consider serving mimosas instead.  For a full list of wine supplies and French wine list.
  • Crepes. Crepes are great for breakfast, brunch and even dinner.  For dinner, fill with lobster or seafood.  For earlier events, fill with fresh fruit, whipping cream, chocolate syrup, etc.
  • Various Cold Cuts. Put out a tray of pate, cold cuts, salami, and other delicatessen to go with the slices of French baguette.  Serving an adventurous bunch?  Consider adding “pâté de foie” to the mix!
  • Canard a la Orange. Duck marinated in an orange sauce.  Serve in small slices as appetizers.
  • Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Shallots. Deliciously moist and tender beef with roasted shallots.  Heavenly with the wine gravy.  Serve on toasted slices of bread as appetizers.

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Marie Antoinette Lavender Chartreuse Party Cakes


Decorated Shoe and Crown Sugar Cookies
Almond French Macaroons in pastel colors
French Petit Fours in pastel colors
Almond French Macaroons cookies in pastel colors



  • Decorated Sugar Cookies. For a fancy party table, fancy cookies are a must!  Make themed shaped sugar cookies in the shape of a shoe, crown, handbag, dress, and anything girlie for the party table.  Add sparkle with luster dust, edible gems, colored icing, decorate with colored French pareils or dragées.
  • Pastel Macaroons. The French are famous for these delicious desserts that are crunchy on the outside and soft, chewy with a burst of almond flavor on the inside.  Macaroons are often piped with plain or flavored filling inside and then sandwiched together.  For the recipe go to the French macaroons page.
  • Petit Fours Cakes. Delicious bite-sized miniature butter cakes that have been iced with almond poured fondant icing and decorated to look like gems. Place in pastel colored cupcake liners and on a gold doilie.
  • Almond Cookies. Just like the macaroons but without the filling.  Tint the dough before baking with hints of color to go with the Renaissance party table fit for a King or Queen!
Marie Antoinette Party Cake

Photo Credit: Marie Antoinette Cake by Cake Coquette

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Marie Antoinette Lavender Chartreuse Party Games and Activities

  • Bridal Shower Games. PrintableGamesAtoZ is a company that has been providing themed games online since 2001.  Their printable games are printable immediately so no need to wait for your item to be delivered.  The advantage also is you can pick from a whole array of games so you can keep playing as many games as you wish.  Another bonus is it allows you to print unlimited print outs for as many guests as you need or customize the label on the games with the name of your event or Guest of Honor.  View the Print & Play Bridal Shower Games available.
  • Birthday Party Games. If you are celebrating an adult birthday, just print and play with this all-inclusive deluxe birthday party game set for adults.  Comes with 44 printable games.
  • Marie Antoinette (2006) Movie. Watch the movie “Marie Antoinette” to get inspiration for the party or watch it during the party (let it play in the background).
  • French Art Gallery. Consider having the shower or birthday party at an art gallery if the Guest of honor is into art.  Guests can then enjoy the art at their leisure as part of the festivities.
  • French Restaurant. Another easy option is to have the party at a French restaurant and to enjoy the French cuisine offered.  It is a stress free option and consider trying various French food and wine you have not tried before.  Order several unusual dishes and let everyone have a taste or sample.  Make a wine tasting party out of it.
  • Croquet. Play Croquet on the lawn, or at least pretend to.  Perhaps the party is a garden party or somewhere outdoors.  Play traditional French outdoors game like croquet or set up a giant chess game.
  • French Lessons. Learn to speak French.  Play Bingo game using only French words.  Guaranteed to be an hilarious event.
  • Maypole Dancing.  Set up a strong pole with long colorful ribbons and let kids do the Maypole dance around the pole.

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Marie Antoinette Lavender Chartreuse Party Favors


Lavender Tea Light as party favor for Marie Antoinette party
Rock Candy Pop tied with fancy ribbon as party favor for Marie Antoinette Lavender  and Apple Green Theme Birthday Party
Silk Hand Fan Favor as party favor for Marie Antoinette party
Shoe Cookie Favor as party favor for Marie Antoinette party
  • Lavender Candles. These soft Lavender tea lights are the perfect favor for any French themed party!  Lavender is abundant in Provence, the heart of France, where you will find fields of this lovely purple flower.  Put one or two in a lavender organza bag and tie with a pretty satin purple ribbon.
  • Lime Green Rock Candy Pops. A fitting favor to use at the party table as decoration or to give away as a take home party favor.  Tie the wooden handle with a pretty bow and if using as a favor add an elegant thank you tag to the end, in French of course.  Merci!
  • French Candy. Another fun option is wrapping a pink sumptuous silk bow around some French candy or bon bons as a take home favor.
  • Hand Fan. Silk Fans or Feather Fans make elegant picture props and practical party favors.
  • Decorated Sugar Cookies. Cookies make great party favors as well.  For this Marie Antoinette party theme, an elegant dress cookie, shoe cookie, purse cookie or anything girlie will fit the bill!

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