Luau Party Photo Booth

Surfboard Prop for photo shoots
Found these fun props for a photo booth for a luau party or surfer theme party – personalized life-size cardboard surfboards!  These props come in three sizes and can be personalized with your name, party slogan or well-wishes imprinted on the boards. Perfect for a photo booth as an ice breaker at the beginning of the party! Just give guests a few flower leis, some shades and you will have yourself some cool pics afterwards!


Luau Surfboard Prop and game


Create This Luau Party Photo Booth:

To create your photo booth, you will need a few basic items.  Not all items listed are necessary however, if you are on a limited budget, focus on getting a few large party decorations to create more of a visual impact.  Standees and props are a great solution as they serve as party decor and can be used for a photo booth activity.  If you are having your event outdoors where there is a lot of greenery (or at a beach), you would obviously need less decorations to make your booth and party atmosphere look and feel tropical.

  • Personalized Surfboard Props – These bright, colorful cardboard surfboard are affordable and easy to set up.  Comes folded and all you have to do is to attach the stand (included) to the back of the board.  Source.
  • Pineapple Bowling Game – Love these mock pineapples and coconut balls.  Use the pineapples and coconuts as part of the photo booth display and later, use it to play a bowling game.  Divide guests into groups and see which group scores the most points! Give out prizes to the winning group.  To make it more fun, have various categories for each round.  For example, first category could be “blindfold bowling”, second one could be “twin bowling” where a boy/girl pair are tied together at the ankle while bowling, and the last category could be “backwards bowling”, etc.
  • Flower Leis – Flower leis are a must for any luau.  So as guests arrive, greet them with a Hawaiian greeting and hand them a lei.
  • Cool Shades – A few inexpensive sunglasses can also serve as props for guests to wear during their photo shoot.
  • Hibiscus Flowers – Scatter a few hibiscus flowers around to make the photo booth look tropical and festive.
  • Big Banana Leaves Decorations – Use as much greenery as you can.  Palm trees, indoor plants, silk plants, etc. will work. Large leaves, like banana leaves (fake or real) can cover a large area and can be used on tables, floor, and walls.
  • Hawaiian Shirts – Ask guest to come dressed for the party.  For those who don’t own the proper attire, get a few Hawaiian shirts so guest can wear for the photo shoots.
  • Beach Chairs – Add a few beach chairs just in case some guests like to sit while others may opt to stand for their shoot.  Vary the use of these props so not all pictures look the same.


Prop Standee Set Up:

  • General Set Up. To set up the standee, assemble the back support that comes with your surfboard.  The instructions are very easy and is included with your package.  You can also follow the instructions in the video below.



Tip: Outdoor Set Up For Windy Conditions.  If you will be setting up the surfboards outdoors, it’s a good idea to use a PVC pipe or wooden broomstick pole to keep the boards from tipping over.  You will need one pole/pipe for each board.  Just insert the pipe or pole into the ground at various angles and slip the triangular back support over the poles.

Tip: Set up the boards in a cluster together at various angles like the picture below.  Together as a grouping they create more of a visual impact than if the boards were scattered separately.

Look at how great the pictures below turned out.  Great photo setup, right?!

Luau Surfboard Prop and Luau Hut Photo

Your Party Is Over:

  • Storage. If you are planning on using these props again, just fold them up and store them away.  The props (standees) are so versatile and can be used over again for birthday parties, school plays, graduation parties, fundraisers, business celebrations, etc.

Party Keepsake:

  • Room Decor and Keepsake. If you are not planning on reusing the surfboard props again, have guests sign the surfboard with their well wishes.  A teen, for example, can use this as part of their room decor and a keepsake after the party is over.

Magazine Poster:

  • Personalization.  Another idea for a keepsake is to use one of your favorite pictures from the photo shoot as a keepsake or as a program for your party.  For a program, take a snapshot ahead of time and add in fun text just like a magazine.  You can either do it yourself if you have the software available or have a professional do it for you.  If you are able to edit the photo yourself, you can send the image to a printing place to have it printed up in the size of a poster.


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