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Lil Monster Cupcake with one eye
Who’d ever think that monsters could be cute, adorable and even huggable?  Top Party Planner Jeannette from  “J At Your Services proved just that!  She recently pulled together the most amazing Lil’ Monster Birthday Bash for her handsome son, Nate, who was celebrating his 2nd birthday! Happy Birthday Nate!
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Event By J At Your Services | Plus Monsters by Cute4Sale | Kandy Kones by Posh Party Pretties | Favor Boxes and Labels by Spaceships and Laser Beams | Fondant Toppers by Kids Cakes | Welcome Wreath by Knock Knock Factory.

Lil Monster Birthday Party Plan

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lil monster Party Invitations

Monster Invitation for Birthday or Halloween with black background
Monster Invitation for Birthday with colorful monster border and light brown back ground
Monster Invitation for Birthday or Halloween similar to Where The Wild Things Are
Monster Invitation by Birthday In A Box with Personalization

Here are just a few examples of monster birthday party invitations available online:

  • Monster Birthday Invitations or Thank You Notes. Featured here are four examples of monster invitations that could be perfect for a monster party.  From left to right: (1) Monster Bash on black background by Tiny Prints, (2) LittleBeane Monster Invitations by Zazzle, (3) Birthday Monsters by Tiny Prints (Great one for “Where The Wild Things Are” party), and the last one is (4) a Personalized Monster invitation by Birthday In A Box.  See more details.
  • Make Your Own Lil monster Invitations. Make your own monster invitations using stickers, paper cut outs and embellishments.  I just recently discovered the series of Cricut machines that allows you to cut your own paper designs and shapes to make your own invitations.  If you are into scrapbooking and DIY projects, you may enjoy this option.
  • Free Printable Monster Invitation. Download this free printable invitation courtesy of  Download and print instantly.  For more monster invitations visit site.

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Lil’ Monster Party Decorations

Decorating Details: There were too many details to mention so I’ll try my best to describe this amazing party!

  • Happy Monster Colors. The main theme colors were bold, bright and cheerful colors – orange, lime green, bright blue and red.
  • Fluffy Blue Cupcake Centerpiece. For the base layer, the table was set with a bright orange table cover.  In the center, a large box was then covered with blue faux fur, and was then positioned as the main centerpiece of the table.  Cupcakes with a variety of whimsical monster cupcake toppers were placed on the box and subsequently a dramatic effect and focal point was created.
  • Lime Green Polka Dot Favor Boxes. Bright, bold, adorable polka dot favor boxes were placed on the left- and right side to frame the blue cupcake centerpiece.  The contrast of the lime green flanked on both sides of the cupcake centerpiece made the blue fur really pop!
  • Keeping An Eye On You Dessert Bowls. Delicious sliced strawberries and cream was served in lime green one-eyed monster cups.  Too cute!
  • Monster Themed Party Goods. Get monster themed party products to serve the party food and birthday cake like these by  Birthday In A Box.  They are funny and whimsical and would go well with this theme.
  • Monster Treats. Letter “N” decorated sugar cookies and homemade miniature donuts were served on lime green decorated platforms.  The edge of the platforms were decorated with various googly eyes.
  • Felt Monster Favors. Jeanette also made adorable felt monster party favors for guests to take home and placed them into an old redecorated wooden box.  She repainted an old box in a bright orange color and placed the words “monsters” on the handle.  What clever!  The favors doubled as decorations and anchored the left side of the table.
  • Treat Cones. On the other side of the table treat cones decorated with googly eyes were filled with caramel popcorn and mounted on sticks of various heights.  The cones were then placed into a tall, bright turquoise bucket to balance the right side of the table.
  • Monster Centerpieces. Guest tables were beautifully decorated with custom created monster centerpieces, each inherently unique from the other and all with a comical appeal.  Their happy smiles and big random eyes added to the cheerful party atmosphere!
  • Paper Pinwheel. Paper pinwheels were made out of heavy colored card stock and decorated with eyes in the center.  They were distributed in various places as party decorations – used as part of the centerpieces, in the favor bucket, in the lollipop holder, etc.
  • Monster Bottles Even the beverage bottles got their fair share of monster treatment by adding a bit of color with a simple concept of wrapping contrasting colored yarn around the bottle necks several times and by adding two eyes on each end of the string.  Simple, inexpensive and so creative!  Who said that party decorations have to be expensive?  Jeanette certainly proves that this need not be the case!

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Guest Arrival and Introduction for Lil Monster Party

  • Welcome Monster Guests. To welcome guests, there was a welcome monster wreath placed at the entrance.  The wreath had a sign that said: “Beware of Lil Monsters” and a number “2″ with a large monster in the center.  This was a custom wreath made for Jeanette, however, you can also find many other options like monster banners from online suppliers or even make your own with decorated paper, fabric and even vinyl.

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Lil’ Monster Party Crafts

Monster Craft - Coloring Pens and Monster Coloring Sheets
Monster Craft - Monster Tied Pillow
Monster Craft - Foam Monster Coloring Kit
Monster Craft - Monster Puppet Kit

  • Color Your Monster Pretty. Since this was a party for younger kids and toddlers, crafts didn’t have to be too complicated.  Typically this age group will be just happy with a coloring craft.  Various monster coloring sheets were laid out on tables with coloring markers, crayons, and coloring pencils for kids to use.
  • Monster Coloring Foamies. Another optional craft for younger kids is to get foam monsters for kids to decorate using markers, puff paint, glitter, stickers, etc.  Could be a bit messy so make sure you cover the craft table with a table cloth and have lots of handi wipes ready.
  • Monster Pillows. For older kids, this could be a possible craft for a monster party as well.  The best part of this monster pillow craft is that it comes in a kit and there is no sewing required!  Simply tie the two pieces of fleece together to make an adorable one-eyed monster!  This one is for kids ages 8 and up, and comes with all materials and pre-cut fleece fabric.  Couldn’t be easier!
  • Monster Puppets. Kids can also make their own monster puppet using the monster puppet kits from Century Novelty.  These craft puppets can also double as favor bag for take home candy and treats from the pinata.

lil monster Birthday Party favors and treats, birthday cake

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Lil’ Monster Party Recipes

  • Monster Wrap. Make monster sandwiches using the popular mummy wrap recipe by wrapping a half a hotdog in bread dough.   Dot on two eyes using mustard.
  • Finger Sandwiches. Serve various finger sandwiches by cutting up a regular crustless sandwich into long strips.  Add a fake nail (sliced almond) to one tip to make them look like fingers.
  • Monster Desserts and Cakes. See section below.
  • Lil’ Monster Party Menu. Here is a sample menu for a lil monster birthday party:
Monster Birthday Party Menu
Monster Hotdog Wrap (Hotdog wrapped in dough)
Finger Sandwiches (Various kinds of sandwiches)
One-Eyed Marshmallow Cupcakes (Cupcake with marshmallow eye)
One-Eyed Fondant Cupcakes (Cupcake with fondant eye)
Caramel Popcorn (Served in monster cones)
Strawberries and Cream (Served in one-eyed monster cups)
Monster Pops (By Birthday In A Box)
Monster Beverage (Juice or Water Bottle decorated with eyes)

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Lil’ Monster Party Cakes and Treats

Monster Shaped Lollipop
Monster Snack Treat
Monster Caramel Popcorn in Monster Cone Shapes
Lil Monster Cupcake with one eye

  • One Eyed Cupcakes (Marshmallow Eye). Another fun one for monster parties or for Halloween, is the one-eyed cupcake.  This recipe is simple and easy!  Just slice up a marshmallow in half (horizontally) and place a brown m&m candy in the center.  Decorate the white part with red icing to look like veins.  Place on top of an iced cupcake.
  • One Eyed Cupcakes (Fondant Eye). This one is also fairly easy to make.  Ice a cupcake with big dollop of icing using a large piping tip.  Color and rollout blue fondant to about 1/8″ thick.  Using a small, round cookie cuter, cut out a blue circle.  Using a piping tip, cut out a small white round circle from white fondant.  Place on the blue for eye.  Use black edible food marker to draw in the eye and smile.  Add small yellow horns but cutting 2 yellow horns from fondant.
  • Caramel Corn. Fill colored paper cones with store bought caramel popcorn and decorate with various shapes and sizes of googly eyes.  Here is a good recipe if you want to make your own caramel corn from
  • Strawberries and Cream. An easy recipe is to mix 6 cups of sliced strawberries, 3 cups sour cream and 1.5 cups white sugar and mix in a blender until smooth.  Chill and serve.  Decorate a plain bowl with one-eyed monster stickers or serve in small monster cups.
  • Monster Pops. Sweet monster treats for sweet little monster guests!  These fun lollipops can be purchased from various online sources, like Birthday In A Box.  Use them as party treats or take home party favors.
  • Monster Birthday Cake. For the birthday cake, a simple cake was topped with a Monster cake topper and the number “2″ .  A number “2″ candle was also placed on top of the cake to celebrate Nate’s second birthday.

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Lil’ Monster Party Games and Activities

  • Monster Photo Booth. As part of the entertainment, a photo booth was created for snapping fun pictures with two munchkin-size monster props.  What a fun idea! The booth was created by the ever-creative and oh-so-handy Jeannette!  The three-eyed blue monster on the left, and green monster on the right were cut using her handy jigsaw and then covered with fur, eyes and decorations.  On one side of the booth she added large letters that spelled: “SAY”, and on the other side it said: “GRRRR” (instead of the usual… “say cheeeese!”). For more details on her tutorial visit her post and ‘how to’ directions.
  • Monster Ball Pit. This was one of Nate’s favorite activities.   A home-made ball pit was set up in the yard by filling a large inflatable wading pool with balls for little ones to play in.  What a blast!
  • Monster Dance Songs. Now if you run out of ideas for kids to do, just pop in the “monster mash” song or some other popular “monster” related theme songs.  Let the little ones wiggle, move around and just enjoy some creative movement.  If it’s a hot day, add a little sprinkler for added fun and to keep cool.

Popular Monster songs via Amazon:

  1. Monster Mash (no 1) – by Bobby Pickett
  2. Rock Monster (no. 34) – by Veggie Tales
  3. Monster Song (no. 39) – by Dance-A-Lotties
  4. Ten Little Monsters (no. 28) – by The Countdown Kids
  5. “C” is for Cookie (no. 4) – by Cookie Monster from Sesame Street
  6. Monsters, Inc. Theme Songs
  7. Yo Gabba Gabba Theme Songs

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Lil’ Monster Party Favors

Lil Monster Favor - small stuffed monster
Lil Monster Favor - Beach Ball
Lil Monster Favor - small noise maker
Lil Monster Favor - sticker

  • Monster Favor Toys. Stuffed favors were made by Jeannette as take home favors.  Small plush monster or animal toys make great party favors for younger kids.
  • Monster Beach Ball. Beach balls are also a favorite for young and old.  It’s affordable and appropriate for all age groups.  Great for outdoor fun, in the bath tub or on the beach.
  • Monster Squeakers. These funny looking toys are a hit with younger kids.  Not only do they look funny, they squeak too!  Fill up the favor bags or pinatas with these fun toys.
  • Monster Stickers. Kids of all ages love stickers.  Get some funky looking stickers to fill guests’ goody bags and to continue the fun after they have gone home!

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