Learn Simple Hawaiian Words for a Hawaiian for Luau Party

Aloha pronounciation and flower
Add some fun to your Hawaiian Luau Party by teaching guests some Hawaiian words. You can start with a simple “Aloha” when guests arrive. Place trivia cards and phrases as part of the decor on the Hawaiian Luau party table, on bathroom doors, exit doors, and any interesting places you can find.

Origin of the Hawaiian Language

Hawaiian Man in a boat

Hawaiian vocabulary is Polynesian in origin, but the language has also borrowed words from English, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Ilocano. Until the arrival of Captain Cook in 1778, Hawaiian was the only language spoken in the Hawaiian islands. During the 19th Century when Hawaii was an independent kingdom, the Hawaiian language literacy rates were high and the language was spoken widely. However, when the monarchy was overthrown in 1893, things began to change. The new government then prohibited the speaking and teaching of the Hawaiian language in any Hawaiian schools. This continued until the 1970s when a resurgence of the Hawaiian culture emerged. In 1978, the Hawaiian government once again made Hawaii the official language of the State of Hawaii. Here a few easy Hawaiian words.

Some Easy to Learn Hawaiian Words

Hawaiian Pronounciation Meaning


[ah-LOH-hah] Greetings!

E komo mai

[eh-KOH-moh-mai] Welcome!

Hau’oli La Hanau

[HAU-oh-lee-LAH-nau] Happy Birthday!


[MAH-hah-loh] Thanks!


[kah-nah-kah-PEE-lah] Let’s play some music!

A hui hou

[ah-HUI-hou] Good bye

More Instructions for a Hawaiian Luau Party or Summer Beach Flip Flop Party

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