Ladybug Cupcake Pops

Pink Ladybug Cupcake Pops or Brownie Pops
No ladybug birthday party would be complete without these little ladybugs cupcake pops if you are planning a Ladybug Birthday Party. Basic brownie pops were made using baked brownies and then dressed up to look like mini ladybugs.  These are sure to be a great hit at kids’ birthday parties or at baby showers! Birthday Party Ideas arrow Lady Bug Party Supplies

Ingredients needed

Ladybug Party Cupcake Pops Ingredients (1)

  • Brownie baked and cooled
  • Chocolate Wafers Candy Melts
  • Fondant
  • Rose colored gel dye
  • Green icing
  • Malt Balls Candy
  • Pink Ribbon

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Ladybug Party Cupcake Pops Directions (1)


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Ladybug Cupcake Pops - dip brownie pops in melted chocolate
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Step 1. Use the baked brownie crumbs to make round brownie pops just like in the Valentine Cupcake Pops post.  Melt the chocolate wafers according to package directions in a glass container.  Dip the round brownie pops in the melted chocolate and let harden on wax paper.

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Ladybug Cupcake Pops - dye fondant pink
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Step 2. Color a small piece of fondant pink using coloring food gel in Rose color and a toothpick.  Add little gel at a time and knead the fondant to mix.  Continue this step until you are happy with the color.

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Ladybug Cupcake Pops - cut out round pink circle fondant
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Step 3. Roll out the fondant and cut out small pink fondant circles.  I didn’t have the right cookie cutter on hand so I used a tablespoon measuring scoop (see picture) instead.  Split each circle in two and use food coloring pen in black to draw in the spots.  Let dry and harden completely.

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Ladybug Cupcake Pops - add green stripes to ladybug tummy
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Step 4. Take a brownie pop and pipe green lines on the tummy for the ladybug.  As you notice, they don’t have to look perfect since most of the tummy will be covered by the wings anyway.  Use more icing to plop on a malted ball as a head for the soon-to-be ladybug.  Let the icing dry and harden. blank line divider

Ladybug Cupcake Pops - add spots to pink fondant
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Step 5. Attach the pink ladybug wings to the brownie pop using leftover icing.  Add a silver dragée to the top of the wings.

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Ladybug Cupcake Pops - decorate a plain white plate with scrolls and flowers
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Step 6. To add some color to the table I decided to decorate a plate with icing and pink flowers.  That is why I love white plates so much, they are so versatile.  Icing and cake also are my next favorite decorating items for a party table since they can be eaten and disposed of after the event is over.  Dual purpose centerpieces and decorations are must-haves!

Let the icing dry and harden overnight.

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Ladybug Cupcake Pops - cupcake pops finished
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Step 7. Stick on pink bows to the bottom of each pop.  Place the ladybug pops in a small green bucket or in a ladybug centerpiece box and use strips of lime green tissue paper in the bottom as mock greenery.  Place the ladybug centerpiece box on the decorated cake plate and now the ladybug centerpiece is ready for the Ladybug Birthday Party!

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