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Kids Birthday Party Ideas

In this category we have listed themes for girls and themes for boys. In addition, unisex themes are also listed for mixed gender parties. Usually when kids are younger (under 8 years) or as they get older (teens), mixed gender parties are more popular.

Other fun party ideas included on this page are class party ideas and cultural party ideas. We believe that you can have fun while learning so what better way than to make it a festive event!


Girls Birthday Party Themes


Pink Poodle Party


Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Some of our birthday party plans with ideas for themed invitations, games, crafts, recipes, cakes, and favors. In addition, birthday party supplies and resources are included.


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Party Planning

Birthday Party Planning By Age

1 - 2 Year Old

More information about parties for 1-2 Year Old kids.

3 Year Old

By Age 3 a children have finally reached an age and stage where they understand the concept of a party. He or she probably has attended several parties by now and will understand with a party comes gifts, sweets, cake and favors.

4 Year Old

Children in this age group are usually enthusiastic about their birthday and can actively help with the party planning. If your child is on the shy side, consider inviting only a few close friends to make them feel less overwhelmed and stressed. Ask your child who they would like to have on the guest list and get feedback from them.

5 Year Old

Five year old kids can be opinionated and sometimes not as aware of others around them. Explain to your child the order of events at the party so he or she would know what to expect and if there is an objection, go over the appropriate ways of behavior to make the party experience enjoyable for all.

6 Year Old

Six year olds are most likely to get involved with the party planning process, help write out the invitation names, decide on the party theme and decide on the guest list. They are excited to put their handwriting skills or drawing skill to the test and a perfect way to do this is to have them help with writing the invitations and thank you notes.

7 Year Old

Seven year olds can get pretty excited during the party so make sure to have lots of short games and activities on hand so that when kids get antsy, switch gear and play another game (or activity) to prevent things from getting out of hand.

8 Year Old

At this age, co-ed parties are not popular as kids have become less tolerant of the opposite sex. Kids have now started to develop meaningful relationships and friendship with kids their own age and sex. They have also started to become more mature and patient. So party games, like scavenger hunts, can be more elaborate and longer as kids are able to read complex instructions and have become better problem solvers.

9 Year Old

At this age, kids have done most of the party themes for home birthdays so this is the perfect age to have a destination party e.g. bowling party, skating party, laser tag, etc. Parents are also more comfortable letting their kids be dropped off too.

10 Year Old

At this age, kids enjoy having smaller group parties with only a few select friends. For this reason, slumber parties are very popular or destination parties that are generally done in smaller settings, e.g. spa day or laser tag.

11 Year Old

This is an age where planning a party may be a bit difficult since some kids are starting to get interested in the opposite sex so deciding to have an all-girl or all-boy party is a bit tough. Not everyone at the party may be comfortable with this idea so if you are having a co-ed party, consider one where kids can be constantly entertained like a pool party, amusement park party, skating party, and an indoor rock climbing party.

12 Year Old

At this age, kids birthday parties become more kid-driven than adult-driven. Let kids decide for themselves what they would like to do and observe from a distance. Have a few activities on hand but chances are kids are just happy having a sleepover and watching movies or in the winter, for example, a sledding party with pizza and hot chocolate afterwards.

Teen Parties

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Unisex Party Ideas

Boys and Girls Birthdays

Generally, younger kids don't mind having parties with the opposite gender. Here are some party themes that work well for both boys and girls birthdays.


Hawaiian Tropical Luau Party

Hawaiian Tropical Luau Party

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Science Party Ideas

Science Party Ideas

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Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Teddy Bear Birthday Party

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Puppy Dog Birthday Party

Puppy Dog Birthday Party

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Spy Party Ideas

Spy Party Ideas

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Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

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Mexican Theme Party or Cinco De Mayo Party

Mexican Theme Party or Cinco De Mayo Party

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Chinese New Year Party

Chinese New Year Party

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Webkinz Party: Birthday Party Ideas

Webkinz Party: Birthday Party Ideas

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Around The World

Americana party


Cultural Birthday Party Ideas

What about celebrating a birthday with a cultural theme? Celebrate with an "Around The World" theme party and give each child a "passport" so they can get stamped as they visit each country. Set up a table or booth for each country and let guests taste a dessert, play a game, or learn a word from a specific country.