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Celebrate a birthday, wedding, bridal shower or any special occassion with an Indian Theme Party or Bollywood Party!  The rich, vibrant colors that are so popular in Indian clothing and decorations are also a must for theme party decorations, birthday parties and weddings.   Birthday Party Ideas arrow Indian Theme Party Supplies Supplies


Vibrant Indian Theme Party - Party table, decor, place settings, napkins, table cloth


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Indian Theme Party Plan


Indian Party Invitations

Indian Theme Party Invitation Bollywood - Diwali Pink Flower and Yellow Background Invitation
Indian Save The Date Invitation - Blue and Green with beautiful scroll motif
Indian paisley purple invitation - for weddings, birthdays, special events
Indian Diwali Card Invitation - Photo card with scrolls on pink background

  • Save The Date cards. Send out beautifully created Save The Date cards for your Indian themed wedding, birthday or celebrations in caricature format!
  • Save The Date magnets. Another great idea is to have the entire card be made out of magnet!  An innovative way to help remind guests about your special event!  Get magnets made separate to match your themed cards or send out just the magnets as “Save the Dates”!
  • Hand-stamped invitations. Create unique custom invitations by hand-stamping them yourself using stamps from craft suppliers or stores.  Get gold ink and stamp bright bold card stock in various designs and borders.  Use paisley scrapbooking paper, stickers, and sparkle glitter, gems to decorate.
  • Indian invitations. Purchase handmade birthday invitations, handmade diwali invitations, handmade eid invitations, handmade griha pravesh invitations and Indian theme invitations for your party. There is a vast array of Indian  merchants and supplies on the market with plenty of invitation choices for your Indian Theme Party.


Indian Invitation Scroll - purple paisley on green background with purple center
Indian Invitation with gold on red background for Wedding, Birthdays and Indian Holidays
Indian Invitation with gold elegant ornamental scroll on cream background for Wedding, Birthdays and Indian Holidays
Indian Invitation with fuschia paisley with orange background


Indian Party Decorations

  • Indian Themed Decorations.  Decorate the room or party venue with color coordinated Indian Themed Decorations.  Some suppliers have put together easy DIY kits for small and large events.  They are simple and easy to set-up and break down if you are limited in resources, budget and time.
  • Bold Colors. Use colorful fabrics in rich colors, textures and designs to decorate the party room, party table and chairs.  If you don’t have a table cloth, use silk curtains instead or use napkins as mini table toppers for splashes of colors. If you need larger quantities of fabric, consider purchasing from wholesale silk suppliers.
  • Gold Accents. Use gold chargers to accent plates, gold napkin rings and fabrics with gold embroidery that is typically found in Indian silk fabrics.  If you can’t find table cloths to match use Indian saris as accent pieces for chairs or as a table topper.
  • Intricate Designs. Indian decorations, furniture, statues, rugs and art work are typically hand-made with intricate details and carvings.  If you can find a few pieces of art work, add them to your party room to recreate the Indian ambiance.
  • Animal Statues. Indians believe in many gods.  One of the more popular ones, is the Ganesha, the elephant god.  Ganesha’s head symbolizes the Atman or the soul, which is the ultimate supreme reality of human existence, and his human body signifies Maya or the earthly existence of human beings. The elephant head denotes wisdom and its trunk represents, the symbol of cosmic reality.  All Hindus worship Ganesha regardless of their sectarian belief. He is both the beginning of the religion and the meeting ground for all Hindus. So it is not unusual to see a Ganesha at birthday celebrations or weddings in the forms of a cake, centerpiece or party decoration since it is such an intricate part of Indian life and beliefs.  A few other animal gods are tortoise, cow, peacock, winged horse.

Indian Birthday Customs

  • Birthday Traditions and Customs. On a Hindu child’s first birthday, his or her head is often shaved.  The hair can be donated to the temple as a symbolic gesture.  There are several reasons for shaving the hair, one of them is that removal of the hair cleanses the child of any evil in past lives, thus symbolizing a renewal of the soul. Usually girls will have had their ears pierced before the first birthday.  On the day of the birthday, the birthday child will wear colorful clothing to school and pass out treats, like chocolates, to the entire class.  In Western societies, birthdays are celebrated with cake and birthday candles as well.

How to say “Happy Birthday” in Hindi

  • Janam Din Ki Badhai
  • Janam Din Ki Shubkamnaayein

Indian Celebrations and Holidays

  • Diwali. This is the Festival of Lights celebration an official holiday. The tradition is to light diyas—cotton-like string wicks inserted in small clay pots filled with coconut oil—to signify victory of good over the evil within an individual. In Western societies, people also turn on small twinkle lights. The five day festival of Divali occurs on the new moon between October 13 and November 14.
  • Holi. This is the Festival of Colours where people throw colored powder and colored water on each other, and celebrate the triumph of good over evil with a bonfire.  Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month (around February/March).
  • Ganesha Festival. This is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha ( the elephant god who is worshiped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. ).  This day usually falls between 20 August and 15 September and lasts for 10 days.  Decorations of Ganesha statues can be seen everywhere – in homes, on the streets and in predominant public places.


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