Indian Party Decorations Review – Escape To India Kit

Indian Party with 2 girls posing in front of doorway
Found these wonderful Indian party decorations that would make a great addition for any Indian Theme Party, wedding, or Sweet 16 birthday! The elaborate designs, bright cheerful colors and luxurious, rich fabrics that is usually seen in Indian celebrations can be recreated with these gorgeous ready-to-go Indian party kits!

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Indian Theme Party Decorations Kit – Escape To India Kit

For this post, I will be reviewing the “Escape To India” Kit.  It’s a kit that comes with a list of party props and decorations for an Indian theme party.

Indian Theme Party Decorations with bright fuschia, orange and Taj Mahal Indian decorations

Descriptions of the individual decorations

Asian Elephant Standee
No Indian theme party should be without an elephant standee!  Elephants are seen in all Indian celebrations and inherently part of the Indian culture. This elephant standee is printout on one side and is free standing.  The item 7 ft high x 8 ft wide.

Holographic Sequin Columns
These sequined columns come in various colors and are made out of stretch fabric that has matching holographic colored sequins on top.  The columns are a 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide, and provides the ability for you to create visual interest vertically without much effort.  By pulling the eye upward you can make a small space feel much larger.  Since they are decorated with sequins it will look gorgeous with spot lights at night and adds a touch of glamor to your decorations!

Arabian Metal Lanterns
Place these in front of your India doorway for a grand entrance! Each Arabian metal and glass lantern measures 5 ft 1 inch high and has a base measuring 14 inches in diameter.  You can place a battery operated votive or an actual candle votive in them. Votives are not included.

India Doorway Entrance
This Asian Entrance is beautifully detailed with intricate vibrant artwork printed on sturdy cardboard.

Indian Theme Party Decorations with 2 girls posing in front of an elegant doorway
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This Doorway Entrance makes a grand entrance for your party!  What a way to set the stage for guests as they arrive.  Have a photographer (or friend who is handy with the camera) take guests pictures as they arrive.  Post them on a projector or on the big screen as guests arrive!  The vibrant, exotic colors that are signature of the Indian theme parties has made this theme a popular choice for Sweet 16 celebrations.

Item Details:

  • Size: 6 1/2 feet Wide x 10 feet Height x 1 foot Deep
  • Made out of sturdy cardboard
  • Printed in bright vibrant colors with paisleys, flowers and a detailed arch
  • Colors: red, purple, blue and yellow.
  • Assembly required

Suggested item to go with this:

Drape metallic gossamer in the opening of the entrance to create a luxurious feeling and make this entrance stand out!

  • Gold gossamer (not part of this kit).  The gold gossamer is a gold-like fabric that can be used as curtains, backdrops, etc.  In this case it has been draped behind the doorway to look like a curtain.  Please note that the gossamer is sold separately.


Comparison – Kit Versus Individual Items

So let’s see if we got the kit or purchased the items separately.  Which one would be cheaper?

Let’s take a look:

Escape to India Theme Kit
Purchase Separately
1 India Entrance
1 Asian Elephant Standee
1 Yellow Holographic Sequin Column
1 Pink Holographic Sequin Column
1 Purple Holographic Sequin Column
2 Arabian Metal Lanterns
1 India Entrance – $159.99
1 Elephant Standee – $79.99
1 Yellow Column – $109.99
1 Pink  Column – $109.99
1 Purple  Column – $109.99
2 Arabian Metal Lanterns – $199.98
Total: $765.00 Total: $769.93


Conclusion and Recommendations:

Surprisingly the kit is not really a better buy.  You are essentially saving only $4 by purchasing the kit.  However if all the items in the kit are exactly what you want, it does beat hunting around the website to find all items in the kit you need.  Then it’s worth it!

My Review:


Personally, I like all of the items in the “Escape To India” kit.  Love the India Entrance which is the main highlight and focal point you see when you enter a party room.  The Elephant Standee is an absolute must as well since it can be used as a dual purpose party decor and photo shoot prop.  The columns are great for decorating various nooks, corners, and for adding height and interest above eye level.  The Arabian metal lanterns add a sense of authenticity to the whole party atmosphere and makes a great addition as well.


So what didn’t I like? What I didn’t like was that the kit does not come with any gossamer which I think is essential to making this theme and party come alive.  For the price of the kit, I would swap out one of the columns (the kit comes with 3 columns) for 1 roll of gold gossamer fabric PLUS add in various assorted lanterns, paper fans and tissue flower decorations.

Best Choice:

I decided on a few items from Shindigz but for the paper lanterns and tissue flowers I decided to go with LunaBazaar.  It would have been easier to stick with one merchant however, LunaBazaar had a better selection of paper lanterns and flowers, plus better pricing.

The gold gossamer I have used in the past for our News Year Party and is extremely high quality and beautiful to work with.  You could drape a small piece as a topper over a plain table and just that, adds an instant touch of “glam” to otherwise a plain table.  You could drape some of the gold gossamer off of one of the columns on one side to soften the edge and create more volume in a vertical space.  Hang several tissue lanterns and paper fans from the ceiling above and you have just expanded a small space vertically by drawing the eye upward.  Repeat these elements in various areas of your party space to achieve a coordinated and cohesive look.

My picks:1 India Doorway Entrance (Shindigz)1 Elephant standee (Shindigz)

1 Gold metallic gossamer (Shindigz)

1 Sequined Holographic columns- Purple (Shindigz)

1 Sequined Holographic columns – Pink (Shindigz)

3 Paper Lanterns 14″ size – Pink (LunaBazaar)

3 Paper Lanterns 14″ size – Green (LunaBazaar)

3 Paper Lanterns 14″ size – Orange (LunaBazaar)

3 Tissue Pompom 14″ size – Purple (LunaBazaar)

Total Cost – $485.16

(Free Shipping For Shindigz coupon code WSJK9H)


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