Elephant Cakes for Indian Celebrations

Indian Elephant Cake
Elephants are one of the most popular symbols in Indian cultures and often an integral part of Indian parties, birthdays, weddings and celebrations.  You will often see elephant symbols incorporated into floral arrangements, party decorations, centerpieces, favors and even into birthday or wedding cakes. We have gathered a collection of amazing cakes by a few creative and talented cake decorators to hopefully inspire your party planning.   Birthday Party Ideas arrow Related Resources: Indian Party Supplies

Elephant Cakes for Indian Weddings and Birthdays

The cake is one of the focal points of a party and one of the many ways to set the mood for an event.  It helps pull together your party theme, colors and style – into one physical element – and is often the first item people look for when they enter a party room.

Typically, for Indian birthday and wedding cakes you will see some of these elements incorporated:

  • Multiple combinations of vibrant colors
  • Mehndi designs
  • Elephants symbols or toppers
  • Taj mahal style buildings
  • Tufted pillows
  • Gold colors and accents
  • Paisleys and scrolls

Wedding Cakes


Indian Elephant Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes

Wedding Cakes Collection 1: (top left to bottom right)

1. Elaborate designed trunks stacked on 3-D Elephant Grooms cake by Heather Barranco of Dreamcakes   /  2. Four-tiered stacked Orange And Gold Mehndi Design Cake with 2 gold elephants on top via Deviantart  /  3. Stacked pink and orange Decorated Tiered Ornamental Box Cake topped with one golden elephant topper by Butterfly Bake Shop  /  4. Indian Wedding Couple Elephant Cake by Crosby Cakes.

Originally I stumbled upon this stunning 3-D Elephant Grooms cake (pictured above, top left) by Heather Barranco of Dreamcakes and was so inspired and in total awe that I decided to research and find more elephant cakes!  Take a look at the detail of the luggage trunks and the work that went into creating that amazing cake! Do check out her blog and see this cake up close!  Totally insane!

Another favorite is the cake pictured next to that, the Orange And Gold Mehndi Design Cake.  This cake just exudes opulence with its elaborate golden Mehndi piping and elephants toppers, contrasted against the red fondant background — it just makes the gold colors pop!  Love it!


Indian Elephant Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes

Wedding Cakes Collection 2: (top left to bottom right)

1.  Elephant, Monkey and Crane Cake decorated with edible gold leaf by Elizabeth Hodes Bakery  /  2. Silver and Tiffany Blue 4-Tiered Cake in Mehndi designs topped with two silver elephants via Best For Brides  /  3. Ivory elephant Cake with gold and purple accent via Flickriver  /  4.  Two-tiered Floral Cream Cake with two Golden Elephants topped with Taj Mahal-inspired roof.

A twist to a favorite — is the Silver and Tiffany Blue 4-Tiered Cake (Collection 2 – top right corner).  It is actually the same cake as the grouping above (Collection 1 – top right corner as well) but done in different colors.  The Tiffany blue and silver colors gives this cake a fresh, modern look while keeping the traditional elegant designs intact.  A creative way to incorporate the old and the new!

Birthday Cakes


Indian Elephant Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cake Collection 1: 1. Elephants On Stacked Pillows by Cakes By Rose   /   2.  Elephant On Stacked Jewelry Boxes  by Alliance Bakery   /   3. Baby Elephant Red Paisley Cake by Cakesdecor.com   /   4.  Pink Cake Gold Mehndi Cake with Elephant Toppers by Butterfly Bake Shop.

Love all these birthday cakes but one of my favorite is the Two Elephants On Stacked Pillows.  The stacked pillow cakes looks like they are teetering on top of each other and sooo real!

Does the Pink Cake Gold Mehndi Cake look familiar?  It is a smaller version of the popular 4-tiered wedding cake above and perfect for birthdays or smaller events.  This style of cake seem to be one of the most popular ones and still one of my favorites as well.  The repetition of the scroll work from layer to layer is ornate, yet comforting and slowly draws your eye to the top, ending at the focal point — the two golden elephants.


Indian Elephant Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cake Collection 2: 1. Magic Indian Cake by Konditor and Cook   /   2.  Hexagon Elephant Birthday Cake by 1MakesCakes   /   3. Birthday Bonanza Cake by The Cake Empire   /   4.  White Bombay Elephant Cake by Heather Barranco of Dreamcakes.

Another fun favorite is the Magic Indian Cake perfect for a kids birthday.  Love the colors and the whimsical feel created by the smiling elephants sitting in each corner.

This White Bombay Elephant Cake is another stunning piece created by the talented Heather Barranco from Dreamcakes.  Her work is amazing (see the detail on the Elephant Grooms cake above – Wedding Collection 1) and just a work of art!

So there you have it!  Lots of amazing cakes by talented folks!  Be sure to check them out and see for yourself!

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