Hollywood Academy Awards Party

Hollywood Academy Awards Oscar Statue on top of pink and white diamond cake with film strip made out of sugar paste
One of the most popular and fun parties you can have for teens, tweens and adults is a Hollywood Glamour Party, Academy Awards Party or Movie Themed Party.  This theme is a lotta fun especially since there are so many movie buffs amongst all of us out there and a plethora of products available to decorate your home with, to create just THE perfect setting and party ambiance! Birthday Party Ideas arrow Hollywood Party Supplies


Hollywood Academy Awards party with Oscar cake and film strip made out of sugar paste, Oscar table decor, Hollywood signage, Pink Boa and black sun glasses


Hollywood Academy Awards Party Plan


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Hollywood Academy Awards Party Invitations


Hollywood Press Pass with neck strap
Hollywood Movie Clapboard
Hollywood Movie Ticket to the stars
Hollywood Movie Film Canister


  • VIP Passes. For invitations, send VIP passes to everyone and have them wear it to the party as their entrance badge.  You can personalize it by typing their names on them.
  • Clapboard Invitation. Another idea is to use Clapboard Invitations in black and silver and use a silver pen to write the party details on the inside of the invitation.
  • Movie Ticket Invitation. This Movie Ticket To The Stars only admits one!  The movie ticket is black and can come either in gold or silver lettering.  Elegant and perfect for a dress-up Hollywood party.  Tell your guests they have an opportunity to meet “The Stars” at the party and then have Standees of movie stars waiting to greet guests when they arrive.
  • Film Canister Invitation. Another popular choice is the Film Canister Invitation that comes in a silver or gold foil cover.  This invitation flips up to expose the invitation details on the inside.

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Hollywood Academy Awards Party Decorations

The Hollywood Party Look:

  • Black Tie Formal. The occasion lends itself to a formal or semi-formal event, so use colors like black, white and touches of pink for accents.  Start off with a white table cloth and layer the table in various heights using lifts, blocks, pedestals, paint cans, etc. Layer on colors of black and pink in accessories, as well as using neutrals like silver, white, or gold.
  • Twinkle Lights. Layer twinkle lights over the table cloth and cover up with another layer of table cloth.  Tuck in the top table cloth so that the edges are hidden. Crease and fold it until the table cloth looks natural on top. The twinkle lights adds another layer of drama and impact to the room.
  • Mood Lighting. Do you have welcome lights leftover from the Holidays? Perfect!  Just put on a black mini lampshade and use that for the tables.  Since I didn’t have any black lampshades, I simply covered them up with black thick card stock paper.
  • Bling, bling. Use lots of inexpensive  jewelry like diamond rings,  rhinestone rings, pearls, and tiaras as decoration. Use large rings as napkin rings, to decorate a candle, or just place on tables as part of the decoration.
  • Clapboards. Use clapboards as part of the table decor, film canisters, any film accessories and movie paraphernalia you can find, like antique cameras, posters, etc.
  • Glamorize. Add accessories like sunglasses, top hats, white satin gloves, black satin gloves, boas, etc. to add to the glamorous ambiance.
  • Oscar Statues. Get small Oscar Statues and place them on your party tables and party room for that authentic feel.
  • Tissue Power. To add some color to the table, try this inexpensive method.  Use tissue paper!  Add them wherever you need a little punch of accent color.  Fill the top hats with pink tissues, fold in a fan-like manner and place on the party table, or place in utensil baskets at the dessert table.  The contrast of the little bit of color is all you need to create a cohesive effect in your Hollywood Movie Party decor.
  • Visual Impact. Use balloons in pink, white and black with pink streamers to get a quick, inexpensive bang for the buck.
  • Unusual Containers. Use Top hats to fill popcorn, to hold utensils, to hold champagne, etc.  The ideas are endless!  All you have to do is to line the hat with hot pink and white paper napkins before filling the top hats.


The Hollywood Glamour Look:

To have an Hollywood Oscar Party we have to also dress the part.  Adding a few pieces of bling and glamour to your wardrobe using big, faux jewelry can be fun and exciting.  Here are a few knock-offs worn by Hollywood stars, like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian, without the hefty price tag.  Find big, bold classic pieces that makes a statement, coordinate with any outfit, and provides some drama.  You only need one or two pieces to get started.  Put on some fun jewelry, clothing, false lashes, and become a celebrity persona, just for the night!

celebrity imitation jewelry - Selena Gomez
celebrity imitation jewelry - Kim Kardashian
celebrity imitation jewelry - Angelina Jolie
celebrity imitation jewelry - Katie Holmes



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Hollywood Academy Awards Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • Announce the Party! Put up a Hollywood Academy Award Lawn Sign to let guests know that the party is here!
  • Papparazzi. Tell everyone to come dressed to the nines.  Get a red carpet in front of your home and have your guests do the red carpet walk.  Hire High school kids to be the papparazzi and have them take pictures of your guests coming in with their cameras.  If possible show them pictures of a few guests so they know when these guests arrive, whose name to shout out!
  • Meet the Stars! Get standees of stars and put them out on the red carpet.  Have guests take pictures and give them out later as favors.
  • E! Live! Have someone pose as an interviewer of E! and interview all the guests coming in.  Ask them about their outfits and which designer they are wearing. Videotape the sessions and play back at the end of the evening for some laughs!  Don’t forget the microphones!

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Hollywood Academy Awards Party Crafts

  • Kids Crafts. If this is a kids, teens or tween party, get a few frames and have them paint them in glitter.  Stick on star, clapboard or Hollywood embellishments.  Insert pictures that were taken from guests during the party and let guests take them home as favors.
  • Scrapbook album. Get photo albums and let the kids decorate them.  Insert pictures taken from the evening. Decorate with embellishments, stickers, beads, card stock, etc.


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Hollywood Academy Awards Party Recipes

  • Popcorn. Serve freshly made popcorn in popcorn cartons.  Rent a popcorn machine and have it popping as guests arrive.
  • Cinema Candy. Fill various candies in jars, bowls, vases, etc. for guests to munch on or use it as a visual display to decorate the party table.
  • Hotdogs. Serve mini hotdogs as appetizers or snack during the party.
  • Best Picture. Serve foods based on the Best Picture of the previous years and name the dishes after the movie. Few examples:
  1. Wings (1927-1928) – Serve Buffalo Wings.
  2. Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) – Serve Pirate Sandwiches.
  3. Hawaii (1966) – Serve Luau Foods.
  4. Midnight Cowboy (1969) - Serve Chili Hot Dogs.
  5. Last Emperor (1987) – Serve Spring Rolls.
  6. Driving Miss Daisy (1989) – Serve Fried Green Tomatoes.
  7. Silence of the Lambs (1991) – Serve Lamb Meat Balls.
  8. Chicago (2002) – Serve mini Pizza Appetizers.
  9. The Dark Knight (2008) – Serve BAT sandwiches (Bacon Avocado Tomato) and cut out with Bat shaped cookie cutter.


Birthday Party Cakes Ideas line divider

Hollywood Academy Awards Party Cakes and Desserts

  • Oscar Cake. Create a two layer cake and cover in white fondant.  Dye some fondant pink and cut out into diamonds.  Use some icing to “glue” the pink diamond onto the top 6″ cake.  Use pink stripes to decorate the bottom cake.  Get an Oscar Statue and position on the top of the cake.  Use black fondant or sugar paste and cut out a long strip.  Cut out small squares from the edge of both sides of the strip to make it look like a film strip.  Drape around the Oscar Statue and the bottom layer of the cake.
  • Star Shaped Cookies. Make Star shaped cookies and ice them in yellow icing.  Sprinkle with yellow sparkle sprinkles or gold luster.


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Hollywood Academy Awards Party Games

  • Movie Award Party Game. Great ice breaker and fun game!  Use star shaped sticky notes and write down names of actors and actresses on them.  One per sticky note.  Stick on guests’ backs and they have to guess who they are by asking a series of “yes” or “no” questions.
  • Movie Match. Match the movie with the actor in the Movie Match Printable Game.
  • Movie Awards Ballot Game. Print out the Academy Award Nomination List and see who has the best prediction! Have your guests write down their guesses prior to the broadcast of the award show and the one who has the most correct answers wins.
  • Best dressed. Consider giving out door prizes or picking the best dressed of the party.  Give out a movie basket as a prize filled with movie goodies, candy, popcorn, and movie tickets.
  • Chick Flicks versus Action Movies. Divide the guests among guys and gals and see which team will win the Chick flick vs. Action movies game!


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Hollywood Academy Awards Party Favors

  • Hollywood Star “Walk of Fame”. Give everyone a custom Hollywood Star by writing their name onto the star for them to take home.  Great reminder of the most fabulous Hollywood Party hosted by YOU!  Just peel and stick to the floor.
  • Film Canister Mints. Adorable film canisters filled with mints make a great favor for the evening.  Other shapes that would work too are stars and mask shaped mints.

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