Hawaiian Tropical Luau Party

One of the most popular party themes is the Hawaiian Luau Party Theme. Perhaps it is a popular theme because it reminds people of their carefree summer days and typically this type of party is casual, fun, colorful and held outdoors. You can have many variations of this theme by using the same decorations but adding additional theme accents for a Flip Flop Summer Party, Tropical Luau Party, or a fancy elaborate authentic Hawaiian Luau Party complete with a pig roast.
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Picture 1-Luau Party Table Setting, Picture 2- Chairs decorated with chair sash for Luau Party, Picture 3- Luau Pineapple and Fruit Tiered Centerpiece, Picture 4 - Flip Flop Luau Invitations

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Hawaiian Luau Party Plan

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Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Invitations

  • Flip flops. Tell your guests to wear flip flops to the parties.  It doesn’t matter if it’s cold and wintery outside, it makes it the more fun!  Turn up the heat!  Make your own Flip Flop invitations for your guests. Detailed step-by-step Instructions are provided for DIY Flip Flop invitations, together with supplies list, sample of invitation write-up, and pictures. If time is of the essence or if you simply don’t want to make invitations there are many beautiful ready-to-mail Flip Flop invitations available as well.
  • Postcards. Mail out Hawaiian postcards as your invitations.
  • Sand. Mail out or hand deliver little bottles of sand with an invitation card.
  • Leis. Mail Hawaiian leis with small tags attached as invitations, and tell your guests to wear them to the party.

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Hawaiian Luau Decorations and Flip Flop Decorations

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The Luau Look:

Use colorful decorations to tie in the Hawaiian summer fun theme. Colors like lime green, hot pink, turquoise and bright tangerine orange are great colors for this theme. Other party decorations can also be:

  • Fishnets and shells. Use fishnets hanging from ceilings or doorways.  Place them on top of table cloth for the buffet table or party table.
  • Lots of greenery and flowers. Use live or silk tropical plants all over to decorate the chairs, tables, and even water bottles.
  • Luau Napkin Rings. Make and decorate your own Luau napkin rings.  A simple tutorial and affordable way to add some instant color to your party table using paper.
  • Fresh Centerpieces. Make a luau centerpiece display out of fresh fruits, like coconut, kiwi, lime, mangos, citrus fruits and lots of colorful flowers. See instructions on how to make a Luau centerpiece.
  • Romantic Island Lighting. Use tiki torches for outside and candles for inside the home.
  • Hula it up! Dress up the party room, tables, chairs and anything you can find in raffia and grass hula skirts!  Put the grass skirts on drinks, coolers, ice buckets, porch railing, stairs, doorways, etc.
  • Umbrellas Toothpicks. Use umbrellas toothpicks for food platters, sandwiches and drinks.
  • Hibiscus Straws. Serve Hibiscus Flower straws or umbrella straws with your drinks.  Slice up oranges ahead of time and put them in the bar area ready to go.  If red cherries are also an option use toothpicks to secure the cherries to the orange slices for an instant festive luau drink.
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers. Place lots of silk flower leis everywhere for example, on tables, chairs, around vases, around food pedestal, etc.  Nothing says “luau” more instantly than flowers from a lei.
  • Inexpensive Chair Sashes. For chair sashes, use colorful sashes in lime green, turquoise, and hot pink in alternating colors topped with contrasting flower.  An inexpensive way is to take a paper table cloth and cut it in several sections to make a temporary chair sash.  For a full Luau chair sash tutorial.

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Hawaiian Luau Games and Activities

  • Sing. Play Hawaiian background Music during the party. See who can outdo Don Ho. Have an award for best singer after.
  • Hilarious Photo Prop. Set up a Luau photo prop of a couple on the lawn and invite guests to stand in and take pictures.
  • Have some Hula Fun. Hold a hula dance lesson or a hula dance contest. Purchase hula skirts or make your own. Play traditional hawaiian music and teach your guests how to communicate with your hands and body the Hawaiian way!
  • Decorate a flip flop. Purchase inexpensive flip flops, gems and flip flop decorations. Let your guests use their own creativity to decorate their own flip flop according to their own style and taste. Let their individuality shine!
  • Make a Lei. Make a beaded lei necklace out of silk flowers, beads and shells.
  • Do the Limbo. Play fun, upbeat music and see can go real low! You can just use a broom stick and decorate with streamers, raffia and hibiscus flowers.
  • Learn about Hawaii, its culture, history and the Hawaiian Language! Divide kids up into several groups and have a Hawaiian Trivia Contest to see which groups knows the most!
  • Play “Pass the Coconut”. Like pass the ball. An option is to put eyes, nose, and mouth on it. Maybe even hair and a hat. Gives it an element of fun to it! Play Hawaiian Luau music and let each guest feel the hairy coconut. With kids this will envoke lots of giggles. Whenever the music stops, have the child who is holding the coconut, bring his/her present up to the Guest of Honor and open presents then too. This child/person of course will be ‘out’ afterwards.
  • Musical Beach Towel. Played like musical chair. Have all beach towels lined up, with sunglasses and hats on each one. Play some fun, hawaiian, summer music. When the music stops, the kids have to be lying on top of the towel, and have the hat and glasses on, otherwise they are out!
  • Play Coconut Bowling. Get 10 empty 1/2 liter water bottles. Fill with about 1/2 full with water or liquid to weigh it down. Decorate the bottles if you’d like. Use a coconut to knock down the ‘pins’.
  • Make a Volcano. Let kids get together and make a paper mache volcano.  Or have it ready made and let them do experiments and have some science fun.

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Recipes and ideas – Hawaiian Luau Treats and Drinks

  • Tropical Fruit Salad Mix. Make a Tropical Fruit Salad with fresh fruit for the luau party spread.
  • Macadamia Chicken. Make Macadamia Nut-Crusted Chicken ahead of time and serve with Honey Mustard Sauce. Just pop in the oven when the guests are ready to eat.
  • Fruit Kebabs. Make Fruit kebabs with pineapple, strawberries and apples. Use colorful silk flower luau toothpicks. Use a big grapefruit (sliced in half) as the base or a pineapple to hold the fruit kabobs.
  • Hawaiian Nuts. Bowls of macadamia nuts (check for allergies)
  • Hawaiian Pizza. Serve Hawaiian Pizza with pineapples and ham.  Cut into small slices for an easy finger food.
  • Frozen Drinks. Serve Smoothies and Frozen Drinks. Have several blenders ready and lots of ice. If you are having a party with lots of teens and adults, you may need to assign a “bartender” to help out with this.
  • Hawaiian Lemonade. Make a large punch bowl of Hawaiian Lemonade and place decorative slices of oranges or lime in it.
  • Mock Pig Roast. Of course an authentic pig roast would have been great but if you can’t swing that, the next best thing is making Ham-Wrapped Pineapple Bites! Kids, teens and adults love these since they are easy to eat, delicious with a bit of sweetness and an easy finger food.
  • Chocolate Fish Candy. Make milk and white chocolate in the shape of fish and various shell shapes.
  • Ocean or Fish themed snacks. Gold fish crackers, pirate’s booty and other finger foods for kids and hungry teens.
  • Pirate Ship Subs. Make pirate ship subs and place in the center of the party table as an edible centerpiece.
  • Fish Candy. Swedish Fish and Gummy candy in the shape of shells, stars, etc.
  • Luau Drink Recipes. Make refreshing Luau Party Drinks or print out recipes for guests to try or make themselves.
  • Hawaiian Volcano Eruption. Kids can experiment with making a Candy Volcano with edible eruptions for some added fun or creating their own science experiment using a paper mache volcano.

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Recipe – Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake

Create a Flip Flop Cake out of your favorite flavor cake, sugarpaste (fondant), candy, and icing. A luau basket with sand (brown sugar) and hibiscus flowers made out of sugar paste sits next to the Flip Flops. This cake is completely edible, from the flowers, the basket, sand and ribbons. The Hawaiian Luau flip flop cake is made out of pound cake covered with sugar paste or fondant, the luau basket was made out of leftover pound cake and fondant as well. Flowers were hand-made out of colored sugar paste and brown sugar was used to represent the sand on the beach. Swedish fish and gummy candy was used inside the basket as well as around the edges of the cake.

Hawaiian Luau Flip Flop Cake
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Favors – Hawaiian Luau Favors

  • Luau Favor Set. The all-inclusive luau favor sets are one of the easiest way to pick out your party favors.  For girls the summer treats favor set is popular and fun, and for the boys — the shark, the surf and the pirate favor sets are all equally suited for this theme.
  • Surf Favor Set. Another fun favor set that is more catered toward boys is the deluxe surf favor set that includes a reusable tote bag, large squirt fish, ocean stamper, sea animals sticker book, shark figure, and 2 squishy sea creatures.
  • Flip Flop Favors. If your theme is the flip flop theme, some of these fun flip flop themed favors make great favors for your guests!
  • Beach Ball Fun. Give out inexpensive and fun Beach Balls as favors.  Always a hit with all ages.  Great for beach volleyball in or out of the pool.
  • Beach Pail.  Get an inexpensive beach pail and fill with treats for an easy and affordable party favor!  Makes a great table decoration as well.  Add some paper hibiscus flowers to the pail and place on the party table as part of the decor, then let guests take home at the end of the party!

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More Instructions for a Hawaiian Luau Party or Summer Beach Flip Flop Party

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