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Halloween is one of the celebrations and the time of the year that has become increasingly popular and favored by many – children and adults alike. It is a fun time to dress-up, visit haunted houses, do some Halloween decorating, go trick-or-treating, perhaps play some Halloween pranks/spooks and enjoy the celebrations of Fall.
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Halloween Party Plan

Before we start planning for a Halloween party, we must decide on a theme. Halloween Parties can be themed to fit a favorite movie, character, or story – like Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Silence of the Lambs, etc. …. or it can simply be just a general Halloween Theme. Having a theme makes it easier to decorate and plan. Below is a description of a general Halloween party theme.

Other Halloween Theme Party Ideas

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Halloween Party Invitations

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Halloween Invitations can be purchased ready-made or they can be hand-made. If you don’t have time or want to make your own Halloween invitations, you can buy them easily online or in retail stores. Some DIY invitation ideas:
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Halloween Party Decorations

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Halloween Party Invitation Bat
If you are planning a Halloween Haunted House, don’t fret! The good thing is, when all the lights are dim, things look much spookier and scarier, so less props are required to have a little bit of fun. Here are some fun, easy and inexpensive ways to achieve the Spook Factor for your Haunted House!
  • Dead Body Parts. Place “Grow a Hand” and “Grow a Brain” toys in a big jar of water. Let it grow. Put a few drops of red food coloring in to make it look like blood. Shine some spot lights through to show the contents when it is dark or place submersible mini lights inside the water to light up the entire jar! Place test tubes and tubes of potions to resemble a science lab.
  • Scary Walls. Consider turning a basement or garage into a haunted house using scene setters. Cover the walls with gossamer to darken the walls or to set the scene. Gossamer is a lightweight fabric that can come printed in various prints like, bricks, stone, water, etc. and can be reused over again. Use double stick tape to fasten to the walls or suspend a wire from one end of the wall to the opposing end and then simply hang the gossamer off the wire. Make sure the wire is taut so it doesn’t sag over a period of time.
  • Haunted Coffin. Use an old long cardboard box and paint it to look like a coffin. Place a skeleton inside and decorate with webbing.
  • Creepy Crawlies. Buy large spiders and spread them everywhere. Hang them from the ceilings and from spider webs.
  • Visual Illusions. Use bails of hay to prop decor items on various level to create interest and depth. Put various small props like snakes, bones, coins, etc. on the hay and use spotlights to highlight and make them look larger than reality.
  • Hazy Vision. Get a good quality fog or smoke machine so that when people enter the haunted house, it takes them a while to see what’s inside which makes them more jumpy.
  • Scary Sound. Set-up a CD player with scary organ sound or scary Halloween music.
  • Graveyard Scene. Get inexpensive yard fencing and fence off an area to create a graveyard scene. Put up grave stones or make them yourselves using foam. Carve various pumpkins and place it on the lawn with candles inside. Use spotlights to shine on the grave stones.
  • Web of Lights. String tiny light strands across your front porch, or from tree to tree in your yard, in a “spider web” design. Add huge black spiders from party supply stores, or make your own using a big garbage bag for the body and long black felt strips for the arms.
  • Hanging Ghosts. Hang animated hovering ghosts from tree limbs and use spider webbing to decorate the bushes and shrubs.
  • Tall Monster. Use a tall ladder and dress it up to look like a monster. Drape a black cape around an upright ladder. Fill gloves with stuffing or old newspapers and use those as hands. Put a mask on top of the ladder and secure with pins or clips to hold in place.


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