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Planning a Super Bowl Party, End-Of-Season Team Party or a Football Theme Birthday Party?  This is a fun theme for a birthday celebration or just to hang out for the Super Bowl!  Try out some fabulous football-themed recipes, desserts and low-carbohydrate party appetizers that are suitable for both kids and adults!Birthday Party Ideas arrow Football Party Supplies

Football Birthday Party or Super Bowl Football party



Football Party Plan


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Football Party Invitations


Football Birthday Party Invitation or Super Bowl Party Invitation - Field goal and kids personalized picture
Football Birthday Party Invitation or Super Bowl Party Invitation - Goal post
Football Birthday Party Invitation or Super Bowl Party Invitation - Fill in the line invitations with football field and football
Football Birthday Party Invitation or Super Bowl Party Invitation - Football ticket with personalized child's name, picture or title.


  • DIY Football Invitations. Make your own football invitations by getting brown mock leather card stock and tracing a football shape on to it.  Cut out the football shape.  Use white puff paint to mark a white seam in the center of the football.  Let dry completely.   Use a hole punch to punch out 2 holes on both sides of the seam.  Lace up the holes with white shoe strings to tie the mock seams together.
  • Pre-printed or Print Your Own Football Invitations. Another birthday party invitation idea is to purchase invitations from a local party store (or online).  There are many pre-printed invites available at an affordable price.  Just fill out the party information and mail or hand deliver them.
  • Collegiate Font. Use Collegiate Heavy Outline font to type up your own invitations or to decorate the football themed party room with letters, pennants, cupcake labels and banners.  The possibilities are endless and as result party decorations for a football birthday party can be affordable.  Download the font to your computer according to the instructions on the site.
  • Personalized Invitations. For a more unique and custom option you can also personalize your invitations with a picture of the birthday child,  have their name custom printed, or a favorite team’s name printed on the invite.
  • Personalized Game tickets. Get personalized tickets made with a pictures, favorite team logo or school team logo and send them out as invitations.
  • Sample Invitation Write Up. Here is a sample write up for a football birthday party or Super Bowl Party:
  • You are invited to _______________’s _____th Birthday party.
  • Game Day:  Sunday, Feb 7, 2010
  • Kick-off: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Location: (Last Name) Stadium
  • RSVP: Coach (Last Name)
  • Show your team spirit by wearing your team’s shirt!

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Football Party Decorations


  • Team Colors. Decorate the party room with the colors of the team that you are rooting for if it’s a Super Bowl Football Party or decorate in colors that the birthday child has picked as his or her favorite team.   Use those colors throughout the party room for the party table and party decorations.
  • Team Posters. Get inexpensive NFL team posters and NFL party products and party decorations to decorate the party room.
  • Team Banners. Make your own banners with colored card stock or get banners made for the party.  Nothing is better than a great looking banner to greet your guests as they arrive.
  • Football Balloons. Get a few mylar football balloons to decorate the party scene.
  • Pom Poms. This is another option for decoration.  Get a few pom poms as table decor or room decor.
  • Megaphone. If you decide to get a megaphone, get it to match the team colors or name on it.
  • Awards and Trophies. Get old trophies or awards from friends, relatives, or Salvation Army to decorate the party table and room.  Another idea is to get small mock trophies for party decor and use them as prizes for football party games later on in the evening.  For an adult party, award trophy wives as the prize!
  • Football Shaped Trays. Get football shaped trays to hold snacks, candies, chips or popcorn for the party table.
  • Football Field Table Cover. A fun way to liven up the party table is to get a mock football field table cover or make your own.  The vinyl version is quite durable and can be reused for Super Bowl parties another time.  Just wipe clean and store away.  The felt one is very easy to make however laundering would pose a problem so it is more for one-time use.
  • Football Pennant. Another way to decorate the party room is to use football pennants or to make your own.  These are pretty generic and are green colored with a football on it.  The words “Game Day” are printed on each pennant.  Another option is to use colored card stock to make your own pennant.  The pennants can be then customized to your liking and kids can help with the decorations as well.
  • Penalty Flags. Make penalty flags out of lollipop and yellow napkins.  Wrap a string around to secure.  Place at each place settings.  The penalty flags can act as place cards as well by tying a name tags to them.
  • Football Themed Food. Use food as part of the football birthday party decor.  The good thing is that once the party is over, there is no need to find a way to store the football party products!  Food items like, football themed cupcakes, candy, chocolate, desserts, football shaped sandwiches, etc. can all be part of the table decor.  Make sure to have everything ready in festive trays and platters before the guests arrive so the party food can be coordinated with the rest of the football party decor.
  • Custom Labels for Water or Drinks. Print out custom labels for water bottles, beer or gatorade bottles on your computer.  You can find clipart graphics online and add in the birthday child’s name, or if it’s a Super Bowl party, e.g. “The Smith Family 6th Super Bowl Party”, etc.

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Football Party Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • Black Eye Grease. When guests arrive, use black face paint to paint on eye grease under their eyes.  Make sure it is hypo-allergenic since some kids may have sensitive skin.
  • Team Face Paint. Hire a professional face painter to paint team (NFL, college or local football teams) colored logo face paints on guests.
  • Team Hair Color. Get colored hair gel in team colors for guests who want to color their hair temporarily during the party (great for tailgate party).
  • Team Tattoos. Get football themed tattoos and put it on your guests’ face or arms.
  • Number 1 Football Team. Have guest come dressed in their favorite football jerseys and after they have painted on the faux eye grease, put on colored hair gel, or tattoos, take a team picture of them.  Print out to give out at the end of the party or to use as a thank you note after the party is over.
  • Lanyards. After the group photo has been taken, take individual small ID photos to put on lanyards for each guest.
  • Mascot Guest Appearance. If you can rent a mascot costume from a costume rental shop, consider renting one or hiring someone to make a surprise guest appearance during half-time at the party!

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Football Party Crafts

  • Football Coloring Pages. Print out a few coloring pages with a football theme for the kids to color.

Free Printables Coloring Pages: Football Player, Football Helmet and Football.

  • Frame Favor. Get foam frames and let kids decorate with foam stickers, glue, foam football themed embellishments, etc.  Insert their group picture in it and give out as take home favor or use as a thank you note when mailing out the thank yous.
  • Football Themed Puzzles. Make your own football themed puzzles, hidden messages, mazes, etc. using the birthday child’s name, the party theme, or the football team name/trivia.  This online site lets you input your own information to create your own puzzles.  Let kids or adults solve trivia puzzles during half-time or before the party starts.
  • Goody Bag Decorations. Give out inexpensive paper bags and let kids decorate them with stickers, markers, embellishments, etc.  Don’t forget to have them write their names on them.  Fill with candy and favors from a pinata if you will be having this activity or with goodies to take home.
  • Letter Pennants. Make pennants out of felt and let kids decorate.  Place the first letter of their name (in Collegiate font) in the center and use football themed foamies to decorate.  Create the letter by downloading the font and printing it out onto heavy card stock.  Let the kids cut out themselves or for younger ones, have them already cut before hand.  Use contrasting felt to decorate the top edge of the pennant and use colors of the football birthday theme decorations or colors of a favorite football team.  Let guest take home the pennants for their bedroom doors.

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Foods for Super Bowl Party, Football Birthday Party or Tail Gating


Game day chili
Football birthday party nachos
Home made pizza
Lasagna for football birthday party

Make or order foods that are easy to grab and eat during half-time Super Bowl or during a Football Birthday Party.  Some examples are:

  • Hotdogs or Chili Dogs. Serve with the works on the side like mustard, relish, ketchup, chili, cheese, etc.
  • Game Day Burgers. Serve with all the fixings like bacon, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, mushrooms, cheese, etc.
  • Chips. Serve chips with various dips in a football shaped tray.
  • Nachos. Serve overloaded nachos with ground beef, melted cheese, shredded cheddar, sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos, and extra salsa.
  • Foot long Subs. Make or order foot long subs for the party.  They are easy to eat and if you set out various deli meats, breads and fixings, guest can make their own to their liking.
  • Lasagna with Sausage. Try this delicious lasagna dish for game day.  Prepare one or two days ahead of time and when the game or party starts, pop it in the oven so it will be ready during half-time or when its time for a party break.
  • Pizza. Pizza is always easy and a favorite if you have a large crowd to feed.  Order pizza ahead of time or make your own.


Serve drinks with custom water labels or get a large pitcher for each type of drink.  Don’t forget a sharpie to label bottles and cups so guests can keep track of their drinks.  Another great option is the “Etch-It” tags so you can mark up cups without requiring a pen or a marker.

Serve drinks like Gatorade, other brand sports drinks, beer, draft, soda, water and juice.  If the game will be going into the later evenings, consider putting out a pot of coffee later on.

Fancier Feast – Adult Low Carbohydrate Menu

For an adult only party, consider serving low-carb fare like tapas and smaller appetizers with beer, wine coolers, and drinks.  Some low-carb recipe ideas:

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Football Party Cakes


Football Cookies
Football Cupcake
Football Truflles
Football Game Cake

Football Themed Desserts

  • Football Themed Cupcakes. Make football themed cupcakes using fondant, icing and cupcakes.
  • Football chocolates. Football shaped wrapped chocolates make great favors and use them to decorate the table, cupcakes, cakes, etc.
  • Football chocolate covered truffles. Make or buy football shaped truffles.
  • Football shaped cookie. Make cookies in football shape using a football cookie cutter.  Ice with colored icing in brown allover and use white colored icing for the seam bindings.
  • Football helmet cookie. Make cookies in the shape of football helmets and ice with various colored liquid icing on top in team colors.
  • Football cake. Make a cake in the shape of a football and ice with chocolate icing.  Pipe white lacing using white icing on the top.  Dye coconut flakes green with food color gel.  Sprinkle around the football cake.
  • Football Game Cake. Another easy cake.  Ice a rectangular cake green to look like a football field.  Use white icing to pipe in the yard lines.  Purchase football team and goal post cake toppers and place on top of the cake.  Add in optional team names, numbers, grass, etc.
  • Football Shaped Pancakes. If you are having a sleepover with a football birthday theme, serve football shaped pancakes using a cookie cutter to shape and pipe melted chocolate or whipped cream as the lacing.

photo credits: football cookies; football cupcakes; football truffles; football game cake;
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Football Party Games

  • Throwing Game. Set up goal posts and mark off 3 distances from the goal post using chalk, tape or construction cones.  See who can throw the football into the goal post from all 3 distances.  Award prizes for top 3.
  • Kicking Game. Blind fold each child and see who can kick a football the furthest. Have several yard lines marked up ahead of time and have someone measure the exact distance from a certain yard line to determine the actual distance.  Award prizes for top 3.
  • Passing Game. Divide the kids into two teams and form two lines facing each other.  Have them pass one football in a zig-zag fashion from one person from one line to another person from the opposite line.
  • Sprinting Game. Divide the guests into several groups.  Have them run relays from one end of the field to the other.  First person runs to one end, puts on item that belongs to a football outfit, then runs back to their team.  Tags the second person and takes off the item he/she just put on and hands it to the second person.  Second person does the same as the first one did, however, he/she needs to add one more item to wear.  Continue until all the team members have had the chance to do the relay and the last person will have a complete outfit on.  See which team finishes first. Award prizes for top 3.
  • Estimation Jar. Fill a jar full of football shaped chocolates and have the kids guess the number of chocolates in it.  The one with the closest guess wins the jar.  This is always a fun challenge and help the kids try to visualize and estimate quantities.
  • Flag Football. Play flag football at the end of the party when parents are getting ready to pick up.  This way it is easier to get the kids out of the house when it is time to leave.  In case of inclement weather, consider renting a Wii console with a football wii game.
  • Coach Says! Play “Coach Says!” a version of the popular game “Simon Says!”.
  • Football Pinata. Get a football shaped pinata and blindfold each child.  Spin them around 3 times and then let them try to hit the pinata.  Continue with all kids until the pinata is broken open.
  • Football Themed Movie: If the football party is part of a sleepover or if younger kids will be present at a Super Bowl party, they are bound to get bored watching an entire game of football.  Consider having a few Football themed movies on hand and have them watch them in the basement or separate room.

A few football themed movies:

  1. Remember the Titans
  2. The Water Boy
  3. Jerry Maguire
  4. The Program
  5. The Blind Side

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Football Party Favors


Football Favor Kit includes whistle, football cup, foam football, activity sheet
Football Favor Zipper Pull
Football Favor sticker
Football Favor Chocolate for Favor Kit

Here is a list of various items that can be used as party favors.  Ideally if you could use certain items for the party for games and party decorations, and if the guests can take them home after the party, that would make a Football Birthday Party more affordable and there would be less waste.  Some of these items that can have dual function are for example, football drinking cups, lanyards, football frames for thank yous and team picture, football pennant made during craft time, football coloring sheet, and football mylar balloons.  Here are other favor ideas:

  • Football whistle.
  • Football stickers.
  • Football lollipop.
  • Football zipper pull
  • Sports Trading Cards.
  • Football Magnet.
  • Personalized Football Bag Tag.


Other Football Party Ideas and Supplies

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