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Birthday Party Planning For 1 Year Old

Let's face it, a baby has no idea, expectations or demands when it comes to their first birthday celebration. Just make sure you take lots of pictures so when your child is older, he or she can have some snapshots to possibly remember the event. One of the reason we go all out to celebrate the first year in a child's life is to recognize all the accomplishments a child has made in his or her first year. There are usually lots of "firsts" - the first tooth, the first smile, and even with some, the first step. Celebrating certain milestones can also be part of one's tradition and heritage that has been passed on from generation to generation. Nevertheless, a birthday celebration is a way of celebrating life, to demonstrate love and honor, and to commemorate a very special day in the life of a child.


First Birthday Party Ideas - For a complete party plan regarding invitations, guest arrival planning, party decorations, menu ideas, birthday cake ideas, games and activities, and favors for this age group, go to the First Birthday Party Ideas Plan page.

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Birthday Party Planning For 2 Year Old

When a child turns 2 years old, he or she is able to understand the concept of a party and may even know how to blow out a candle. We practiced blowing out a birthday candle a few weeks before my son's actual birthday celebration so when cake time came, he was super excited about the activity and knew what to do! For this age group, keep the party short and simple. Only a few activities are required since they are still babies in many ways and have a very short attention span. A good time for a party would be in the morning after waking or in the afternoon after naps.



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