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Fear Factor Party
Fear Factor is a combination stunt and dare reality game show on NBC that has been popular since its inception around 2001.  It is now off the air but the memory and its effects are still everlasting among many fans and TV viewers.  Therefore, it is not surprising that this theme is still popular at parties, birthdays and especially, at Halloween!  We have therefore created some fun Fear Factor Party Printables to go with this theme for you. Have a look and let us know what you think!  Note: Toppartyideas.com is not affiliated with Fear Factor, NBC nor Endemol USA.


Fear Factor Party - with cake and table setting

Fear Factory Party Plan

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Fear Factor Party Invitations

For invitations there are various options you can use:

  • Make Your Own.  With a little bit of work you can make your own invitations.  We have put together the graphics for you all you have to do is print out, cut and paste.  Use a yellow sheet of paper and print out your party details.  Print out our Fear Factor logo (Fear Factor Printables), cut and paste that to the top of the paper.  Add in any creepy bugs and insects you like from the series of the topper images that is included in our set.  Simple, easy and affordable!
  • Purchase pre-made invitations.  Several merchants have Fear Factor invitations available.  For example, the “Totally Gross” invitations by Celebrate Express are perfect for kids and the Fear Factor Ticket invitation on Ebay could be a great one for an adult party.

Fear Factor Party - Spiderweb and bugs

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Fear Factor Guest Arrival and Introduction

As soon as guests arrive, let them know that they will be divided into teams for the challenges.  Divide the guests up however you want – by gender, by couples, by sex, by age, by office mates, etc.  Let them know that each team will be required to do certain challenges to earn points.  The team with the most points, wins!  In order to make this more fun, you can give each team member a Fear Factor t-shirt or lanyard, just like the official show.

  • Fear Factor T-shirt.  Download our printables and print out a logo onto T-shirt Transfer Sheets by Avery.  These are available at any office supplies store.  Print them out onto these sheets, cut out the logo and iron onto yellow t-shirts.  This makes a great party favor too!
  • Fear Factor Lanyard.  Download our printables and print out the tag printables.  Slip them into lanyards and give out as guests enter or send this to invitees as part of the invitation.  Tell them to wear it to the party as their guest pass.

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Fear Factor Party Decorations

  • Black and Yellow. Decorate your party table and room in the signature Fear Factor colors — black and yellow.
  • Caution Tape.  Use caution tape to rope up certain areas (if there are off-limits area for guests or little kids) and use it as decorations as well.  Drape it all over the party room and use it instead of the typical paper streamers.
  • Yellow and Black Balloons.  Keeping with the theme colors, add in lots of yellow and black balloons to your party room.  Balloons are an easy, affordable way to add lots of visual impact without very little effort or money and for this theme, color is an important element.
  • Bug Invested Cake.  Make or buy a yellow cake and decorate it with large fondant bugs and insects.  Set it on a server and place it in the middle of the room as your main focal point.
  • Candy decorations.  Use yellow and black candy as part of your colorful party decor.  We used black licorice to create spider web decorations and yellow lemon heads were piled into a martini cup and topped with a plastic spider.
  • Spiderweb Centerpiece.  Drape a yellow cloth as a backdrop and place a large spiderweb over it for contrast.  We made a large spiderweb out of fabric (dollar store) by folding a 2 yard x 2 yard piece of black fabric in half, then into quadrants, and then diagonally.  We then cut out selected portions of the web so that when we unfolded the fabric, it looked like a web.  Tutorial.
  • Fear Factor Printables.  Print out our large Fear Factor logo and place in a frame as party of your table decor.  Use the small bug and insect printables to decorate your trays, plates, for napkin ring decorations, place cards, to label foods, water bottles, thank you tags, etc.  You can also use the main logo as part of a party banner and hang that on the wall as your main centerpiece.

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Fear Factor Party Crafts

  • Fear Factor Button.  Download our printables and print out the cupcake toppers onto paper, and use it to make your own button using a button kit.  You can have them printed with the bugs and insects already on them or print out the blank toppers and let kids write in their name and team names on them.

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Fear Factor Party Recipes

Create gross and scary foods for your party to go with your theme.  Here are some ideas:


  • Cockroaches.  Serve up these yummie cockroaches (dates) and call them “Stuffed Roaches“.  Dates stuffed with cream cheese and ground nuts.  Squeeze until it oozes it a bit from the dates! Ewwww!
  • Mummy Hotdogs. Wrap hotdogs in strips of dough and bake.  Serve with side of mustard (pus) and ketchup (blood).
  • Skeleton Bones.  Make bread shaped to look like bones!  Serve with strips of ham and a squeeze of mustard.
  • Dip for Brainiacs.  Make a dip and serve in a brain mold.  Sprinkle with paprika to add some color and makes it look real!
  • Deviled Bloodshot Eyes.  Serve deviled eggs, made to look like blood shot eyes.  Use ketchup to drawn in the veins and add in olives for the pupils.
  • Crappaccino Drink.  Made popular in one of the episodes “crap-paccino” is basically a delicious cappuccino topped with stink bugs, larvae, and all sorts of grossness.  In our version: use 1 cup chocolate milk, 1 tablespoon black sesame seeds, and topped with whipped cream.

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Fear Factor Party Cakes

Have fun with desserts and make a cake or cupcakes in yellow and black.  Other desserts you can also make:

  • Fear Factor Cupcakes.  Make chocolate cupcakes and top with yellow icing.  Top with various black bugs and insects made out of fondant.
  • Fear Factor Cake Topper.  Make a tiered cake (or buy one!) and top with our Fear Factor Printables Tag and large bugs and insects made out of fondant.
  • Fear Factor Cupcake Toppers.  Print out the cupcake toppers and glue them to small picks.  Stick them on top of cupcakes for an easy decorative option.
  • Spider Cupcakes.  Here is another version of our spider cupcakes made out of tootsie rolls.
  • Finger Cookies.  Any nail biters around here?  Serve up these fingers and let those guests nibble their hearts out!
  • Chocolate Frogs.  Add a plate of delicious chocolate frogs to your table, just in case you feel faint and need a pick-me-up (like in Harry Potter).
  • Eyeball Cupcakes.  Another easy way to make gory desserts is to add edible creepy parts on top of a plain cupcake, like our version of the eyeball cupcake.


Fear Factor Party - vertical picture of table layout

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Fear Factor Party Games and Activities

  • Bug Fear Factor Memory Game.  Play the memory game.  Print out our Fear Factor Printables and cut out squares.  Shuffle the card pieces with their right side facing down so no one can see the cards.  Line them up in a square or rectangular format – e.g. 4 cards by 3 cards.  Let each person take turns to guess and find the matching pair.  After each round, take a drink (for kids, non-alcoholic of course). When the game ends, all loosing members of loosing teams have to eat a cricket, worm, a scorpion or something gross!
  • Diaper Challenge.  Place chocolate pudding in a clean diaper and challenge to see who can eat from the diaper, no utensils, no hands.
  • Eyeball Hunt.  Fill pie plate with whip cream and drop in a gumball.  Tell guests to find the eyeball, using no hands or utensils, but with their face and mouth.  Whoever finds it first wins.  Oh yes, must eat (or chew) the eye ball too!
  • Baby Food Blindfold Game.  Take 3 types of baby foods and take off the label.  Blindfold each person and let them try each one and tell you what type of baby food it is.  Whoever gets the most answers correct, wins.
  • Eating Food That Seem Gross. All completely edible but made to look gross!  One point for each daring task.
    •   Poo Cupcakes.  Cupcakes topped with poo (frosting and decorations to look like poop)!
    •   Kitty Litter.  Dessert cake topped with brown sugar and feces droppings (candy).
    •   Stuffed Roaches.  Dates stuffed with cream cheese and ground nuts.
    •   Brain Jello.  Jello shaped using brain mold.
    •   Feet Cupcakes.  Cupcakes topped with feet candy.
    •   Edible Fingers.  Sugar cookies shaped like fingers.
    •   For full list go here
  • Food Tasting of Unusual Foods (For Adults).  Some foods may be very commonly eaten in other parts of the world so let your guest go on a world exploration for exotic foods at your party!  Here are a few for ideas:
    •   Liver.  Liver and liver pate is considered a delicacy in other parts of the world.  Serve pate on some crackers.  Pate is available in most grocery stores, gourmet stores and specialty food stores.
    •   Hearts.  You can pretty much find them in any grocery store.  Saute chicken hearts in a skillet with 2 tablespoons of oil, and then sprinkled with salt and pepper.
    •   Chicken Feet.  Ah yes, imagine these feet walking around the farm stepping on crap!  Here is a recipe to try that might change your mind!
    •   Beef Tongue.  Don’t think you’d ever use the word “delicious” and “tongue” in the same sentence?  See if these tongue tacos can change your mind!
    •   Snails.  The French and other countries have even elevated the common snail to a gourmet status so make sure you have the appropriate wine pairings to go with your escargots!
    •   Frog Legs.  Your guests will be licking their fingers after they tried this recipe!
    •   Blood Sausages.  Blood pudding or blood sausage is basically animal blood cooked into a sausage.  In some countries, other ingredients are added for taste.  Available at most specialty butchers or food stores.

Some pictures from Flickr: Eating whip cream with bug / Poo in a Diaper / More Eating / Dried Cuttlefish

Fear Factor Birthday PartyFear Factor Birthday Party for RileyFear Factor Birthday PartyFear Factor Food Challenge


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Fear Factor Party Favors

Fear Factor Party Favors - Candy bar wrappers, candy favor topper, and edible worms

It’s a great way to end a party with some fun favors.  Give out the traditional favorites or give them something they will be talking about and remember your party with for a while:

  • Candy Bar Wrapper.  Use our printables to make your own custom candy bars.  Give them as favors for a sweet memory of your party!
  • Custom Candy Favor Tags.  Place a few pieces of candy and a black spider into a clear cellophane bag and top off with our favor tag.
  • The Unusual Edibles.  Give your guests something they can really remember your party with!  One of my favorites are the scorpion suckers and crunchy salted larvets!  Which one would you pick between the two?


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So there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed it!

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