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Elephant Cake Topper made out of fondant
The elephant baby shower has recently become a very popular theme choice. It is a fun, adorable theme that works for either sex and offers the opportunity to utilize a wide variety of decorations, which can then double as baby room décor!  Birthday Party Ideas arrow Elephant Shower Party Supplies

Baby showers are a celebration of new life, the fun and excitement of motherhood and a way for family and friends to come together to welcome the mom-to-be and the new baby into the family and, in a greater sense, the community. Baby shower ideas are very helpful for those who are planning to host the baby shower for the soon-to-be-mom. Keep reading to learn more about our elephant baby shower party ideas and how you can integrate them into the next baby shower you host!

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Elephant Baby Shower Party Plan


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Elephant Shower Party Invitations

Elephant Baby Shower Invitations by - www.babyshowerstuff.com

Elephant Baby Shower Party Invitations

How will you alert potential guests to the festivities? Your elephant baby shower absolutely must include invitations to direct guests to the date, time, place and other details. We’ve located some fabulous baby shower invitation ideas, which include: (1) Baby Elephant Vellum Overlay Baby Shower Invitations with Squiggle Shapes, (2) Pink Baby Elephant Vellum Overlay Baby Shower Invitations with Squiggle Shape, (3) Twin Blue Baby Elephants Baby Shower Invitations with Squiggle Shape and (4) Baby Elephant Fill-In Baby Shower Invitations, Set of 8.

Baby Elephant Vellum Overlay Baby Shower Invitations. These adorable invitations have a white mother elephant touching trunks with a gray baby elephant against a brown background. The light green border sets off the invitation, while the transparent vellum overlay displays all of the pertinent information.  The unique die-cut squiggle shape gives this invitation an elegant custom look.

Pink Baby Elephant Vellum Overlay Baby Shower Invitations with Squiggle Shape. These adorable pink bordered invitations are perfect for any “It’s a Girl” baby shower! These lovely invitations show a mother and her baby elephant on the front. A high quality, transparent vellum overlay allows you to display all of the exciting details!

Twin Blue Baby Elephants Baby Shower Invitations with Squiggle Shape. Perfect for the baby shower of a mom-to-be of twins, this adorable invitation choice features a mother elephant walking alongside her two babies and displays the word Twins just above the mom’s trunk. All of the details are displayed to the right, giving your guests the skinny on where to go and when to be there. With a blue border, many may find that this is the perfect choice for a guest of honor expecting twin boys, but today this modern invitation can work just as well for those expecting twin girls!

Baby Elephant Fill-In Baby Shower Invitations, Set of 8. This cute set of invitations features a mommy elephant with colorful ears on the front and is accented with a light yellow and green border. These easy invitations are fabulous for any elephant baby shower theme, as you simply fill in the details, pop it in the envelope, stamp and send!

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Elephant Baby Shower Party Venues and Locations

Similar to the old adage, “Location is everything!” for a business, the same is true for a baby shower. The perfect location will be a place that is comfortable and inviting (or has the potential to become so), while also being a spot that is ideal for the majority of the guests. Because this is an elephant baby shower theme, you might consider the following locales:

The Zoo. Many zoos have cafes, meeting areas, park-like areas or other spots that would be ideal for hosting a baby shower. Now, wouldn’t that just be perfect for an elephant baby shower?

The Park. Baby shower ideas frequently include parks for several reasons. The open, airy feel of a park encourages happiness and fun, while also providing attendees with little ones in tow a place to let the kids run without the worry of knocking anything over!

Town Hall. Renting the town hall for a few hours might seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you will have several guests attending this elephant baby shower, you might find that you will need the additional space that venues such as this offer. Town halls are especially ideal for winter baby showers, as they provide lots of space and often come equipped with full kitchens.

The Mom-to-Be’s Favorite Restaurant. Although a restaurant with an African theme would be more ideal for an elephant baby shower, many restaurants will be happy to work with you to ensure that you can decorate the party area to accentuate the theme.

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Elephant Baby Shower Guest Arrival and Introduction

You can decorate everything under the sun to set the theme, but in order to keep the party lively and theme-focused; you’ve got to have activities available to keep guests active as they arrive. We’ve put together a few different ideas that will fit perfectly with an elephant baby shower.

Elephant Pillow or Stuffed Animal Signing. Today, there are lots of fabulous pillows and stuffed animals that are made to be written on with permanent markers and they will hold the color well, even after several washes. Place one on a table by the door and be sure to put up a sign to invite guests to “Let Baby know that you were here to share this special day!”

Elephant Baby Shower Keepsake Book. Every mother in attendance will want to give some advice to the mother-to-be and this is a great way to keep it all in one place for easy reference! Although there are books available specifically for the occasion, you can also make your own. Invite guests to pass the book around and leave the new mommy a tip. Note: you can also pass one around just for special messages to baby if you wish!

Pick a Card. Most baby showers involve a little something extra for those attending – namely prizes! Grab a deck or two of Bicycle Elephant Tsunami Relief Playing Cards (a percentage of this purchase goes directly to the Tsunami Relief Fund). Open one deck of cards and cut them in half. Place one half into a bowl to set aside for later. Put the other half in a bowl next to the door and tell guests to choose 2 or 3 each. The number will depend on how many guests you have and you may need to use both decks if you have a lot of guests attending. You and your guests will use these cards for a match-style game later.

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Photos of Elephant Baby Shower by - www.toppartyideas.com

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Elephant Baby Shower Party Decoration

When you throw a baby shower around a theme, you’ve got to have theme-appropriate decorations to really set it off! There are several fabulous baby shower ideas when it comes to decorations, so don’t limit yourself to the ones mentioned here. Use your creativity and your guests, as well as the guest of honor, will thank you for it. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Elephant Mobiles. Every baby needs a mobile, but your elephant themed baby shower will need several! With some poster board, scissors, a hole puncher, some string and an outline, you can create several adorable mobiles that you can hang from the ceiling to set the mood.

Elephant Wall Décor. Elephant wall décor can easily be found at several home interiors stores, as well as in craft shops and online. However, you can also make your own. If you want to occupy little partygoers, cut out giant elephants from pieces of white or gray poster board and tape them to the walls of the party venue. You can alternate these with other elephant wall décor. Hang colors on strings from the walls next to them along with colors. It’s a great way to keep younger guests busy, while still supporting your elephant themed baby shower.

Elephant Centerpieces. True to theme, you can really set off your elephant baby shower with clever elephant-styled centerpieces. You can get really creative with these if you wish, creating a lush green oasis filled with mints or you can go with something simpler, such as mini elephant mobiles. You can find several different types of elephant baby shower centerpiece ideas at Baby Shower Stuff, but you can also create your own.

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Elephant Baby Shower Party Crafts

Party crafts, are a fun way for guests to create a personal gift for the newborn.  Here are some ideas:

  • Decorate Onesies. Babies can never have enough onesies to wear.  Infants and toddlers literally can change onesies multiple times a day so why not have guests decorate them for the newborn?  Set out non-toxic fabric markers, fusible web, fabrics, scissors, fabric bows, etc. and let guests use their creativity to create their own personal gift for the newborn!
  • Collage Keepsake Frames. Purchase several frames with a wide border. Each guest is given coordinated materials that match the nursery colors and theme, e.g. paper, fabrics, scrapbook embellishments, ribbons, buttons, etc.  Ask them to help decorate the frames for the baby’s room. Encourage them to be creative and have all guests sign the back of the frame.


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