Dinosaur Party Games and Activities

Dinosaur eggs
Get ready for your next dinosaur birthday party with this collection of dinosaur party games and activities that will make your budding paleontologists ROARR with excitement!  We have collected some of the most popular activities for dinosaur birthday parties from our top picks of sites so have a look and enjoy!

Dinosaur Game List:

  1. Make Your Own Dinosaur Eggs {tutorial}
  2. Dinosaur Stomp {free template}
  3. Dinosaur Egg Hunt {tutorial}
  4. Volcano Activity {tutorial}
  5. Dinosaur Dig
  6. Make your own Binoculars
  7. Pin The Head on Dino
  8. Pass The Parcel
  9. Dinosaur Egg Match
  10. Fossil Imprint Necklace
  11. Dinosaur Egg Pinata
  12. Dinosaur Bingo {free printables}
  13. Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle
  14. Coloring With Dinosaur Crayons
  15. Dinosaur Photo booth
  16. Dinosaur Museum Tour
  17. Host Your Own Rock Museum
  18. Dinosaur Egg Relay
  19. Pass The Egg
  20. Dinosaur Freeze Dance


Descriptions, instructions, pictures and links as follows:

Dinosaur Party Games and Activities - make your own dinosaur egg, dinosaur foot claws, dinosaur egg hunt, volcano

Dinosaur Party Games and Activities (1-4):

  • Make Your Own Dinosaur Eggs – One of my favorites! Make miniature dinosaur eggs out of sand and bury small dinosaur toys inside.  Let dry for a few days and kids can gently chisel (depending on their age) them out at the party.   For a full tutorial go to Projects For Preschoolers.
  • Dinosaur Feet – Let kids make their own dinosaur feet and play fun stomping songs so they can ROARR and stomp around with music! Great fun, gross motor activity especially for the little ones who can’t sit still. For printable template for these dinosaur feet, go to Makes and Takes.
  • Dinosaur Egg Hunt – Make dinosaur eggs out of round watermelons or paper mache. For a tutorial on how to make these fun spotted eggs out of watermelon go to Wants and Wishes Design,.  To make your own paper mache eggs – just blow up a balloon and layer paper mache over the balloons in several layers, making sure each layer dries a bit before moving on to the next one.  Once you have a thick enough layer of paper surrounding the balloon, let it dry.  To fill, cut a small circular hole, prick the balloon, take it out, and then fill the egg it with treats and plastic dinosaurs.  Don’t overfill as the eggs may become too heavy.  Seal and cover the opening with more paper mache.  Once it is completely dry, finish off the eggs by painting them in your desired colors.
  • Volcano Activity – Build a volcano around an old recyclable plastic bottle using paper mache.  See our volcano tutorial for complete instructions.  Once the volcano is dry, use caulk to glob on layers of “lava”.  Let dry completely.  When the caulked globs are dry, paint with brown craft paint in various shades to make it look like a volcano.   During the party, use baking soda, vinegar, dish soap and red food coloring to create bubbling volcano effect.  If you have dry ice, place that inside the bottle to let the “smoke” come out of the volcano top!

Dinosaur Party Games and Activities - dino dig in sand, pin the nose on the dino, pass the parcel and dino binoculars

Dinosaur Party Games and Activities (5-8):

Via Minimoz Blog (Love this blog with so many great ideas!  All the below games and activities are via Minimoz Blog!  Check out her site!)

  • Dinosaur Dig – Bury various dinosaur toys or skeletons in a sandbox or temporary sandbox.  Give kids tools to discover and find their own fossils or dinosaurs.
  • Make or Decorate your own Binoculars – This one is so adorable and uses recyclable products! Love it.  Decorate toilet paper or paper towel rolls with paper or fabric.  Glue together and tie a ribbon on both sides to hang around the neck.  {Optional: give kids stickers, foamies to decorate and personalize their own binoculars}.
  • Pin The Head on Dino – Play the old time favorite but with a twist.  Either pin the head on the dino or pin the nose on the dinosaur, etc.
  • Pass The Parcel – Wrap a small trinket in gift wrapping paper.  Next, wrap this gift again and add in another small toy with this layer. Continue doing this for several layers and adding in small trinkets each time.  Have the kids sit around in a circle and play fun dinosaur themed songs. Pass around the parcel and stop the music abruptly.  The person holding the parcel gets to unwrap and keep the toy.  To make it fair, have this person sit out of the rest of the game.  Continue until the parcel is fully unwrapped.  Ideally, you should have as many layers as there are children playing.  If not, give out consolation prizes to those without trinkets at the end.

Dinosaur Party Games and Activities - dinosaur egg match, dino bingo, pinata, fossil imprint necklace

Dinosaur Party Games and Activities (9-12):

  • Dinosaur Egg Match – Kids are given a color coded picture of the egg they are supposed to find.  Another twist to this game is to have kids find only one egg and they have to color in the egg they found before retrieving their prize inside.  Via Makes and Takes
  • Fossil Imprint Necklace – Make your own fossil imprint necklace with clay.  Great one for boys and girls alike, and makes a great party favor! Love that!  Via HWTM
  • Dinosaur Egg Pinata – Make an egg pinata out of paper mache.  Decorate as an egg or love what Robin From the blue shed did and she decorated the egg as a cheerful blue earth ball with dinosaurs and leaves hanging under the earth.  For a paper mache recipe head over to FamilyEducation.com
  • Dinosaur Bingo – Print out your own dinosaur Bingo cards and play a game of bingo.  Use rocks as your markers or candy, etc. Via Lemon Squeezy Home, get printables over at Freeprintable.com

More Dinosaur Party Games and Activities (13-20):

  • Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle – Get dinosaur skeleton replicas and break apart in large whole chunks.  Give them to the kids and see if they can piece back the entire dinosaur together.
  • Coloring With Dinosaur Crayons – Melt a large batch of crayons and pour into plastic dinosaur shape molds.  Pop them out when they have cooled and use as crayons for dinosaur coloring pages.
  • Dinosaur Photo booth – Give kids dinosaur masks, tails claws, etc. to dress up for a fun photo shoot.  Makes a great keepsake!
  • Dinosaur Museum Tour -  If you are so lucky to have a dinosaur museum close by (or Natural History) consider hosting your party there.  A party usually includes an educational tour so what a great idea to be able to sneak in some education with a fun event!  Perhaps birthday party packages include more exclusive behind the scene tours not usually experienced by the general public?
  • Host Your Own Rock Museum – If you or your child has a rock or fossil collection, set it out as part of your own personal museum.  Make sure to label all rocks so kids can also learn the names.  If your child is up for it, perhaps they can also serve as a “guide” for their own museum.
  • Dinosaur Egg Relay – Play a relay game with hard boiled eggs or large fake dinosaur eggs.  This game is similar to the spoon race game.
  • Pass The Egg – Play pass the egg with a giant paper mache dinosaur egg or paint a large watermelon to look like a dinosaur egg.  This game is another version of the pass the ball game.
  • Dinosaur Freeze Dance – Put on fun, upbeat dinosaur songs and play the freeze dance game.

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