24 Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Dinosaur cookie
If you are planning a dinosaur party here are some fun dinosaur party food ideas you could incorporate into your menu.  There are so many fun options to try and the ideas are truly endless!  We would like to share a few of our favorite snacks, cakes, cookies, and drinks we found.  Hopefully this will make planning your dinosaur party a bit easier and create a huge ROARR!  Take a look….


Dinosaur Party Food - fossil cookies, lava brownie cakes, chocolate eggs, dinosaur meringue bones

Dinosaur Treats:

  • Fossil Cookies – One of my favorites!  Make your own cookies or buy store bought cookie dough.  Roll out into round circles and use clean/washed plastic toys to create imprints.  Then bake.  Aren’t they amazing?  Via Pinterest.
  • Meringue Bone Cookies – Love these mock bone cookies made with egg whites!  Stir up a batch of meringue and form into bone shape for a bone chillin’ cool dessert!  By Cupcake Couture (f) via Space Ships And Laser Beams.
  • Molten Lava Mini Cakes – Look at these adorable mini bundt cakes!  Make little cakes with your favorite chocolate cake recipe and use orange and red candy melts to top off for easy individual mini birthday cakes.  Just stack them on tiered server and they will serve as your centerpiece and main cake.  Via Wants and Wishes Design
  • Dinosaur Eggs – This one is super easy and oh-so-clever!  Any leftover Easter eggs left?  Use them as your main centerpiece and place them on little nests as part of your dino egg collection! Via Yummy Paper Co.


Dinosaur Party Food - slime jello, mud dirt pudding, fruit kebab, candy trifle

More Dinosaur Treats:

  • Lime Jungle Slime – Lime jello served in adorable glass retro cups tied with raffia ribbon with a wooden bamboo spoon, ready to serve!  Another clever one by Cupcake Couture via Space Ships And Laser Beams.
  • Dinosaur Cup of Dirt – Individual cups of layers of brownie, treats and icing.  Wouldn’t it be cute to find spoons that resemble a mini shovel?  Via The Baking Way
  • Dinosaur Kebab – Sour strips of candy on skewers topped with dinosaur gummy candy.  Ahhh, a kids idea of “heaven on a stick“!  Love the candy holder as well!  A simple tree trunk with holes drilled into it.  Stand the skewers up in the holes and place at the party table.  Via Minimoz Blog
  • Trifle Earth Layers topped with Hot Lava – Isn’t this one cool?  Another creative idea by Wants and Wishes Design.  In a large rectangular glass container, layer crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate cake, gummy worms, candy rocks, and if you wish, a few layers of brown sugar (sand).  Top with red hot candy, like Red Hots, for lava.


Dinosaur Party Food - pterodactyl sandwiches, dinosaur shaped sandwiches, prehistoric bread bones, dinosaur claws

Dinosaur Party Food:

  • Prehistoric Dinosaur Bones – Serve up some million year old bones using your favorite bread recipe.  Simply form and shape like old bones. Via Karas Party Ideas
  • Dinosaur Claws – Peanut butter filled Bugles, then dipped in chocolate!  A salty-sweet treat for everyone!  Via Buggie and Jellybean
  • Pterodactyl Sandwiches – Small sized foods are the best for little ones.  Make flying Pterodactyl cheese sandwiches with a cookie cutter for the hungry tummies.  Via Pure Joy Events
  • Dinosaur Shaped Sandwiches – Make Stegosaurus sandwiches with a dinosaur cutter but use cheese to create the spikes along the back.  Via Recycled Soup.


Dinosaur Party Food - dinosaur cookies, dinosaur cupcake toppers, dinosaur cupcakes

Dinosaur Cookies and Cupcakes:

  • Brontosaurus Cookies – Lovely dinosaur cookies in bright blue icing topped with colorful M&M candy.  By Cupcake Couture (f)
  • Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers – Love these adorable mini cupcakes with green grass wrappers, topped with small rock candy and a dinosaur cut-out topper!  Too cute and festive!  Via Amy Atlas.
  • Tyrannosaurus Cookies – Take a bite out of these fierce Tyrex sugar cookies! Incredible detail and gorgeous cookies by Kates Cookies (f) via Piece of Cake Partys And Celebrations
  • Dinosaurs Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Love the colors and various designs of these cheerful fondant toppers!  By Edible details (f) via Karos Funland

Dinosaur Party Food - cakes

Dinosaur Birthday Cakes:

  • Partying Dinosaur Cake – Looks like the dinosaurs are having a party!  Top a frosted cake with green shredded coconut, two toy dinosaurs with party hats and a festive miniature festoon banner! Via Karos Funland.
  • Easy Birthday Cake – This one is my favorite.  A simple and easy cake, yet so incredibly adorable.  Top a simple multi-stacked birthday cake with a plastic dino and decorate with rock candy at the bottom.  A simple banner completes the look.  Who doesn’t love that?  via Minimoz Blog.
  • Fondant Dinosaur Cake – Gorgeous cake made out of fondant with a completely edible dinosaur.  Look so real and love the colors!  Via Whimsical Printables.
  • Hear Me Roar Dino Cake With Candy Spikes – Create this dinosaur from a large sheet cake by first shaping the cake with a knife.  Cut off the excess cake and set aside.  Frost in green frosting and use candy or icing to create the eyes, mouth and details.  Use green spearmint gummy leaf candy to line the entire back to make them look like dinosaur spikes!  Via Piece of Cake Partys And Celebrations


Dinosaur Party Food - drinks

Dinosaur Party Drinks:

  • Active Volcano Punch – Make your favorite float punch recipe in a large container and let it fizz and bubble up before the guests.  Hear the excitement of the kids as the drinks starts to fizzle up!  Via Turtle Crafty Girl.
  • Dinosaur Ice Cubes – Love this cool idea!  Freeze your clean miniature dinosaur toys or bugs in trays of apple juice (to get that aged color) or favorite drink.  Place out for decorations or float in drinks.  Just make sure this is not given to the teenie little ones. Via HWTM.
  • Prehistoric Water – Label your water bottles with fun labels like “Prehistoric Waters, water fresh from the pre-ice age”, “Lava Juice”, “Dinosaur Pee”, etc.  These water labels – via HWTM
  • Dinosaur Drinks – Label your juice bottles with fun dinosaur labels!  Via Piece of Cake Partys And Celebrations.


So there you have it!

Make sure to visit these creative sites for more detailed pictures and dinosaur party ideas!!

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