Captain America Birthday Party Ideas

Captain America Face Handpainted in Acrylic Paint
Captain America is a super hero from the Marvel comic books and just recently a new movie was released – Captain America: The First Avenger. This theme is perfect for a birthday party for a child, teen or even for adults. For adults, there is plenty of opportunity to add a retro twist to the party to make the theme more for “grown-ups”.
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Table setting with Captain America Birthday Theme decorations, star shaped sandwiches,Red and Blue Marshmallow pops and red Super-Soldier Serum drink


Captain America Birthday Cake with Captain America Handpainted poster in background


Captain America Birthday Party Plan


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Captain America Party Invitations


Captain America Birthday Invitation - by Birthday Express with picture of Captain America
Captain America Birthday Invitation - with American flag by Zazzle
Captain America Birthday Invitation - with banner bunting flag and summer drink, patriotic colors by Tiny Prints
Free Printable Download Captain America Birthday Invitation - with Captain America and saying Hey we need your help! by



Here are just a few examples of Captain America birthday party invitations available online:

  • Captain America Birthday Invitations or Thank You Notes. Featured here are four examples of Captain America invitations that could be perfect for a Captain America Party. From left to right: (1) Captain America by Birthday Express, (2)American Flag by Zazzle, (3) Patriotic Birthday by Tiny Prints, and  (4) a Free Printable Invitation by
  • Make Your Own Captain America Invitations. Make your own Captain America invitations using stickers, paper cut outs, stamps, stickers, printed papers, various embellishments, and more.  The ideas and options are endless with this the theme colors and items available.
  • Free Printable Captain America Invitation. We have also designed and provided our own Captain America invitation. Download this free printable invitation courtesy of

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Captain America Party Decorations

Decorating Details:

  • Captain America Color Scheme. The main theme colors for Captain America are – red, white and blue.   For this party, yellow was also added as a fourth color to break up the monotony a bit.  The base layer was the yellow for the table cloth and the main colors, red-white-blue were then added throughout the table and party room.
  • Captain America Poster Backdrop.  A large Captain America poster was created using one of the popular covers of the superhero comic as reference.  This backdrop and poster then served as the main focal point of the table.  The poster, with the flat dimensional drawings and colors typical of the 40s and 50s gives the table a cartoon-y feel.
  • Captain America Cake.  On the left of the table, the cake and other goodies were placed.  The cake was made out of fondant topped with a Captain America Chocolate Figurine on top and a shield.  The cake was placed on a white server and doubled as a decorative element in this corner.
  • Tall Glass Containers.  Tall glass containers filled with drinks or food were placed on either side of the table to balance the weight and height of the poster in the center.
  • Decorative Hat Boxes.  Old hat boxes were redecorated and wrapped with gift wrap paper.  This was an affordable way to add some height to the table and brings the food up to eye level.
  • Red, Yellow and Blue Balloons.  Balloons were used to decorate the party room and was an easy way to add some color to the room and party table.
  • Retro Feel.  A bit of retro was added to the table by using mason jars, old fashioned ice cream cups, mock depression glass servers, striped paper straws, and of course, the poster itself.
  • Star Spangled Highlights.  Since Captain America (Steve Rogers) was very loyal to his country, the star and stripes on his shield represented this loyalty.  We have therefore used stars in all shapes and sizes all over the party room – on the walls, plates, on the hat trays, in the food, etc.
  • Red Gloves Napkin Rings.  Napkin rings were made to look like the red gloves that Captain America wore.  These were made out of felt and very simple to make.  White embroidery stitching added a decorative element on the sides.
  • Comics Strip Speech Bubbles Food Labels.  Food labels were typed up using the SF Toontime Font that is similar to the font used in the marvel comics, together with the speech bubbles.

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Guest Arrival and Introduction for Captain America Party

  • Welcome Captain America Guests. To welcome guests, hang patriotic pennant banners in front of your house and place a welcome sign saying “Welcome To ____(fill in name)____ ‘s Captain America Birthday!”
  • In Character.  Wear a costume and greet your guests at the front door.  Perfect time for a photo op as well.

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Captain America Party Crafts


  • Captain America Coloring Craft . Download and print out various Captain America coloring sheets for kids to color.  Place markers and crayons in old coffee tins so they are easy accessible and to grab.
  • Make Your Own Shield.  Pre-cut round pieces of foam board and add a handle to the back.  Trace the shape of the shield in the front and let kids color, decorate their shield with glue, markers, crayons, paper, stickers, etc.  Let them take their crafts home at the end of the party.

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Captain America Party Recipes

New York World's Fair Chili Dog
Star Cutout Finger sandwiches
Vibranium Cheddar Cheese Crackers
Strawberry and Blueberry Short cake
  • New York World’s Fair HotdogCaptain America and his friend (Bucky) went on a double date to the World’s Fair in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger.  Most likely they had a chili hot dog on their date so we added our own version with homemade chili, topped with freshly grated cheddar!
  • Star Cutout Sandwiches. Serve various star sandwiches by cutting out a star from the top slice of bread and spreading the inside with jam, or cream cheese and sprinkles.
  • Captain America Vibranium Shield Crackers.  Though Captain America’s shield was crafted out of Vibranium ( a fictional metal in Marvel Universe), our cracker recipe simply calls for for Cheddar, Provolone and Ritz crackers.  Cut out a star shaped piece of Cheddar cheese and place on top of a round piece of Provolone.  Place the two cheese layers on top of Ritz crackers.
  • Super-Soldier Serum.  Super-serum did the trick for hulking up scrawny Steve Rogers into bulky, hunky Captain America.  We made our own version to share with guests ( just red Kool-Aid)!
  • Captain America Party Menu. Here is a sample menu for a Captain America birthday party:
Vibranium Shield Cheese Crackers
Captain America Strawberry Shortcake
Marvel Movie Old Fashioned Kettle Corn Popcorn
Marshmallows dipped in White Chocolate and Sprinkles
Super-Soldier Serum (Red Kool-Aid)
Old Fashioned Coke
 Captain America Soda (Berry Lemonade by Jones Soda)

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Captain America Party Cakes and Treats


Captain America Cupcakes with shield fondant topper
Captain America Birthday Cake
Marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles - blue and red colors
Old Fashioned Kettle Corn Popcorn in tall glass jar with red ribbon decoration


  • Captain America Cupcakes. Make cupcakes with a topper that resembles the shield of Captain America.
  • Strawberry Shortcake. For a quick and easy dessert, purchase small shortcake cups and top with whipped cream, slices of strawberries and blueberries.  In this case, the strawberries were cut using the mini star cookie cutter.
  • Captain America Birthday Cake. A Captain America Birthday Cake was decorated on the outside with white and red fondant, then topped with a Captain America topper that was made out of white chocolate.  A large shield made out of fondant was placed in the back, and a few sprigs of party sprigs were added for decor.
  • Old Fashioned Kettle Corn Movie Popcorn. A large glass container filled with kettle corn popcorn was placed on the table for quick easy snacking.
  • Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows.  Marshmallows dipped in colored white chocolate and colored sprinkles was made as one of the treats for the table.

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Captain America Party Games and Activities

  • Captain America Zipline.  Set up a zipline in your backyard and give one person a turn to be “Captain”.  “Captain” gets a shield to hold to protect themselves while all other players gets water guns.  On the count of three, “Captain” zips from one end of the zipline to the end and tries to protect themselves from getting soaked!  Great for a hot day outdoors.
  • Captain America Frisbee.  Redecorate old frisbees by sticking on a cover that looks like Captain America’s shield on top.  Have fun throwing “the shield” back and forth.  You can have multiple frisbees going at once to make it more challenging.
  • Captain America Practice Gallery.  Set up a pyramid of empty cans on a wall and give each person a turn to knock down as many cans as possible in 3 tries with their Captain America Frisbee (see above).
  • Military Bootcamp.  Steve Rogers wanted to join the military.  Set up a series of obstacle, exercise and challenge courses for guests (kids) to do.  Time each one and see who has the shortest time.
  • Officer Says!  Play simon says, but instead change it to “officer” says instead.
  • Star Pinata.  At the end of the party have the kids try to break open the pinata with their eyes blindfolded using a stick.

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Captain America Party Favors


Captain America Stickers
Captain America Key Chain
Captain America Magnet by SuperHeroStuff
Captain America Comics Magnet by SuperHeroStuff


  • Captain America Tattoos and Body Art.  For boys, the Captain America tattoos are very popular and for girls, the body art with shimmering shields, wrist art and other decorations are the latest fad.
  • Captain America Stickers. Kids of all ages love stickers and are always a hit with kids.  Great for decorating binders for school, notebooks, cards, letters, invitations, etc.
  • Keychains.  Captain America key chains favor for older kids and adults.
  • Magnet.  Another idea for favors or gift is a magnet for lockers, fridges, cubbies, office and home.
  • Old Fashioned Candy.  Decorate a plain paper lunch bag with one Captain America sticker and fill with various old fashioned candy.  Tie closed with a piece of twine and add a thank you tag.

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