Black Damask Party Ideas

Black Damask Plate with Black Napkin and Green Ribbon Ring and ornament
Black Damask Party Supplies paired with an accent color makes an elegant, sophisticated party theme for bridal showers, anniversary parties, weddings, or what about a 40th birthday party with the girls?  The black scrolls create a crisp contrast against the white background which sets the tone for the party and adds a bit of formality to the whole event.  Just throw in some accent colors like lime green, hot pink or turquoise blue and you will have a party with all the elegance and sophistication! Birthday Party Ideas arrow Black Damask Party Supplies

Black Damask Party Supplies with Green Color accents

Photo and party planning by: Top Party Ideas


Black Damask Party Supplies with Green Color accents

Photo and party planning by: Jennifer Skog Photography {Fabulous!}


Black Damask Party Plan


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Black Damask Party Invitations


Black Damask Invitation with green ribbon band green background
Black Damask Invitation with green ribbon band Address Label
Black Damask Invitation on Green Background by Tiny Prints
Green Damask Band on White Invitation Card



  • Damask Graduation Invitation. If you are planning a graduation, this photo card with damask border is perfect for the occasion! Upload your desired image and photo cards will be printed on a four color digital press and will feature your photo printed along with personalized text.
  • Damask Address Labels. What about getting coordinated Damask Name and Address Labels to match your invitations?  Stickers are 2.5″ by 2.5″ in size.  The top half is printed in a black damask pattern and the bottom contains the address details.  In the middle a green mock gross grain ribbon runs across the middle.  More damask labels.
  • Damask Stickers. Use damask stickers to seal envelopes, to close favor packages, and to label various party items to coordinate with your overall theme.
  • Banded Damask Bridal Shower Invitation. This cheerful Kiwi colored invitation with a damask band can be used for any festive events like a bridal shower, wedding or for a birthday celebration.  Custom personalization and printing is available as well as other colors.
  • Banded Damask on White. For a simple clean look choose this green banded damask stripe on crisp white background.  Great for a Spring celebration or an elegant day time wedding.

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Black Damask Party Decorations


  • Solid Colored Table Cloth. For the party table, start off with a solid colored table cloth, either in black or lime green.
  • Black and White Damask Pattern. Add the black and white damask pattern sparingly to the table either by using a damask table runner, damask place mats, napkins or damask plates.
  • Green Color. Add splashes of lime green accents to the party room in objects like lanterns, balloons, napkin rings, feather boas, flowers, table covers and ribbons.  Use your imagination but don’t overdo the green (or whatever accent color you choose).
  • Black Color. Add in black color sparingly unless it is an evening event.  For day or Spring celebrations use minimal black otherwise it could end up too gloomy and heavy.  For evening events, adding more black color to the party room is OK.
  • Lanterns. Add in lanterns in the complimentary green, white and black colors.  You can never have too many lanterns, just like you can never have too many balloons!
  • Balloons. Decorate the party rooms also with black, white and lime green balloons.  However if you have multiple lanterns hanging from the ceilings already, I would minimize the number of balloons.
  • Hydrangea Flowers. Use white or green Hydrangea flowers to decorate the party table or as a bridal bouquet.  This flower is so pretty and elegant that it can just be left in a bunch by itself or combined with other flowers for weddings, bridal showers and bridesmaids’ bouquets.
  • Damask Fabric. For a more cohesive look, make coordinating decorations yourself.  Get yards of damask fabric and sew (or hire a seamstress) table runners, napkin rings, chair sashes, and pillows as party decorations.  This way you will have a coordinated look that spans the entire room, hall or party venue instead of scouting around for matching damask items and patterns.

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Guest Arrival and Introduction of Black Damask Party

  • Welcome Banner. Put up a Welcome Banner in front of the house announcing your celebration and to welcome guests.  Add colorful balloons to the mailbox and to mark the intersections of the streets to the house or function hall.
  • Black Damask Wear. If you are hosting the party in your home and busy trying get things ready, why not look hip while doing this?  No need to look frumpy!  Dress up in a matching damask dress or a matching damask apron and greet your guests in style!
  • His and Her Shower. If this is a combined shower, why not have the Groom-To-Be look the part too? How about a subtle black white damask tie to match the hostess?

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Black Damask Party Crafts

  • Scrapbook Memories. Take pictures of all guests as they enter the party room and print them out on a photo printer.  Have a craft table setup so guest can decorate blank scrapbook pages for the Guest of Honor.  Put out scrapbook embellishments, scissors, glue, and other craft supplies for guests to create their pages.  Have each guest add their own well wishes to their pages as well.  Place the finished sheets into a black white damask album as a keepsake for the Guest of Honor.
  • Make Your Own Favor. Another craft idea for a birthday or shower, you can have guests make a take home craft as favor, like favor purse, favor wash cloth and tea bag holder using damask print paper.

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Black Damask Party Recipes

  • Damask Drink Umbrella. For adults, serve mojitos in a tall, clear glass.  Add sprigs of mint and make a drink umbrella using damask paper.  Stick a skewer stick through the center and place in the drink.
  • Bridal or Baby Shower Brunch.  For an easy and casual party, serve a brunch instead of a dinner.  This way the emphasis is less on the food and thus not as stressful for a bride-to-be or mother-to-be.  Another plus is most of the items can be made the day before and for those that need heating up, just pop in the oven for a quick warm up before serving.
Shower Brunch Menu
Fresh Fruit Salad
Miniature Cheese and Broccoli Quiche
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Crustless Chicken Salad Sandwich
Assorted Mini Muffin Tops
Petit Fours Miniature Cakes
White Wine
Premium Coffee
Various Loose Leaf Tea
Sparkling Water

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Black Damask Party Cakes


Black White Damask Square Cake
White 3 Tier Cake Server with matching ribbon
Black White Damask Cake with Green Hydrangea flowers on top
Black White Damask Cookie


Source: flickr, Layla Grace, flickr and flickr.

  • Square Damask Cake. This wedding cake is a four tiered square cake with elegant black damask design on two sides of the cake.  The cake is covered in white fondant and black damask fondant is applied to the side.  Place the finished damask cake on top of a black cake server to compliment the cake colors.
  • Tiered Server With Matching Ribbon. An elegant tiered server to place your dessert on instantly makes your food taste better.  This server is a favorite of mine and if you look through this site you will see it used numerous times for various themes, for example in the Fourth of July Party, and the Pink Ladybug Party .  All I do is switch out the ribbon and voila, I have a matching server to coordinate!  Definitely lots of bang for the buck and worth the investment!
  • Damask Cake with Flowers. Have a black and white damask cake made and top with your accent color of flowers on top.  This look is simple yet elegant presentation with a natural focal point on the top cake!
  • Damask Cookies. Have damask cookies made in white and black fondant appliqued in a damask design.  Pipe small black dots on the outer perimeter of the cookie.  Let dry completely and wrap in clear cellophane bags.  Tie with a lime green ribbon and give out as party favors!
  • Initial Cookies. Ice plain cookies with green colored icing on top.  Let dry and harden.  Pipe in the initials or just the first letter of the guest of honor(s) with black icing.  Decorate the edge with dots of icing or two thin stripes of icing.

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Black Damask Party Games

  • Printable Bridal Shower Games. Print and play bridal shower games during your party to break the ice between the various families and groups of friends.  If time is of the essence and if you want immediate access to games, these games are the perfect solution! This Bridal Shower Game Kit can be instantly printed using your own computer right after purchase. No need to wait for shipping or special software required.
  • Baby Shower Scratch Game. Scratch games are always fun and easy to play for all ages.  For the Baby Shower scratch game, the game is played like a jackpot and reveals the prize winner.  Give out small fun prizes for the winners to make thing more fun.
  • Bridal Shower Scratch Game. The Bridal Shower scratch game is played a bit differently than the baby shower game.  The scratch cards reveal questions for the bride to answer.  Hand each guest a bridal shower scratch card and have them ask the questions they reveal to the bride-to-be.
  • Word Search Games. Another fun way to break the ice are word search games for bridal showers and baby showers.  Again don’t forget to give out small, fun prizes to the winners.

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Black Damask Party Favors


Favor Candy Purse
Damask Spa Favor Towel Cone
Black Damask Sticker with green band
Black Damask Invitation with green ribbon band Address Label


  • Damask Favor Purse. Make your own matching damask favor purse using this easy tutorial.  Fill with customized M&M candy with labels like “Bridal Shower”, “Linda’s Shower”, or with initials, a picture, etc.  For a full tutorial on how to make this adorable favor purse go here.
  • Damask Towel Favor. If you are planning a Spa Bridal Shower, a great favor would be a personalized wash cloth packaged in the shape of a cone.  Use damask scrapbook paper or a coordinating paper to make the cone.  Stuff a small wash cloth inside and tie off with a pretty gross grain ribbon.  More spa towel favor instructions and pictures.
  • Damask Stickers. Have custom black damask stickers created for your event and use them everywhere as part of the table decorations and invitations.  Stick them on envelopes, favor boxes, water bottles, etc.

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