Beer Tasting Party Ideas

Beer Tasting Birthday Party Plan (Cont’d)

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Guest Arrival and Introduction for Beer Tasting Party

Of course it’s important that each guest is greeted warmly upon arrival and made to feel that you appreciate their participation in your beer party, but a quick handshake or hug is only the first step in helping your guest feel at ease and enjoy themselves.  This fun mingler at the beginning will help break the ice at the beginning as guests get to meet each other and will also help your beer tasting party run smoothly by avoiding back-ups at each beer station!  Here is what to do:

  1. Assign Teams.  As each guest arrives, assign them to a beer tasting “team”, reflecting each beer style you’re serving.  For example: Team Porter,  Team Pale Ale, etc.  If you are feeling crafty, design a badge or name tag of sorts for each guest to sport.
  2. Go To Stations.  Once all your guests have arrives, ask them to gather at the table that features their “team beer” – now your guests will be divided into beer teams and be at their first station.
  3. Sensational Team Names. After your guests are organized by team, give them 5 minutes to come up with a team name.  At the end of the party, offer a fun beer-themed prize to the team with the most creative name.
  4. Ready, Set, …. !  Guest will start their beer tasting at their “team” beer station then work themselves as a group through the remaining stations.  This is a great way to encourage mingling while evenly distributing guests at each station – avoiding a party-killing back up at any one station.


Other Beer Tasting FAQs and Tips:

  1. Offer food in mini cups or mini serving bowls with spoons, or offer “finger foods” to keep the party running smoothly and keeping hands free for beer tasting and evaluation!
  2. Have plenty of beer on hand!  Could there be anything worse than running out?  Consider each sample poured is about 4 oz.  Ideally that means each 12 oz. beer will yield 3 samples.  Check you guest list and do the math;  then buy a few extra beers to be on the safe side.
  3. If you aren’t a beer connoisseur, head to a beer specialty store or grocery store with an extensive beer selection, and ask for help.  You’ll leave with outstanding brews that will impress even the most sophisticated beer guest!
  4. At each station, provide a list of beer tasting terms.  This offers your guests a genuine beer tasting experience and gives them the opportunity to identify what they smell, see and taste.
  5. Copy “expert reviews” of the beers your guests will sample.  Hand them out post-event and let your guests read what the pros have to say.


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Beer Tasting Party Menu, Beverage and Food Ideas

Beer Tasting Food - Crabcakes
Beer Tasting Food - Meatballs
Beer Tasting Food - Delicious Dip and Pita chips
Beer Tasting Food - Freshly made soft chewy pretzels

No matter what your party theme, the right food and beverage choices are important, but if you’re hosting a beer tasting party, they become critical elements to the party’s success.  One easy way to ensure success is to create beer tasting stations with food.  Each station offers two beers of a particular style, paired with a food item.  Not only will your guests enjoy a variety of incredible brews, they’ll take pleasure in mini food and beer pairings as well.

Suggested Beer and Food Pairing Stations:

Beer Tasting Station 1:

  • Beer: Hefeweizen
  • Food: Crab cakes with side of corn & tomato salad

Beer Tasting Station 2:

  • Beer: Pale Ale
  • Food: Mini BBQ meatballs

Beer Tasting Station 3:

  • Beer: Porter
  • Food: Roasted pepper bean dip and whole wheat pita chips

Beer Tasting Station 4:

  • Beer: India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Food: Homemade soft pretzels with honey mustard dipping sauce

Palate Cleansing Snacks:  Serve cleansing snacks for your palate at each station.

  • Air popped popcorn (no butter or flavorings)
  • Pretzel rods, lightly salted
  • Water crackers
  • Apple slices (sprinkle with lemon juice to avoid browning)


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Beer Tasting Party Cakes and Treats


Beer Tasting Party Desserts, cakes, and treats


Desserts offers you the chance to truly impress your guests with a pairing that can’t go wrong.  We’ve got the ideal match;  Imperial stout paired with chocolate.  Chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes, brownies or even top-notch chocolate bars will work perfectly- or feature more than one chocolate treat for maximum impact.  Imperial stout is a “sipping” type beer, so encourage your guests to take their time enjoying the depth it has to offer.  Trust us; this classic pairing makes a great way to end a night of pairing delight.  Here are some ideas:

  • Guinness Cupcakes.  Cupcakes made with strong Guinness stout and cocoa, topped with vanilla butter cream (1)
  • Chocolate Guinness Sorbet.  Chocolate ice cream made with Guinness (2)
  • Chocolated Dipped Beer Marshmallows.  Hmmm…. homemade marshmallows dipped in beer and chocolate, then topped with sprinkles of crushed pretzels. (3)
  • Beer Can Cake.  Super awesome beer can cake by (4)
  • Blue Moon Cupcakes.  Cupcakes made with Blue moon beer topped with zesty frosting (5)
  • Chalk Board Sign.  Use a simple chalkboard sign to label beers. (6)
  • Bottle Cap Cake.  Another great idea for a birthday cake is a cake made in the shape of a bottle cap of the Guest of Honor’s favorite beer.  This one was made for a 30th birthday! (7)
  • Corona Pop.  Refreshing Corona beer popsicles, great for a hot summer day. (8)
  • Guinness Chocolate Pudding.  Made with Guinness, cream and chocolate shavings (9)

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Beer Tasting Party Games and Tasting Activities

Unlike college beer games your guests may know well, there’s a chance that many of your guest have never participated in a beer tasting.  Make sure everyone is comfortable by reviewing these beer tasting tips before your party kicks off:

Tasting The Beer:

  • Step 1.  Pour the beer.  Pour the beer slowly, and let it run down the inside of the glass.  If you pour too quickly, you’ll just get lots of foam.  Once the beer is poured, take a look and note its color and clarity.
  • Step 2.  Discover the aroma.  Enjoy a few solid sniffs before your first sip.  Are there any striking scents?
  • Step 3.  Sip.  The moment the beer hits your mouth, what impression do you get?  Is it bitter?  Sweet?
  • Step 4. Identify the “finish”.  Every beer offers a distinct finish.  Some beers leave your mouth with a bitter taste from the hops;  other beers may leave a malty sweetness.
  • Step 5.  Cleanse.  Encourage your guests to cleanse their palate with water and a palate cleansing snack, much like wine tasters do, with crackers, bread, etc.

Extra Tips:

  1. Let your guests know that small tasting glasses are offered at each station and they should get a fresh glass every time they sample a new beer.  Use small paper cups for easy clean up.
  2. Provide a beer tasting sheet for each beer.  The sheet should list the beer, ask your guest to note the color and clarity, the aroma, the taste and the finish – as well as anything else that’s impressed them (or let them down!) about the beer.
  3. Without killing your party’s buzz, you will want to remind everyone that the purpose of the party is to sample, not slam the beer.  Also, be sure guests know that you are offering non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers.

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Beer Tasting Party Favors


Guinness Shaped Magnet Bottle Opener
Dual Purpose Silver USB Drive and Bottle Opener
Dual Purpose Hammer and Bottle Opener
Beer Mug with ice cold beer in it

Just as your invitation gets your guest excited about the party to come, a party favor bids your guest farewell, reminding them of the fabulous party you put on.  Party favors like the ones we’ve unearthed will have your guests bragging about their attendance for months to come!  Originality pairs with practicality to make these beer tasting favors ones that you will hand out with pride.

  • Guinnes Bottle Opener. This handheld Guinness bottle opener is painted to look just like the ever-classic bottle.  A magnet on the back makes it easy to find in a pinch.  Stick it to the fridge door for easy access.  Other less expensive options are simple bottle openers, tie with a raffia and thank you tag.
  • USB Flash Drive Beer Bottle.  We’ve found a party treat perfect for your computer geek guests!  A USB flash drive that looks like a miniature Heineken beer bottle!  Your guests will be boasting about this adorable favor at the office and everyone will want to have one!
  • Beer Hammer Bottle Opener.  We discovered a beer tasting party favor that will have your guests pumped about tackling that “honey-do list”!  This ultra-cool Beer Hammer Bottle Opener is the perfect addition to any tool box and also a great Father’s day gift or birthday gift!
  • Engraved Beer Mug.  Can you ever go wrong with a beer mug?  Not a chance – it’s a classic!  Have it engraved as you please.  Perfect for that “annual” beer tasting party, bachelor party or that very special birthday beer tasting event.
  • Periodic Element Beer.  Another fun one for science lovers is the beer cup spelled out in the Periodic Elements Beryllium (Be) and Erbium (Er) to spell BeEr.  Great for chuckleheads and for an added touch of humor in ones daily life!

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