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Heineken Beer Cap Top Cake
Hosting a beer tasting party is undeniably fun and you don’t need to be a beer geek to pull it off! Pair your beer tasting with a backyard BBQ cook-off and for extra sensory pleasure, serve it to your special beer enthusiast on his or her birthday, brew up a beer tasting themed bachelor party, or put a decidedly impressive twist on that otherwise ordinary dinner party.  The possibilities abound; let’s get started!
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Beer Tasting Party Ideas - Beer Invitation, Beer glass in a row for tasting, Beer Cake with bottles made out of sugar, miniature sliders, Corona beer cookies with lemon wedge cookies

Top Left: Amazing 40th Birthday Beer Cake, beer bottles made out of sugar, ice cubes made out of sugar, fondant chips, fondant bottle opener, fondant bottle cap and edible decorations!  – Flickr
Top Right: Beer Tasting Party Invitation – Invitation Consultants
Right: Corona Beer Cookies with two lime slices – Flickr
Bottom Right: Beer line up, ready for tasting
Bottom Left: Miniature bite-size sliders – Flickr

To get started on your own Fabulous Beer Tasting Party, here is a party guide to get you started!

Beer Tasting Party Plan

Beer Tasting Venues

One of the reasons beer tasting parties have become so popular, is because they are fun, relaxing and can be held virtually anywhere!  They are perfect party themes for milestone birthdays, especially for men for their – 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, etc. birthday bashes!  Selecting the perfect venue is the first step toward beer tasting party success. You will want to consider the number of guests and narrow your venue options to those that will accommodate your party comfortably; consider logistics and appropriateness of the venue; and factor in cost if you’re budget conscious.

Consider these venues and places for a fun, exciting beer tasting party:

  • Roof top terrace
  • Backyard
  • Beach or lakefront
  • Picnic shelter
  • Dining room
  • Deck or patio
  • Party or Function Hall
  • Cabin
  • Brewery
  • Tailgating

Each of these venues offers unique characteristics that when adorned with carefully selected decorations, can be transformed into the beer tasting setting of your dreams; altering a cabin from rustic to refined and a dining room from formal into fun.  When choosing your venue, remember this: a beer tasting party can enjoy success as a casual or a decidedly classy affair;  the choice is yours!

Beer Tasting Themes

Now you have the venue picked out, it is time to figure out what type of beer tasting party you will have.  To make it simple, you can start out with a general beer tasting.  The whole point is to get together with friends and enjoy each others company while having something fun to do.  However, if you are up for a bit of a challenge and research, you can opt to go with a specific theme.  Your choice of themes available to you depends on the types of beers you can get a hold of in your local area, unless you have access (a.k.a. “connections”). Here are some examples of other themes you can delve into:

Oktoberfest Beer Tasting – Sample various German beers or Oktoberfest beers paired with German foods like pretzels, bratwurst and potato salad.  For more detailed party planning, go to our main Oktoberfest party ideas page.

Halloween Beer Tasting – What more fun than combining Halloween, costumes and beer?  Check out this fun one and something tells me that Tylenol will make great party favors at his party!

Pig ‘n Pepper Festival – This theme calls for pulled pork, BBQ and summer beers!  Another variation to this theme is to use several types of barbecue sauce with the food and with various summer beers and ale.  Along, the same lines, check out this fabulous 30th birthday party on the hostess blog.

Local Micro Breweries -  Support your local businesses and get together to sample various brews from your local micro breweries.

Around The World – Celebrate around the world with an International Beer and Food theme.  Set up food and beer from a certain country at each table and have groups rotate from table to table and sample the various international food and beers.  Some examples to try – German, Mexican, Thai, British and Indian beers. Some ideas here.

St. Patrick’s Day Green Fest – Celebrate St. Patrick with lots of green beer, stout, green party supplies, soda bread, and a hot pot of Irish stew.  An elegant St. Patrick’s day feast via hostessblog.

Brew Your Own – Into brewing?  If you have a few friends who are also  brewing their own beer why not get together to sample each other brews.

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Beer Tasting Party Invitations


 Beer Tasting Birthday Party Invitation
 Beer Tasting Birthday Party Invitation by Urbanity
Beer Tasting Birthday Party Invitation BY Invitation Consultants
Beer Invitation by Tiny Prints

Your invitation is your first impression.  As such, it should provide guests with more than essential party date information;  it should excite and intrigue your guests – assuring them that this is a beer tasting party they won’t want to miss!

Consider these tips when selecting a Beer Party Invitation:

  • The fonts, colors, and images of the invitation must work in harmony with one another and together they should reflect the vibe of your beer tasting party.
  • Unless you’re exceedingly creative, consider getting your invitations printed by a professional, either online or locally.  A professional can print your custom beer tasting invite, and even design appropriately matching thank you notes, stickers, address labels, and a plethora of other nifty items.

Here are a few examples:

  • Retro Beer Party Invitation.  Birthday celebrations and beer tastings pair like smores and campfire; give this delicious pairing a try!  The rounded corners of this invitation are eye-catching, the images and fonts evoke a cool retro feel and the unexpected color combinations of orange and sky-blue are totally on mark!  Add in cool retro party decorations and you are on your way creating your own unique party!
  • Ice Cold Beer Mug Invitation.  This is a really fun invite that scream “beer tasting party” all the way!  This invitation is a particularly nice choice if you’re planning a beer tasting that’s geared toward a group of men, such as a bachelor party.  Break out the guest list and get planning!
  • Tin Bucket Chock Full-O-Beer Invitation.  The communal beverage bucket, bright colors and checkered cloth lend a casual, family-friendly feel to this beer tasting party invitation.  This invite nearly begs you to pair your beer tasting with a day of classic summertime festivity.  Wouldn’t it be fun to dress your tables with checkered cloths, set up badminton, a slip ‘n slide for the kiddos, and get down to having a beer tasting party that’s suitable for all all ages and where adults can have some fun too?
  • Beer Blast Invitation.  Have you thought of taking your beer tasting party to the next sensory level by pairing it with a backyard BBQ?  Create an afternoon of finger-licking and thirst quenching fun!  Muted colors, paired with clean lines and simple wording of this invitation lend a modern touch to the age-old backyard BBQ.

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Beer Tasting Birthday Party with Personalized Beer Label for guest of honor, vintage style Beer invitations and various beer label options

Top Left: 30th Birthday Party Celebration – Hostessblog
Top Right: Beer Tasting Party Invitation – Etsy
Right: Beer with custom 30th birthday labels from Myownlabels – Myownlabels
Bottom Left: Various custom labels in different colors, sizes and styles – Myownlabels

Beer Tasting Party Decorations

Decorating Details:

Party decorations provide that polishing touch to your beer tasting party and range from casual, simple and affordable options to down-right over the top costly adornment.  Each decoration should stand out on its own, but should also work cohesively with other decorations to create a unified look.  Working with a color scheme is an easy way to get that “pulled together” look – passing it through to your table cloths, napkins, coasters, and balloons makes a grand impression.  Keep in mind that when it comes to party decoration, the details make all the difference!

  • Galvanized Containers.  Galvanized Buckets of all sizes are ideal for keeping beer chilled, and make for an inexpensive way to store utensils, snacks and just about anything else your party demands.  Class your buckets up a bit with oversize bows, labels or ribbons.
  • Beer Signs. These days you’ll have no trouble finding cool beer signs at your local discount store. For a minimal investment, you’ll add genuine brewskie adornment to your party.  Consider grouping three or more signs together for maximum impact.
  • Lighting and Ambiance. Looking for ambiance?  Feature large pillar candles in neutral tones, adorned with beer labels.  Carefully peel labels off your favorite beer bottle, or have them custom made for your party.  Glue the label to the candle and you’ve created instant beer flare!  If you’ve collected a slew of bottle caps, use hot glue to adhere them to the base of multi-sized pillar candles for a red-hot arrangement.  For male-oriented parties or retro themes, try to find neon beer signs at vintage shops, discount stores or flea markets.
  • Personalize It!  Personalized napkins, banners, and coasters are especially fun adornments for beer tasting parties that also celebrate birthdays, engagements, and bachelor bashes.  Talk about details – your guests will think you’ve thought of everything!
  • Beer Tags.  Use lots of tags and labels to identify your beers so guests know what they are sampling.

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