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Back to School
A Back To School Party is a great idea to ease some of the anxiety some kids may have at the beginning of the school year. Whether your child is starting a new school or going back to the same school, having an opportunity to meet just a few kids in his/her classroom can help your child feel better.
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Back To School Party Ideas with retro school supplies, desk, black board, pencils, metal lunch boxes, brownies, cookies, and blackboard cupcakes

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Back To School Party Plan

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Back To School Party Invitations

  • Chalkboard Invitations. Printable Chalkboard scrapbook printouts can make fun appropriate themed invitations. Send them out with a piece of chalk to your guests. If you have a class list, invite a few kids to the party. That way your child will know a few kids before school starts. Another option is to have the party after school has started and your child has a better picture as to who he or she would like to invite.
  • An Apple a Day. Add cute tags to the stem of real apples and deliver them to your guests.
  • Pencil Invitation. Custom make pencils with the words written “You’re Invited” on it and include party details with an attached note.
  • Mini chalkboard. Get mini chalkboards and chalk as invitations.  On the edge of the board, write “Back To School Party” with a permanent marker.  Type up party details on a piece of paper and insert it in with the chalkboard.  With chalk, write “You’re Invited!” in the center of the board.

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Back To School Party Decorations

  • Math Wiz Clock. Get a fun Math Wiz Clock for the party room.  Great for die hard math lovers and teachers!
  • Crayon Colors. Keep decorations simple and focus on primary crayon colors like School Bus Yellow, Candy Apple Red, and Deep Ocean Blue. Use balloons, streamers and party table decorations to set the scene.
  • School Bus Centerpiece. Create a School Bus Cake as an edible centerpiece.
  • Class in Session. Decorate the room with lots of school decor like a globe, books, school decorations from a school supply store for teachers, maps, etc.
  • School Colors. For older kids, decorate your party with school colors, school mascots, and colors of the school sports themes.
  • Apple Decorations. Use apples as decorations all over the party.  Simply fill a bowl full of red delicious apples and place it on the table.  Use apples to make place card holders by slicing a small slit horizontally in the apple and placing a name card in it.
  • Apple Name Tag. Give each guest a name tag to wear during the party in the shape of an apple.  This is especially helpful if your child will be starting a new school and you have invited kids that he / she doesn’t know.

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Back To School Party Recipes

Back To School Pencil Cookies
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  • Pencil Cookies. Create pencil shaped cookies out of cookie dough. Roll out dough and cut into 1/2″ thin strips in width and 4″ in length. Taper one end into a “V” using a sharp knife or cutting with kitchen shears. Use a small strip of fruit roll-ups for the eraser. Finish off with a thin strip of foil. Dip the “V” point in melted chocolate.
  • Goldfish crackers. Serve them in small clean fish bowls.
  • Popcorn. Another favorite for kids.
  • Grapes and cheese block molecules. Let kids make their own molecules with grapes, cheese blocks and toothpicks.
  • Drinks and blackboard cups. Instead of using juice boxes, serve drinks in cups with black labels.  Use chalk to write in guests’ names or etch it onto the cups directly.  Fun for all ages!

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Back To School Party Cake

  • Back to School Bus. Make a School Bus cake out of batter and candy. This is a simple cake to make and is a hit with kids since it is made out of various candies, cookies, and treats.
  • Chalkboard Cupcake. Decorate chalkboard cupcakes in yellow icing, top with a chocolate covered graham cookie to represent a chalkboard. Write various school notes using white icing like “1 + 1 = 2″ or “AaBbCc”, etc. Put a red Skittle candy as an apple topped with swirls of green icing. Finish off with a white Good and Plenty licorice candy to represent chalk.
Back To School Blackboard Cupcake

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Back To School Party Crafts

  • Eraser Clay. Have kids make their own erasers with eraser clay. Kids love making their own creations and putting a personal touch on their items. Just bake in the oven according to directions and attach to pencil as a topper or use separately.
  • Personalized Lunch Bags. All you need is inexpensive lunch bags in various colors and puff paint from your local craft store. Children can decorate the bag with their own design or you can have a few samples for them to recreate.
  • Decorate a Pencil Box. Same ideas as above but instead of a lunch bag, get inexpensive plastic pencil boxes and use stickers, permanent markers, to decorate a pencil box. Favors like pencils, erasers, stickers, can be given at the end of the party together with the pencil box as the perfect Back To School favor.
  • Make Your Own Bookmarks. Cut out construction or posterboard paper in rectangle 2″x8″ strips. Use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the bottom of the paper. Tie a tassel, ribbon or braided thread through the hole. Use stickers, glitter, markers, magazine photos, rubber stamps, etc. to decorate the bookmark. Tissues in various colors and texture can also add an element of interest and a three dimensional feel.
  • Mini Blackboard. Let them decorate mini blackboards for lockers. Stick a magnet in the back using a hot glue gun or crazy glue. Adult supervision is needed for this part.
  • Mini mirrors. Same as above but decorate with gems, stars, and letters for their names.
  • Apple Locker Magnet. Make an apple frame for your picture and stick it on your locker.  Great idea to make this as a group class craft so kids can identify their locker on the first day of school.

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Back To School Party Games

  • Pencil Walk. Just like the traditional Cake Walk game but with pencils as prizes instead. Make sure you have lots of pencils available as prizes. Using chalk, draw 10 squares in a circle. Write a letter in each circle. Cut out 10 pieces of paper and write the same letters on each piece of paper. Put in a basket. Play some fun music and let the kids walk around the circle. When the music stops they need to pick a square to stand on. Pick out one piece of paper from the basket. Whoever is standing on the square of that letter that is picked is ‘out’ and gets to pick out a pencil.
  • Four Square. A traditional game that started during the Victorian times that is still popular these days. All you need is a ball and chalk, and enough kids to make this fun. Big chalks in the shape of pencils are fun and easy for kids to hold.
  • Teacher Says. Same as “Simon Says” except “Teacher Says”.
  • Teacher’s Bag. Get a paper lunch bag and put in various small items in it, like paper clip, eraser, grape, ball, chalk, gluestick, etc.  Let each person close their eyes and try to feel and guess what is in the bag.
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Back To School Party Favors

Book Exchange. A great idea is to have a book swap instead of giving away favors. Ask each guest to bring a new book and just swap at the end of the party. This way kids get a great keepsake that is practical and useful. Depending on the age of the kids, specify chapter books only or grade appropriate books.

Party Favors.

Other favorites for Back To School favors are:

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