Alice In Wonderland Party

Inspired by Tim Burton latest movie Alice in Wonderland and want to have your own Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Party?  I sure was!  I had so much fun putting this one together and expected Johnny Depp to appear any minute for tea!  This theme is perfect for a teen or adult tea unbirthday, and even for a Halloween party.  Ask guests to wear costumes or just wear a crazy hat to the party!  You can make it a fancy feast or a casual affair depending on your budget or type of guests you are inviting.  Birthday Party Ideas arrow Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter Tea Party - Tea Table, Mad Hatter Hat, Rabbit's Hat, Drink Me Bottle

Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Party Plan

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Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Card
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party with picture of Alice with big blue eyes
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party with Rabbit, Mad Hatter
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Invitation with Key and Key Tag
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  • Key Invitation. Make your own Mad Hatter invitations by using old keys (or new antique-looking keys) as part of your party invitation.  Attach a decorative key tag with party details to the key with a piece of yarn or raffia.  For full tutorial, detailed how-to information and sample write-up, visit the page for the Mad Hatter Invitation.
  • Sketch Drawings. Find or purchase various old sketch images on the internet of the Alice in Wonderland story and use them as your invitation.  Simply print out the illustrations in a red/brown ink on heavy cream card stock and then fold the card in half for an instant invitation.
  • Tea Party Invitations. If you will be having a Mad Hatter Tea Party you could also use Tea Party Invitations to send invites to your guests.  You could use invitations with pictures of tea cups, tea pots, tea tables, petite fours cakes, etc. and either hand-write the party details yourself for a personal touch or have them custom printed for you in an elegant font.
  • Royal Tea Bag Invitation. Make a tea bag invitation by making your own tea bag with a heart tag (for the Queen of Hearts).  Tell guests that they have been invited by The Queen of Hearts for a “Royal Tea and Game of Croquet”.
  • Make Your Own Alice in Wonderland Invitations. Create your own invitations by finding clipart images on the net or using your own computer software for pictures.  You can also create your own embellishments and shaped invitations using scrapbook materials, stamps, die cuts, and other crafting tools.  Make designs and shapes of tea cups, hats, pictures of bunnies, keys, hats, etc. and be as creative as you want!
  • Old Style Font. Use a font like Beyond Wonderland Font to print out the party details inside the invitation, for the front of the envelope, or for place cards at the party.  Simply upload the font to your computer according to directions and use your preferred word processing software to create the document and the text.  Font is free to download.

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Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

The Wonderland Look:

  • Mismatched Chairs and Tables. The fun part about a Mad Hatter Tea Party is the informality of it all.  Anything goes as far as tables, chairs and tea cups.  Set up several tables of different sizes and shapes in a row.  Add various mismatched tea cups, cake platters and colored napkins.
  • Colorful Table Cloths. Use colorful table cloths for the party table in soft colors, like pale blue, light green, soft pink, and yellow.  Place lace table cloth toppers in a matching color (or off-white) on top of the tables for a dainty, layered look.
  • Dainty Tea Cups. Set up tea cups in various patterns on the table.  If you don’t have enough tea cups scout out the local thrift stores, garage sales, or large off-price stores.  You can also use the tea cups as centerpieces and fill them with flowers.
  • Paper Lanterns. Hang colorful paper lantern above the table for a festive UNbirthday touch!
  • Eat Me! Drink Me! Fill bottles with questionable liquids and attach “Drink Me!” labels to them.  Place “Eat Me” labels next to trays of food, servers and on the party tables.
  • Playing Cards. Place playing cards all over the party room, on the table, floor, as food labels, etc. as party decorations. Use playing cards as name tags or to label foods being served.
  • Outdoor Party. If the weather is nice, have the party outdoors and place several topiary trees as part of the decorations.
  • Flamingos. Add plastic flamingos all over the lawn as party decorations or use them to play croquet.
  • Cheshire Grin. Make grins that belong to the Cheshire Cat out of paper and hang them on the shrubs or trees for a fun, whimsical touch.
  • Whimsical Tea Pots. Use various fun and whimsical tea pots as decorations for your party table and to serve drinks to your guests.  You can also use them as centerpieces by placing fresh flowers or miniature topiaries in them and putting them in the center of the table.
  • Hats, Hats, Hats! Use various themed hats as party decorations and lay them out on hat stands, on the tables, chairs, and throughout the party room so guests can have fun trying them on.
  • Royal Decorations. Add a royal touch to your party room by sticking giant playing cards on the walls, placing playing cards on tables, making Queen of Hearts decorations and pillows, and giving out crowns for guests to wear.  If your party area is large enough, consider sectioning one area off and designating that area “The Royal Parlor”.

Designate a “Giant” area:

Set up a small table of appetizers and drinks so that before guests can enter or exit this area they will have to follow the “Eat Me!” or “Drink Me!” rules to become “taller” or “smaller”.

  • Giant Pocket Watch. Use giant pocket watches as decorations in the party room.
  • Giant Playing Cards. These giant playing cards and card symbols gives the party room an instant impact with the best bang for your buck.  Stick them on walls or if you are setting up the party outdoors, put the cards on a stand and place them all over the lawn.
  • Giant Chess Sets. Place a giant chess set on the lawn or in a room for guests to challenge each other to a friendly game of chess.
  • Giant Tissue Flowers. Make large tissue flowers out of layers and layers of tissue.  Place them in vases, planters, on tables, attach to a stick and stick them in the ground outside, etc. Add faces to a few of them when you are done.  You can also make them red and a few white to represent the Queen of Heart’s rose bushes.
  • Giant Mushrooms. Open up a few umbrellas and dress them up with fabric and make them look like mushrooms.  Use a red umbrella if possible, otherwise cover with red felt.  Use large white felt dots and place them on top of the umbrella to look like a mushroom.  The umbrella mushrooms serves a dual purpose on a hot day by providing ambiance and some shade for your guests as well!

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Alice in Wonderland Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • Dress the part. Have guests come dressed as their favorite character in the book or movie.  If guests don’t have a costume, provide inexpensive hats for them to wear.  For a girl’s birthday, e.g. dress the Guest of Honor as Alice and the parents as King and Queen.
  • Alice in Wonderland Welcome Sign. Get a gold frame and line the inside with green paper.  Print out a welcome sign in decorative font and place that inside the frame.  Set up the frame at the party table on a stand or against a stool (like the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie poster).
  • Alice in Wonderland Banner. Put up a banner outside the party location with balloons to welcome guests.
  • Welcome Chatter! Scatter confusing signs at the party entrance like – “This Way”, “That Way”, “Do not enter!”, “Stop!”, “Go back!”, etc. to confuse your guests.  Place a few traffic signs like the one way arrow, do not enter sign, go straight sign, etc. in certain key locations as well.  If you have enough room make a mock maze that would lead them to the main party area.  Make sure you hang mock giant stop watches all over with signs that read “It’s late!  It’s late!”

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Alice in Wonderland Party Crafts

  • Color Alice’s World. Set out Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages on a craft table with crayons for kids to color as soon as they arrive.  This way they can get started doing something while they wait for others to arrive.
  1. Printable coloring pages: Alice with Tweedledee and Tweedledum
  2. Printable coloring pages: Late Rabbit with Clock
  3. Printable coloring pages: Grinning Cheshire Cat
  4. Printable coloring pages: Alice Sleeping Under Tree
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  • Make Your Own Hat. Get a few inexpensive hats and set out craft materials like tissue paper, silk flowers, colored paper, glitter, scrapbook embellishments, etc. to decorate your hat to reflect your personality, profession, fantasies, etc.
  • Paint Your Own. If you will be having the party outdoors, celebrate the outdoors by having your guests paint and decorate their own terra cotta pots.

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Alice in Wonderland Party Recipes

Alice in Wonderland Party - It's Late Clock Cheese Cracker
Alice in Wonderland Party Snacks - Keyhole and Keys
Alice in Wonderland Party - Key Pretzels
Alice in Wonderland Party - Salami cheese keyhole snacks

  • Pocket Watch Crackers. Make these fun, whimsical pocket watch crackers for Rabbit who is constantly reminding everyone that “It’s late!”  Set the cracker watches at least couple hours ahead of time so the tea time can be enjoyed without interruptions.
  • Keyhole Salami Snacks. Make Keyhole Salami Snacks as appetizers together with the Keyhole Pretzels.
  • Pretzel Keys. Make pretzel keys in various shapes and sizes.
  • Carrots and Dip. Fresh carrots and dip are great healthy options and good rabbit food too!
  • Woodland Mushrooms. Make mushrooms from cherry tomatoes, mozzarella sticks and salami.

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Alice in Wonderland Party Cakes

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party spools of thread dessert
Alice in Wonderland Party and Mad Hatter Tea Party Dessert - Carrot Cake
Alice in Wonderland Party and Mad Hatter Tea Party  - Queen of Hearts Truffles
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Alice Fondant Cake

  • March Hare’s Carrot Cake. Serve this delicious, moist carrot cake for the March Hare who constantly think it’s tea time!
  • Mad Hatter’s Spools. The Mad Hatter will definitely show up for tea if you serve these fun desserts in his honor.  These Spools of thread desserts are made of nutter butter cookies and long threads of licorice.
  • Alice in Wonderland Themed Cake. Make Alice in Wonderland themed decorations out of fondant by molding, kneading, and rolling the fondant just like you would with modeling clay.  Once you have made the themed figurines, let them air dry completely.  Decorate the cake with icing and fondant figurines.
  • Queen of Hearts Truffles. Make chocolate truffles and pipe on green swirl icing on top.  Place red icing heart on top for the Queen of Hearts favorite dessert.
  • Gummy Caterpillar Candy. Serve gummy worm candy as caterpillars.  Use them to decorate cupcakes, cakes, or just place in a small bowl as a treat.
  • Bunny Graham Crackers. Serve bunny graham crackers as a snack.
  • Heart shaped candy. Serve heart shaped candy like conversation hearts, heart cinnamon candy, heart chocolate, etc. (for Queen of Hearts).

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Alice in Wonderland Party Games

Alice in Wonderland Party Games - Egg Spoon Race
Alice  in Wonderland Party Games - Croquet game
Alice  in Wonderland Party Games - Large lawn chess game
Alice  in Wonderland Party Games - game toss

Incorporate several or all the games for your party.  You can set up several stations with each game or have all kids do the games together if you have a smaller crowd.  If you are setting up stations, you will need help to run each station. Consider hiring high school students, asking parents, friends, relatives, etc.

  • Game of Chess. Set out chess sets for guests to play.  A fun idea would be to have a giant chess set on the lawn set up for adults and kids alike to challenge each other to a game of chess.
  • Croquet. Divide guests up into teams and have a friendly game of croquet.
  • Queen of Heart Says. Play this game like the game “Simon Says” but instead call it “Queen of Heart Says“.  If someone does not follow the rules, say “Off With Your Head” and then they are out of the game.
  • Egg Spoon Race. It’s late! It’s late! Give a designated person a stop watch, a rabbit hat, and make them the Rabbit. Get a set of plastic long spoons and eggs. Each player balances the egg on the spoon and attempts to run a race or go through an obstacle course of your design. The player who finishes first wins a prize!
  • Bean Bag Toss Game. Set up bean bag toss games on the lawn for guests to play.
  • Ring Toss. Another fun lawn game that is easy to set up and good for all ages is the ring toss game.
  • Pin the Tail on the Bunny. Play pin the tail on the bunny.  This traditional game is always a favorite for young and old!
  • Game of Cards. Put playing cards out on several tables for a game of poker, roulette or for card tricks.
  • Hide the Golden Key. One person leaves the room and becomes “Alice”.  The rest stands in a line and have their hands behind their back.  One person is holding the designated “golden key” while the rest hides the other keys.  “Alice” comes back in and goes down the line to face each person, one-by-one, to see if he/she can find any clues (smile, avoiding eye contact, nervousness, etc.) as to who has the key.  When the right person is guessed, that person then becomes “Alice”.

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Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party - playing cards
Alice in Wonderland Party Favors - sticker book
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party - Candy
Alice in Wonderland Favors - card game Notepad and pencil

Some party favor ideas for goody bags:

  • Card game Notepad and Pencil. Fun notepad and pencil for keeping track of card scores or for scribbling your ‘todo’ lists for the day.
  • Porcupine Swoosh Balls. Give out fun bouncy porcupine swoosh balls as favors.  They come in various sizes and shapes.  They even have one in the shape of an egg.
  • Flamingo Pen. Give out flamingo pens as party favors to remember the Queen of Hearts’ favorite pet.
  • Alice in Wonderland Candy Bars. Get custom candy bars made for your event.  You can write e.g. “Thank You For Coming To My Unbirthday!”
  • Dice Beads. Give out red dice beads for guests to take home.
  • Card Game Mints. Card game mints in pre-wrapped card game wrappers are great for after dinner mints and throw some extras into the favor bags.
  • Alice in Wonderland Sticker Book. This sticker book makes a great companion when kids are out and about and need a quick take along activity to keep them busy.
  • Playing Cards. Playing cards make good practical gifts and are inexpensive favors good for all ages.
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