60s Retro Party Ideas

Multi Colored Tie Dye Swirl Napkin with Peace Symbols
Celebrate a kids, teen or adult birthday with a 60s Retro theme party! This theme is ideal for all age groups, for example for an adult 60th birthday, the guest of honor most likely would have been in their teens or early 20s during the height of the Hippie days, and could provide an enjoyable time down memory lane.  For younger kids and teens, this could be a fun, relaxed party theme for a groovy dance party.  Party ambiance can be simply created through the use of bright colors, tie dye party products, great music and a bunch of groovy friends! Birthday Party Ideas arrow 60s Hippie Woodstock Theme Party Supplies

60s Tie Dye Hippie Party

photos: rainbow cake, retro tie dye party supplies, retro tablescape.

60s Retro Theme Party Plan – Hippie Tie Dye Woodstock

60s Theme Party Supplies

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60s Hippie Party Invitation - Peace Symbol
60s Hippie Party Invitation -
60s Hippie Party Invitation -
60s Hippie Party Invitation -

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60s Retro Party Invitations

  • Peace Symbol Invitation. Send a groovy peace sign invitation with a colorful flowery background to your guest!  This invitation says it all and will get guests excited about your party.  If you want guests to come in their own groovy garb, remember to write that in your party details.
  • Hippie Chick Invitation. This is a fun invitation with a hippie girl in a tie dye shirt with a peace sign, flowered bell bottoms and purple sun glasses.  Background border is yellow with colored flowers and peace signs.  A groovy psychadelic Volkswagen bus is in the background ready to party!  A great invitation for tweens (or pre-teens) and teens.
  • Peace Symbol Invitation. If you are crafty, you can also make your own simple invitation by using this peace sign sticker and colored card stock.  Get tie dye bordered paper and place the peace symbol in the top center.  Write in your party details below the symbol in the white space provided.
  • Love Bug Invitation. Use this adorable retro buggy invitation to send your guests a groovy message or invitation to your party!  These cards features blue and white polka dot border with various peace symbols and a blue and green beetle car.  Use the same card for thank you note as well!  Also comes in pink (not pictured).

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60s Retro Party and Tie Dye Decorations

  • Bead Curtain Door Entrance. Get a fun bead curtain for the door entrance, just like in the 60s when these were so popular!
  • Groovy Balloons. Add a few colorful groovy tie dye balloons to liven up the party room.
  • Tie Dye Colors. Decorate the room  and party table in tie dye colors, for example use tie dye colored table cloths, Woodstock party plates, Woodstock party napkins, colored balloons, cakes, favors, etc. for your festivities.
  • “60″ Glitter Swirls. Get the number 60 glitter swirls to hang from the ceiling.  Especially a great idea if you are celebrating a 60th birthday, anniversary, etc. with your 60s theme party.
  • Rope Lighting. Use rope lighting in various colors and wrap around the buffet table or party room.
  • Lava lamps. If you can get a hold of a few lava lamps, place them in several places to create that groovy feeling.
  • Smiley Faces. Find items with smiley faces on them and use as decorations for your party room.
  • Peace Symbols. The 60s theme party is symbolized by the peace symbol.  Find lots of items with the peace symbol on them and place on your party table, hang them on the walls, curtains, etc.
  • Flower Power. Another idea is to put large flower decals on the walls.  If you can’t find any to buy, why not make your own!  Purchase a roll of colored contact paper and trace out large flowers on it.  Cut out the flowers.  Peel and stick on the walls.  For contrast, get another contrasting colored roll and trace out the center circle for the flower.  Cut out and stick to the middle of the flower.  Repeat several times until you have enough flowers for your party room.  The flower wall then also functions as a perfect backdrop for a fun photo shoot.  When the party is over, just peel off the flowers.
  • Strobe and Fiber Optic Lighting. Place lots of fiber optic fountain lighting as centerpieces for table tops and use strobe lighting for a dance and music area.
  • Music of the Era. Nothing signifies the 60s more than the music and bands of that decade.  Play music continuously during the party to set the tone and the ambiance of your 60s theme party.

60s Theme Songs and Music Groups:

  • “Stop! In The Name Of Love” by The Supremes
  • “Monday, Monday” by The Mamas & the Papas
  • “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys
  • “I Got You Babe” by Sony and Cher
  • “My Girl” by The Temptations
  • “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye
  • “I am a Believer” by The Monkees
  • “Loco-Motion” by Little Eva
  • “Mony Mony” by Tommy James & the Shondells
  • “California Dreamin” by The Mamas & the Papas
  • “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles
  • “As Tears Go By” by The Rolling Stones

60s Hit Theme DVDs and Albums

60s (and early 70s) Theme Inspired Movies

  • Hair, MGM.  Hair is a fond, fun and nostalgic look back at the latter half of the 1960s, a time when quite a few young people sincerely believed that they could change the world by protesting, questioning authority and leading their lives free of the typical social norms and mores of society.
  • Jesus Christ Superstar, Universal Studios. Told entirely through catchy, rock opera music, the movie tells the story of the last seven days in the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Universal Studios. This film uses a framing sequence of a school recital, with an audience of clapping, singing kids and members of the faculty. The Old Testament tale of Joseph and his coat of many colors gets a splashy, vigorous treatment with an energetic cast, Las Vegas-style glitz, and catchy, eclectic songs.

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60s Retro Party Guest Arrival and Introduction

  • Groovy Outfits. Have everyone come dressed in Hippie style – bell bottoms, Afro, tie dye, fringe vests, peace symbol shirts, etc.  The nature of this theme dictates that the party attire should be casual, relaxed, fun, groovy and yes, even humorous and tacky!
  • 60s Music. Play upbeat music as guests arrive to get them into the mood and groove of the party.
  • Peace Hand sign. Greet guest with a “V” Victory hand sign for “Peace”.
  • Old Yearbooks. If you can find old year books (your own or from your parents, grandparents, friends, etc.) take them out and put out on a coffee table.  It is always fun to go through and laugh at the fashions, hairstyles, and the hem lines.  This helps breaks the ice and a great conversation starter.
  • Woodstock Posters. Get a few Woodstock posters and other 60s posters and post them on the walls as decorations.

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60s Retro Tie Dye Party Crafts

Hippie Craft - Tie Dye Kit for T-shirts
Hippie Craft - Sandy Candy Kit
Hippie Craft - Colored Sand Kit
Hippie Craft - Tie Dye Beads for Necklace Craft
  • Tie Dye Milk Experiment. For this experiment you will need a wide shallow bowl or round baking pan.  Place about 1 cup of whole or 2% milk in it.  Drop a few dots of food coloring in the center of the pan onto the milk.  Try to use food coloring of various colors.  Then get some grease fighting dish washing liquid like Palmolive and drop 1-2 drops of the liquid soap in the middle.  See the magic happen!  It almost appears like the milk all of the sudden shoots out from the center of the pan to the edges when you add the first drop of soap, creating a tie dye effect.  After the initial squirt of soap, use a cotton Qtip swab to move the liquids around to see the reaction some more.  Kids love doing this experiment and watching the reaction of the oil particles of the milk and the dish soap taking place.
  • Tie Dye Shirts. Get a tie dye kit and have kids bring (or you provide) t-shirts, scarves, pillow cases, etc. to the party to dye.  Tip: Get a box of disposable gloves for guests otherwise they’ll have dyed hands for a long time after the party is over!
  • Pet Rocks. This retro craft is perfect for all age groups. Collect smooth, round rocks and use acrylic paint to paint faces on them or use wiggle eyes, feathers, foamies, felt and any other craft supplies to decorate them and to make your own hippie friend.
  • Hippie Fringe Vest. Get some felt or mock leather fabric in brown color and make a simple vest out of it.  Add fringe by cutting the edges into strips.
  • Mock Leather Head Scarf. Use the same materials as above to create a long strip for a head scarf.  Add fringes by cutting with scissors on both ends.
  • Groovy Necklaces. Make groovy necklaces by using tie dye colored beads.  Add in a groovy peace pendant in the middle.
  • Fleece Tied Pillows. Cut out two square pieces out of fleece fabric.  Place the two pieces on top of each other and cut into the fabric long strips about 1/2″ apart all along the edge.  Continue doing this all around the edge of the pillow.  Tie the two fabrics together by tying the strips together until 3 sides are closed.  Insert a pillow inside.  Finish tying the last edge.
  • Friendship Bracelets. Make friendship bracelets out of macrame or hemp rope.  Add in peace beads or colored beads to decorate.
  • Sandy Candy. Get sandy candy kits and have the kids make their own flavored candy tubes to take home.  Kids love this activity and it’s simple enough for all ages.  For larger number of guests consider this sandy candy party kit.  Kit is enough for 2 dozen kids with 7 flavors – wild cherry, fruit punch, watermelon, green apple, peach-mango, sour apple and grape.
  • Sand Art. Similar to the above activity but with sand and not edible.  Have kids make their own sand art creations and designs with colored sand.  Makes a great take-home favor.
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60s Retro Hippie Party Recipes and Drinks

  • Velveeta. Make a Velveeta dip for corn chips using Velveeta cheese.
  • Chex Mix. Place bowls of Chex Mix and nuts by the bar.
  • TV Dinners. Serve Swanson’s TV dinners for those who want a trip back to memory lane.
  • Kellogg’s Corn Flake Crusted Chicken. Make chicken tenders with a crust made out of crumbled Corn Flakes.  Get strips of chicken breast, marinated in Italian salad dressing for about an hour.  Beat a few eggs in a bowl.  Dip chicken in egg batter, then in bowl with the crumbled Corn Flakes.  Fry in a deep fryer or frying pan until chicken is cooked and brown.
  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner. Another staple of the American diet that came from the 60s.  Make the macaroni according to directions (about 3 boxes).  Place in a greased shallow baking dish.  Sprinkle with shredded cheddar and Parmesan cheese on top.  Bake at 325 degrees in the oven for 20 minutes until top is brown.
  • Meatloaf using Lipton mix. Make a meatloaf seasoned with Lipton mix for some comfort foods.
  • Tang. Serve Orange and Grape Tang for kids.  For adults, you can spike grape Tang with some vodka for a Purple Jesus drink.
  • Rainbow Popsicles. For an easy dessert option especially on a hot day outside, serve rainbow popsicles.
  • Jello Mold. Make a jello mold using various bright colors to create a tie dye effect.

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Section of a multi-colored cake with pink icing and colored sprinkles
Multi-Colored Ice cream or Shaved Ice in a bowl
Sweet 16 Tiered cake with with icing and colored fondant flower cutouts
Cupcake on its side with white icing and a peace symbol made from sugar pastel

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60s Retro Groovy Party Cakes

photos: rainbow cake, rainbow sherbet, flower power cake, peace cupcake,

  • Rainbow cake. Make a rainbow cake by dividing the batter into small batches and add food coloring to each batch until the intensity becomes vibrant and dark.  Add the batter in batches to 2 round baking pans.  Do not mix the batter.  You can gently create swirls by cutting a knife into the batter.  Bake, and ice the cakes.  Level one of the cakes, ice the top of the leveled cake, then place the other cake on top to create a two tiered cake.  Ice the cake completely.  Add colored sprinkles to the top.
  • Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream. Scoop out rainbow sherbet ice cream as dessert.  Top with colored sprinkles and optional whipped cream.
  • Flower Power Tiered Cake. Make 2 cakes, one large one and one smaller one.  Ice both cakes with white icing.  Top the small one on top of the large one.  Use flower cut outs and cut out flowers from various colored fondant.  Attach the flowers to the cake with some icing.  Continue till the cake looks full of flowers.  Pipe a pink border of icing at the bottom along the edge.  Top with long, thin colored candles.
  • Peace Symbol Cupcakes. Make cupcakes and ice them in delicious white or multi-colored icing.  Create a peace symbol out of fondant.  Place on top, and let harden.

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60s Retro Party Games

  • Pinata. Get pinatas with the 60s theme like the retro van pinata, the love bug pinata or the flower pinata for the younger guests.  Blindfold and give guests a bat or decorated stick to hit the pinata.  For younger kids, get or make pull-down pinatas instead. You can easily convert a regular pinata into a pull-down one (I used to do that when my kids were younger) by cutting a rectangular hole in the bottom.  However, only cut out 3 sides and leave one side attached so that it makes a flap that can be closed off.  Fill the pinata, and then close the flap by using a string to tie the flap close.  You will have to punch a hole on both sides of the flap and pinata bottom to pull the string through to tie.  Make an easy release loop so that all you need to do is pull once to release the flap.
  • Pin the smiley face on the groovy girl vest. Draw a picture (or find a picture on the internet) of a girl with a vest on onto a large piece of poster board.  Stick that on the wall.  Blindfold each child and give each one a smiley sticker (or flower sticker) so they can help decorate the vest to make it “groovy”.
  • Cake Walk. Similar to the old-fashioned musical chair games but played with mats (or flat place mats, remnant carpets, tape, chalked outline, etc.).  Play 60s music and have the kids dance around a large circle.  There should be one less place mat than there are people.  Abruptly stop the music during several intervals. When the music stops, kids or adults have to find a mat to stand on.  Whoever doesn’t find a mat to stand on, is out.  Continue the game with one less mat.  The one who remains, gets a cake or cupcake decorated in tie dye theme.  Continue playing this game several times until you have given out several cakes.  The idea is that guests will take these cakes or prizes home.
  • 60s Trivia Game. Gather a whole bunch of information about the 60s era and make up trivia questions.  Divide guests into teams and see who knows the most about that era (or who knows but don’t care to admit it!).
  • 60s Music Group Charades. Play video charades based on the names of the musical groups.  Divide the guests into two teams. Have each team write titles of 60s songs, books, TV shows, movies, or other 60s trivia details on individual scraps of paper.  Fold the pieces of paper to hide the writing and place in a bowl. Each team will make up one bowl per team.  The opposing team gets the bowl of questions from the other team.  Each member of each team takes turns picking a question from the bowl and the rest of his/her team has to guess the correct item on the paper.  If their team guesses correctly, that team gets one point.  The team with the most points, wins.  
  • Pictionary. Get a large easel, markers, timer, and a Pictionary Game.  Divide into groups and see which groups gets the most answers.  This game can be printed on your own printer and can be downloaded immediately after purchase.  Easy, fun and convenient.
  • Name that Theme Song. Play songs of the 60s and see who can name that tune.  For song selections, get a few CDs of the all-inclusive 60s song albums and play the songs at random.  Or just pick one favorite artist and focus on his/her songs.
  • Groovy Movies. For sleepover or slumber parties, you can also play movies at the end of the night like Herbie the Lovebug, Hair, Flashdance, and Jesus Christ Superstar as the evening is winding down.
  • Price is Right. Play a few games from the “Price is Right Game show”.  Divide guests into teams.  For each winning game, award the group 5 points.  At the end of all games, tally the score.  The team with the most points, wins Groovy chocolate bars with custom Groovy wraps.
  1. Grocery Game. Pick one contestant per group.  The contestant is given five grocery items and asked to purchase quantities of them in a total of between $20.00 and $21.00, in order to win.  They must use all five.  Give them a short time to estimate the amount and write it down on a piece of paper.  Whoever has the closest number, wins (+5 points).
  2. Most Expensive to Least. The contestant is shown three products (downloaded from internet) and chooses which of the three is most expensive, less expensive, and then least expensive.  Have them write it down on a piece of paper.  Collect all answers and award points for those with the right answers.  Choose items that are similar to each other like different models of e.g. portable heaters, and use a large online merchant like Amazon to check prizes and be your guide, just in case there is a dispute, you can always go online to check. (+5 points).
  3. Race Game. The contestant is shown four products and is given the corresponding price tags. The player has up to 45 seconds to match the price tags with the corresponding products.  The host will let the group know how many he/she has correct after each attempt.  When the contestant has finally priced the items correctly, record the time and then the next group gets their turn.  Use different products (or pictures) for the next group, and so on.  The group that has the shortest amount of time to complete this task, wins (+5 points).
  4. Pick a Number. The contestant is shown a picture of a four-digit prize and its price, with one number missing. The contestant wins by correctly choosing among three choices for the missing number.  He or she can get help from the audience (opposing groups, and other guests) or their own group from a distance. (+5 points).
  5. Penalty or Treasure Box? Supplies needed: 6 shoe boxes or 6 boxes of the same size, craft paper, 6 pieces of paper, and 1 dice. Wrap the 6 boxes with craft paper so that the lid can still be opened.  Number the boxes from 1 to 6.  On each of the 6 pieces of paper, write down the number of points that can be awarded like: -10, -5, 0, 5, 10, 20.  Randomly place each of the pieces of paper in the boxes.  The contestant rolls the dice and gets awarded the box with the corresponding number.  However, the contestant has the choice of keeping that box or to roll again and picking a different box.  The numbers on the pieces of papers inside the boxes corresponds to the number of points that will be added or subtracted from their total game score.
  6. Final Tally. Tally all the scores from the above games to determine the winning group!

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Tie Dye Bandana
Peace Necklace
Colored Glasses

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60s Retro Party Favors

  • Tie Dye Favor Box. All-inclusive favor box comes with tie dye fun sticker sheet, peace sign necklace, light up peace sign bracelet, groovy tie-dyed bandanna and rainbow swirl pop (lollipop).
  • Flashing Blinkies. Get flashing blinkies as party favors in the peace symbol, flower, patriotic guitar, smiley face, etc.  They are fun and light up the room just perfect for a dance party!
  • 60s Music CDs. Record 60s music on a CD and give out as party favor.  Make your own CD cover using images found on the internet.  You can even use your own picture dressed in a 60s outfit for a custom party favor.
  • Disco Ball Key Chains. Disco balls key chains make great favors of the hippie/disco party and also make a practical gift.
  • Retro Glasses. Get these cool John Lennon glasses as party favors.
  • Groovy Necklaces. These necklaces are indeed groovy and cool.  Get them by the dozen for favors.
  • Slinky. Slinkies are always a classic hit with kids and adults.  Get them in various bright colors to coordinate with the theme of the event.
  • Cool bracelets. Get these multi-colored bracelets for your guests as favors.  They are fun, unisex and for all ages.
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